Keep Ken Santema of SoDakLiberty in your thoughts & prayers.

Ken Santema, who had ran SoDakLiberty, one of the other blogs that make up the South Dakota Blogosphere up until several months ago, and left to take on other projects, has announced that he’d taken ill recently and has started taking treatment for cancer.

According to a recent post from his wife on Caring Bridge:

Ken has Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The only place he doesn’t have it is his brain. It’s in his bones, his liver, lungs, spleen everywhere.  You can’t imagine what it was like to see the pictures of the scan as all the cancer in his body just lights up. It was a shock. Dr B scheduled a port and chemo to start just 2 days after we got the news.

Read that here.

Ken has a long path to recovery, and we wish him our very best. Please keep Ken and his family in your thoughts and prayers as he undergoes treatment.

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  1. Troy Jones

    I pray Ken’s medical team apply the best protocols and give best effort. I pray Ken stays mentally and physically strong. I pray his family finds all they need to support Ken and each other. I pray this all be done according to God’s Will and through His Grace. Amen

    Sidenote: I’ve been told by more than one cancer doctor that if you are going to have Stage 4 cancer, lymphoma is it as it has the highest 5 year survival rate.


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