Keith Olbermann suspension has now caught the ire of at least one senator.

From The Hill,

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said he would look to block a merger between NBC and Comcast, citing the decision last week by MSNBC to suspend liberal anchor Keith Olbermann.

Sanders said Comcast’s attempt to acquire NBC from General Electric would result in “another media giant run by a Republican supporter of George W. Bush.”

The Vermont senator, an independent who caucuses with Democrats, has loudly criticized MSNBC’s suspension of Olbermann last week for violating company policies when he donated to three Democratic candidates. The suspension was imposed Friday, and Olbermann will be back on the air  Tuesday night.

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The biggest thing that NBC has got going for it is Sunday Night Football.  Other than few shows NBC has been losing viewers.  GE is just cutting their losses.  MSNBC was supposed to be NBC’s answer to Ted Turners? CNN and Fox news.  Like it?s parent, NBC, their ratings have dropping.

The Keith Olbermann suspension is a little more than a distraction.  The  way the senator has been acting,  it almost seems if the Democrats are still in triage mode.

Just let it go,  you still have CBS, ABC, CNN,  and maybe a few papers.

2 Replies to “Keith Olbermann suspension has now caught the ire of at least one senator.”

  1. Anonymous

    OK, now I'm really confused. He's worried about a "pro-Bush" network, but not worried that Olbermann gave money to Dems?

    Typical intellectual dishonesty on the part of libs.

    And Jeez. Vermont is going the way of San Francisco. A bunch of freaks.

  2. John

    Well, this whole "controversy" was pretty silly already… and it seems Sen. Sanders wanted to make it even sillier.


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