KELO profiles a Democratic placeholder.

I think people who watch this will find a typical example of the lengths that the Democratic party goes to in trying to find people to serve as placeholders for legislative seats:

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  1. anon

    Pretty good example of the kind of chaos that is the SD democrat party. They put a 92 year old lady in an assistant living center on the ballot as a placeholder, can’t find a replacement, then screw up the paperwork to take her off the ballot…not once, but twice!

    Not quite as bad as their debacle in the same district two years ago…they found another 90+ year old placeholder. He died before they could take him off.

    I’d be pretty unhappy if I were Dorothy’s family…

    1. Anonymous

      No, just inept. The Dem Co. Chairwoman could have used her name as she had run before. Maybe you are right . . . nah, they are inept and callous, but then Dorothy didn’t have to go along with it.


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