KELO Radio: Legislator shares racy joke on Facebook. (Update – Notes wasn’t of his doing)

From KELO Radio:

A Rapid City state representative shared a photo of a woman with a plunging neckline along with a joke about the size of a woman’s breasts on his personal Facebook page.


Here is a link to Goodwin’s Facebook page. Here is the link to the post he shared on his own page, which has been removed. Here  is the link to the original post he shared.


Last month many—but not all–legislators and their staffs attended sexual harassment training in Pierre. The training was not mandatory.

Read it here.

Update….  Representative Goodwin notes that the post was not of his doing, according to the associated press:

Republican Representative Tim Goodwin of Rapid City says he was in “shock” when he saw the post and had to get a legislative page to take it down when he found out about it Wednesday. Goodwin says he did not post it.


Goodwin tells The Associated Press he has a “crystal clean record of respecting the other sex” and would never post something “off-color.”

Read that here.

12 Replies to “KELO Radio: Legislator shares racy joke on Facebook. (Update – Notes wasn’t of his doing)”

    1. Ike

      Exactly! Liberals do want a future where women are not objectified or judged based on the size of their body parts, and one in which creepy old men who pretend to be leaders are called to account for being stupid and sexist. Sounds like a nice future to me.

  1. Anonymous

    This is not a surprise. Spend 15 minutes around this guy and you will quickly see through his front and figure out what he is really like. Do a little bit of research on him and you will wonder how he ever got elected.

  2. Pat Powers Post author

    I’m hearing that his Facebook Page may have been hacked. There’s another gal who had something mysteriously shared on her page that was out of character/racy which tends to make me want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    1. Ike

      LOL – yeah, that old chestnut – MY FACEBOOKS GOT HACKED!!! Dude, really? Did it also get hacked the last time when he posted misogynistic crap (see my link above)? Nah. Creepy old man is creepy.

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah. Facebook hacks never happen. Especially not to a guy who wanted drug tests for every lawmaker in Pierre. Nobody’d want to retaliate against that…on Valentine’s Day no less.

    Find the guys with a penchant for powdered donuts, even when there aren’t any powdered donuts around, and maybe you’ll know why Tim Goodwin is being targeted for that kind of harassment.


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