KELO Radio reporting that Dems had same problems in 2010, SDGOP Chair roasting SDDP’s ‘honesty.’

Todd Epp over at KELO Radio has posted a new story regarding South Dakota Democrats’ being investigated by the Federal Elections Commission, and the audit as a result of their faulty campaign finance reporting. Suffice it to say that it’s not the first time:

In 2010, the FEC said the party understated disbursements in 2009 and 2010 by about $42,000.

The agency said the SDDP did not keep proper records on how much staff was spending on federal election and state election projects and not properly allocating the costs.

The party made an over $16,000 in-kind contribution that was over the limit to a Congressional candidate.

Read the entire KELO Radio story about the SDDP’s prior FEC audit problems here.

The story also contained a statement from SDOGP Chair Dan Lederman pointing out that their latest troubles might be a matter of the Democrat’s chickens coming home to roost after they helped Hillary Clinton game the campaign finance system:

They laundered millions of dollars for Hillary and now the chickens are coming home to roost for South Dakota Democrats @SoDakDems. Bernie supporters got burned and Hillary bypassed campaign finance limits. Thank you South Dakota Democrat Party for being so honest and transparent.


3 Replies to “KELO Radio reporting that Dems had same problems in 2010, SDGOP Chair roasting SDDP’s ‘honesty.’”

  1. tara volesky

    There is no loyalty and help for Democrat candidates in SD. The fixation seems to be on Trump rather than SD. $2.5 million raised in SD was sent to the national Clinton campaign? If this is true, that $2.5 million would have gone a long way if it were used to help local legislative candidates. I read on DFP that could have equated to a little over $35,000 that could have been spent trying to win each of our 70 legislative seats if it had all been funneled to candidates for the state house and senate.

    1. Anonymous

      Tara did you’re son get much help from the Dem Party when he ran? Will he run again? As a Dem? He is a bright young man.

  2. tara volesky

    The local Beadle County party was very helpful but I don’t believe he got any financial help from the state Democrat party. That money went to Hillary. lol. He is interested in running again. I would like to see him run on another ticket because the Democrat ticket is a losing cause and I would hate to see him waste his talent. I doubt he’s going to listen to his Mommy, lol.