KELO reports Democrat caught in prostitution sting is withdrawing from legislative race.

From KELO:

A candidate seeking a seat in the South Dakota legislature tells KELOLAND News that he is withdrawing from the race.

The South Dakota Democratic Party confirms that David Skoglund, a Democrat running for the District 8 state house, was arrested in a prostitution sting. Skoglund, of Canova, was reportedly arrested last week in Moorhead, Minnesota. When asked about the arrest, Skoglund told KELOLAND News, “no comment.”

Read it here.

I guess we now know where he stood on the issue of human sex trafficking.

14 Replies to “KELO reports Democrat caught in prostitution sting is withdrawing from legislative race.”

  1. Spartan76

    You need to go to Madville and see how the libs are downplaying this like it is no big deal. What hypocrites.

    1. EB-5

      Really? You may wish to go over to Madville and look again. Didn’t the state Democratic Party leadership immediately denounce it and make sure he is no longer running for office even though the law says innocent until proven guilty? Sorry I’m not an attorney though I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. I wish the state Republican Party leadership would do the same with Bosworth. It doesn’t matter to me what party they are in.

      1. Spartan76

        Read the comments by faithful followers of CAH. They are downplaying the issue and rationalizing. Maybe you are the one who should reread.

    2. Winston

      At least they are talking about it. When the EB5 story first broke last fall this website ignored that story for about two months.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s not exactly a great way to kick off a campaign but are the Democrats really going to act like it’s a big deal to them after they supported Bill Clinton’s abuse of power in the oval office with interns?

  3. Anonymous

    Bosworth commits felony fraud, felony perjury, and doesn’t step down.

    This, Rounds corruption, is why SDGOP losing people.

  4. Elais

    Now if only the Republican Party would kick out their candidates for prostituting themselves for Keystone and ALEC.

  5. Anonymous

    The scary part is this guys wife taught my kids Sunday school. Feel bad for the family.

  6. Anonymous

    Dems always like to make a big deal when it’s a Republican but want to ignore when it’s a dem. Sure don’t hear them complaining about Bengahzi, the IRS scandal, and all the other Obama scandals too numerous to mention.