KELOland previews the legislative session. For Democrats only.

I was skimming the morning news, and came across this story from KELOland, previewing the upcoming state of the state address, where they interviewed one of their own reporters, and a legislator:

What will Gov. Noem say during her first speech of 2021?

Both Senator Troy Heinert (D-Mission) and KELOLAND Capitol News Bureau Correspondent Bob Mercer said Noem’s speech likely won’t differ too much from her budget address one month ago.


“The process should be open,” Heinert said about media availability and Gov. Noem’s office. “It’s been anything but.”

Heinert added Democratic leaders plan to continue with weekly end-of-week news conferences with members of the media.

Read that here.

The KELOland story consists of Mercer poking at the Governor with one of the three Democrats in the State Senate. And I can’t help but noticing that poking at the Governor seems to be the general editorial policy of KELOland news in recent months.

Aside from KELOland lashing out at the 2nd floor, what did Republican legislators have to say about the state of the state in the article…..

Nothing. They didn’t seem to bother to interview any.

Moving on to the next article about the legislative session, this one about COVID:

Heinert added he’s worried about the virus spreading during the session and if there’s enough precautions in place to protect staff, citizens and media.

“I’d like to finish in the session in person,” Heinert said. “I’m just not sure that’ll be the case.”

Read that here.

Again, if you look at the article, KELOland features Heinert, one of the three members of the minority in the Senate… and nothing from the Republican side of the aisle, despite it being an overwhelming majority in Pierre.

The reporting in these instances just doesn’t seem as if they remotely attempt to balance the story.

Just remember for future reference. It’s kind of hard for KELOland to claim that accusations of being biased are unfair when they don’t bother to attempt a balanced discussion.

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  1. For Democrats only….well that shouldn’t take very long with as few of them as there are these days.

  2. KELOLAND is the CNN of the Midwest.
    South Dakota is a Red State!
    Turn the channel!!!

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