KELOLAND reporting on last legislative day accusations against Sen. Langer

From KELOLAND, it appears that reporter Bob Mercer is claiming there were some antics that may have been observed during South Dakota’s first electronic session which gave rise to the last minute call for a disciplinary hearing:

An hour earlier, several Republican and Democratic legislators had told KELOLAND News to check out Langer’s behavior.

She was seen barefoot in room 413, which was the Senate’s base of operation during the final day. She also was spotted barefoot in the hallway outside, and in room 499.

Her diction was loose, her walk unsteady.

The lieutenant governor told Jensen there were no legislative days left for a disciplinary committee to act.


Curd said it would be appropriate to pursue the matter through the Legislature’s Executive Board.

Any fact-finding, dismissal or exoneration could be done through the board, Curd said.

Read the entire story here.

37 thoughts on “KELOLAND reporting on last legislative day accusations against Sen. Langer”

  1. First, Larry Rhoden is 100% correct. He handled the situation perfectly.

    Second, I believe Senators Brock Greenfield and Kris Langer. Their word is good enough for me.

    Third, we have much, much bigger fish to fry. Let it go.

    Let’s drop petty complaints and focus on the big picture. Disciplinary hearing? No. This is a moment for America, South Dakota, and the GOP to pull together. Thousands have died. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are sick. Millions are out of work. The national economy is on life support; and New York is locked down. Do you have enough cash to cover April bills? If so, you’re lucky. Many don’t.

    I doubt anyone was intoxicated but, under the circumstances, if someone needed a stiff drink, I say “skol.”

      1. There are some who are trying to use this to run for leadership.

        It’s a sad stunt in my opinion.

  2. Friend of education—I think it should be looked into

    Just from the description of Bob Mercer, who is very fair I think, he says he was told by Republican AND Democrat Legislators to check it out and he did.

    ” Her diction was loose, her walk unsteady.” is not flattering to say the least

    Rhoden saying we are just out of time means he didnt take it seriously and wanted to cover it up…not exactly leadership

  3. That’s not a fair assessment of the situation they put the Lt Gov in. He’s trying to bring order to…well watch the SDPB coverage. There’s no doubt what they did and the Lt Gov did a good job of cleaning it up.

    1. Lee–Honestly asking; when you say

      There’s no doubt what they did

      Whom are you referring to and about what?

  4. A woman barefoot??? Heavens to betsy — she must be drunk. A little bit unsteady and loose diction after a 12+ hour legislative session…yes it must be that demon alcohol. Seriously, if you listened or watched the broadcast at all — there were more than just a couple members that may have been a little “punch” drunk. So can anyone tell me why no one complained about some of the comments about driving 100 mph on gravel roads or without headlights don’t warrant a complaint?

    Seems to me Phil Jensen is proving he has a bit of an issue with female lawmakers. Could it be that in his view, women are only supposed to be barefoot when they are barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen….not the Senate or House.

    1. Do you really think Phil has a problem with women in the legislature, or are you just demeaning him? Isn’t his wife Janet Jensen running for the senate in Dist 33? I doubt there is any validity in what you say.

        1. McCoy, ask Lynne WHAT? Ask her if he hates women in the legislature and only wants them barefoot in the kitchen, or that Lynne and Phil don’t get along? The fact is Phil’s wife is running, does he have an issue with that?

          Show me where Phil has stated that he doesn’t like women in the legislature and only wants them barefoot and pregnant. And don’t say ask so and so, that just tells me you can’t produce any facts, and you were just attacking him.

          1. Two female legislators treated differently than their male counterparts – one treated in a way that was reported as aggressive and another where he made an issue of a female lawmaker’s behavior that was not any more remarkable than fellow male legislators. It’s his actions. The fact his wife is running doesn’t negate him developing a pattern of having issues with women and treating them differently than his male colleagues. You might want to get your facts straight — I never said he said he didn’t like women….and as far as barefoot and pregnant — that is a play on the old expression about women being barefoot and pregnant since he was apparently focused on Lang being barefoot. Have a nice day Mrs. Jensen

        2. Phil Jensen wouldn’t treat a women any different than he would a man. You’re making an assumption. I believe Mcoy is confusing David Johnson with Phil Jensen. There was a spat on the floor a couple of years ago between Lyndi and David Johnson. David was aggressive in his debate with Lyndi and it was all caught on camera.

          Phil Jensen’s complaint was based off of what he witnessed. If she was overly exhausted so be it. I’d rather someone call it to question then ignoring it.

          1. Phil was at home, not at the capitol. Do you think he is being a truthful “witness” based on that? Doesn’t it make you wonder who was using him as a tool to get at Senator Langer? And for what reason?

      1. I stand corrected. I was wrong about the incident with DiSanto. I still think it was incredibly unfair to Senator Langer.

    2. Barefoot and pregnant is what I’m hearing…. wow.

      I can’t help but feel a sobriety check was in order.

      Why are some assuming she was intoxicated and not just tired at 4am? Or perhaps having medication issues?

  5. It’s too bad our local socialist neighbor has to keep looking for things that are not there and is attacking Senator Langer and as usual our Mayor Schaunaman.

    1. I don’t know her nor do I really want to defend her but this seems very overblown to me.

      It’s 3am people. The legislature should not be doing anything at 3am that can be done tomorrow.

      A special session was in order. Very poor decision making by whomever decided to cram this all into veto day.

  6. She could have also had low blood sugar. If my blood sugar goes wonky after a long day at work/school, I can get pretty goofy.

  7. Would not be the first time there were drunk legislators in the Capitol. Although I don’t remember seeing drunk leadership – at least in the last 25 years.

    Everyone wants to give her the benefit of the doubt but I’m a believer that smoke usually means fire.

  8. Honestly, going back through and listening to the audio. Both Greenfield and Langer sound a little “tuned up.” Not saying they were drinking in the Capitol, but I’m not sure what exactly was taking place during recesses

  9. Langer was drunk. Find the footage and post it. Wait it’s unavailable and has already been covered up by leadership and sdpb.

  10. Youngberg was one of the four to vote against Langer. Jordan is in leadership and voted correctly. Jordan was the second to Phil’s motion…

    1. Yes. The 4 that voted against their leader did the last cruel deed on her. None will be in the Senate next year.

  11. I dont think I’d want to feud with Langer. My money says she comes out on top.

    She has been a good leader in many ways. Too cozy with the gov for my taste but she has been engaged and hard working.

  12. Actually the whole problem lies with way too much O2 in our air knowing the needed healthy ratio of O2 and CO2 for proper mental cohesiveness has been all screwed up with the lack of automobile traffic. IE Sarcasm

    We have bigger fish to fry. Pike are hammering smelt on the Mighty Mo and there’s no better place to catch a day of 🌞

  13. the prevailing sense i get is that it happened the way it did to exploit an opportunity to change the leadership next year. perfect way to sine your die, and the tragic story of the sd gop being both of the state’s major political parties rolls on.

  14. Mercer’s story makes no sense whatsoever. Actually none of them do. He’s one of the worst journalists in the state. Just because he’s old and has been around a long time doesn’t mean he’s good at what he does.

    Mercer should be fired. Especially if this story isn’t true.

  15. Gee, why ask a law enforcement officer to drop by and administer a breathalyzer test when you can appoint a committee to waste hours of time, send out for pizza, and fail to reach anything resembling a conclusion?

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