Kennedy Noem departing Pierre to continue her education.

Governor Noem apparently lost one of her most valued advisors today, as Kennedy Noem spent her last day at the State Capital, announced this evening that she’s moving to Tennessee in a few weeks to pursue her MBA:

Congratulations to Kennedy!

10 Replies to “Kennedy Noem departing Pierre to continue her education.”

  1. anono

    Good move on Kennedy’s part. She could have hung on and worked for six more years in the Gov’s office. But good for her to blaze her own path for a while.

  2. Platonic

    heck, with an advanced degree she could pull a six figure salary in mommy’s office if she wraps it up before Noem is walloped in 2022!

  3. Black Hills Bob

    I’ve never been a big fan of hiring family members to work in the “family” business. Nevertheless, Kennedy knew that she would be highly scrutinized and held to an even higher standard than others in the administration. Bottom line, she excelled at her position and never gave the naysayers a chance to second guess her work.

  4. Billy the kid

    One has to ask oneself. What difference she made in the created position of public service to South Dakota citizens. An will position be refilled

  5. Charlie Hoffman

    A good measure of any person is the mettle of their children. The pressure of being a Governors child must be intense and working for a parent Governor almost unbearable. SM constantly hammers Trump on his and to a lesser degree Gov Noem’s. Who does a parent, especially a Mom, know the best on Earth? Their own child! That said DD was hammered on having his son work for him and then his SIL becoming COS. Interesting knowing now that same DD COS was also picked by the subsequent Governor to come in as COS too. Must have been a perfect match for the job at hand for both.

  6. Billy the Kid

    Charles. They bring that pressure on to them selfs when they take the job. I feel it wrong Trump put his relatives in position they in. An I voted for him. It bad enough in private sector when members of family work in company. It much worse in government jobs. S. Dakota just can’t seem to pass law banning it. Even prohibited in most large corporations. In most government jobs one can just “hide” An roll along. One has to remember being to far right is as bad as too far left of center. An that is where government should be


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