Kind of a stretch, even for the Dems

I think the Dems have done more negative mail this year, than direct mail promotion of their candidates. Yet another case in point, this over the top piece against District 3 State House candidate Dan Kaiser, and issues that he might possible have a view on….. if he ran for Congress?

I mean seriously? He has nothing to do with the first two, and I don’t think this Aberdeen policeman supports #3.

Not that the truth has mattered to Democrats this cycle.

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  1. PNR

    I got an identical one re: Hansen. I must confess that my initial response was, “Cool – 2 out of 3!” (I’m not a big fan of drug legalization).

      1. Anonymous

        I wonder why they didn’t put legalizing prostitution on the card? Shouldn’t that be a big thing for Ron Paul supporters to get behind?

  2. Kaiser for President

    Dan does not believe in legalizing drugs but instead actually treating drug addicts with medical treatment like alcoholics get instead of just throwing a person in jail forever and thinking that solves everything.

  3. Anonymous

    My question is: why is the SD GOP and the “Great Endorser” AWOL on the RINOs and State Democratic Party’s patently false postcards? It is almost as if they want the democratic candidates to win. That way they’ll have more people lining up with the Gov’s agenda?

    1. anonymous

      U think THESE are bad? Have you seen the crapola that Mr. Potato Head (that’s Frank Kloucek for the uninitated) has concocted about Bill VanGerpen? He must really be desperate. On the other hand, the state-wide contributons for VanGerpen suggests that there are plenty of Dems who would like to dump Kloucek. As for SDDP mailings, the photos of Kloucek they used in the SDDP mailings are so HORRIBLE they are comical. Kloucek looks like he just fell off a garbage truck. Maybe the SDDP is telling us something between the lines such as “we really can’t stand this no-talent rube?”

      1. Anonymous

        I guess after he threw his 2 year old temper tantrum in Tyndall a week or two ago Kloucek must have figured it was safer to try to attack Van Gerpen with lies through the mail than to accept Van Gerpen’s invitation to debate him one on one in Scotland. He self proclaims to not be a quitter, sounds to me like he is a coward. He also promotes being able to handle the stress of the job. Not sure his behaviors in Tyndall last week would reflect that sediment. Wish I was living in Bon Homme County so I could cast my vote for Van Gerpen.

        1. anonymous

          Everything about Kloucek,
          – from his limited education,
          – to his weak legislative record,
          – to his broken down, failing farm operation (his wife does virtually ALL the work there),
          – to his filching of state maps that he stamps his name on and hands out as campaign props,
          – to his dumb, off-the-cuff remarks that invariably rub people the wrong way,
          – to his 22 year “job” in Pierre– 6 years over the Term Limit,
          – to his wild distortion of his “endorsements,”
          – to his (until recently carefully concealed) history of violent behavior– toward his parents, toward his siblings, toward his children and even directed at his own spouse, and most recently illustrated by his wild, angry, out-of-control threats and outbursts in not one but two separate incidents in Tyndall 10 days ago.
          – to his relentless, dirty attack ads,
          – coupled with his angry and violent refusal to meet VanGerpen in a public debate moderated by a neutral party


          1. Job Creator

            As bad as he is, why can’t the Republicans come up with someone better? Using your own logic, if the Democrats are in trouble for have a two-decade incumbent, how much trouble are the Republicans in if they can’t replace him?

  4. kevin cline

    I had no idea there were Democrats in south Dakota. sounds like Republicans are absent too. even when they aren’t in a pittiful battle against libertarian minded Republicans with in the party and committing aggregious acts at the convention, they are showing through their silence that if you aren’t a status quo big government dick Cheney Republican we will throw you under a bus and help elect a Democrat rather than see the libertarian-republocan theme gain a foot hold. republicans continue to do this at their own peril.

  5. Anonymous

    Is this guy going to be Stace Nelson’s sidekick? Like Batman and Robin? Only “Nelson and Kaiser”?

    When do they get the costumes to fight corruption? And once they are wearing masks will we be able to tell them apart?