Krebs 2nd quarter FEC Report for 2017: 131K Raised, 34k Spent, 230k Cash on hand, 4k Loan

Secretary of State and Congressional Candidate Shantel Krebs has posted her 2nd quarter FEC Report for the year.. And what is it telling us?

Krebs 2017 2q FEC by Pat Powers on Scribd

Krebs has raised $131,066, she spent $33,677, she’s sitting on $230,470 in the bank, and she has a loan out for $4000.

On the donation side, there’s a little cross-pollination with Dusty Johnson, but a lot of those who have drawn lines on one side or the other. 

Krebs’ support on this report is coming from donors such as Miles Beacom, Paul Bradsky, Jeff Broin, former State Rep Mike Buckingham, Robert Correa, Bush Fullerton, former State Rep Charlie Hoffman, former National Committeewoman Mary Jean Jensen, former Regent Harvey Jewett, Craig Lloyd, State Senator Ryan Maher, Allen Nelson, Tom Orton, Bill Poppen of DeSmet Farm Mutual, Ed Randazzo, GOP Vice Chair Linda Rausch, Former State Rep Jack Rentschler, and Lincoln County State’s Atty Tom Wollman. Former State Senator Todd Schlekeway also made a donation from his dormant Campaign Account.

Krebs spent a bit on consulting, with over a third spent on Kansas City Based Axiom Strategies ($13,854). Georgia Hanson received $1752, and the outstanding loan of $4000 is owed to Red Print Strategies, Casey Phillip’s Alexandria, VA Based Media company.

There’s still lots of campaign left to go. Stay tuned!

14 Replies to “Krebs 2nd quarter FEC Report for 2017: 131K Raised, 34k Spent, 230k Cash on hand, 4k Loan”

  1. Liberty Dick

    That’s a strong conservative list of supporters there. She’s going to knock this primary out of the park if she keeps this up.

  2. Wow...

    Georgia Hanson, really? Wow… not a fan of either but Georgia Hanson? Didnt she miss a deadline and cause her candidate to have to register as a Indy? Didn’t John Koskan lose his PUC bid because GH was so busy with too many candidates. Bad judgement on Krebs’ part.

  3. KM

    Can $$ raised/donated be used to pay back loan(s)?

    It could be said that Johnson has strong Conservative, Republican & Independent supporters, knocking this primary out of the park. Jon Ossoff’s campaign is an easy reminder that the most money raised doesn’t always secure a win.

  4. enquirer

    mrs krebs will discover what chris nelson discovered – when you are up against someone who is an animal at articulating a strong republican vision, you have a huge uphill battle.

  5. Charlie Hoffman

    When a person runs a race in a conservative state with a history of integrity in everything they have done ;;;; as both Republican candidates to date have delivered, the only difference in the outcome of the race boils down to “likeability” as I have stated before numerous times.
    It appears that the funding involved is pretty much a wash along with power donors and I highly doubt that will change much before June, 2018.

      1. Miranda Gohn

        It is nice to see someone has a good sense of humor this morning. I had a great laugh on this one! Sorry! I just do not see Charlie Hoffman as a Liberal Democrat and I mean that as a compliment. Battles within the state Republican party and battles within what remains of the state Dem Party. I have had my own frustrations with the SD Hard Left Dems that live in Liberal La La land with no concept of real world consequences of what they propose.

  6. Minnehaha County Observer

    Seems that Shantel has hired Jeff Roe (Axiom Strategies). This campaign is gonna get dirty! Jeff Roe is ruthless.

  7. KM

    MCObserver – Dang! You aren’t kidding about Roe being ruthless. Hopefully Krebs won’t allow for such negative campaigning strategies Roe advocates for.

  8. Charlie Hoffman

    Didn’t realize this post was about the voting record of former legislators in a poll set up by a legislator with as expected that legislator scoring the highest on his own poll.
    Can we call it a “Fake Poll”?
    Were Russians involved?
    LOL Stace!!!


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