Krebs campaign notes endorsement from Congressman Steve King of Iowa

From Facebook, Congressional hopeful Shantel Krebs is noting that her candidacy has received the endorsement of Congressman Steve King of Iowa:

6 Replies to “Krebs campaign notes endorsement from Congressman Steve King of Iowa”

  1. Anonymous

    YES!! A politician has gotten the endorsement of a politician! YES!!

    If Shantel can only get the endorsements of more politicians, her victory is assured!

  2. Anonymous

    It’s a good endorsement considering she is being attacked for not being conservative enough.

  3. Anonymous

    This is a horrible endorsement- he’s a joke. Even Trump made fun of him, in the last week, for being ridiculous. He’s also very ineffective as a member of Congress. But hey- if you only want to rename a post office – he’s your guy!

  4. Anonymous

    I would hope the endorsement from a racist, sexist, piece of human garbage is the death kneel of her campaign. Shameful.

  5. Anonymous

    This should help Shantelwith conservatives..but not with moderates…some good some bad with this endorsement


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