Krebs October post-election FEC has her returning 34K of donations

Well, that must hurt. After pulling in a number of donations for the general election, after her primary loss, Shantel Krebs finds herself in the unenviable position of having to give a bunch back. $34,375 to be precise.

Krebs Oct 2018 Fec by Pat Powers on Scribd

3 Replies to “Krebs October post-election FEC has her returning 34K of donations”

  1. Troy Jones

    After these reimbursements, she still has $40K in the bank. I give her credit for good cash management with the possibility she knew the law (having to return).

    I am curious what her intention is with the left over funds.

    1. Anonymous

      I’ve always been curious what they have to/can do with the ‘leftover’ funds. I think I’ve heard they can just absolve it into their personal funds. I don’t find issue with Shantel with that but if there are no ‘rules’, who knows. Anyone ever heard of Duane Sands in ND? Anyone else who continually runs for elected officials (Ron Paul comes to mind and many other national figures but makes me now start to question SD state officials now – saw some TV ads by people who should NEVER need to this political season and also asking for money)… Anyone know what happens to that ‘leftover’ money?


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