Kristi for Governor: $2.24 Million raised. $2.63 Million spent. $556K Cash on hand. The GOP is ALL IN for Kristi Noem!

Kristi for Gov Pre-General Election Report by Pat Powers on Scribd

Despite starting with a definite disadvantage, having had to run a primary election, the challenge was for Congresswoman Kristi Noem to ‘bring it,’ in terms of raising money to run in effect a second high level gubernatorial campaign. And it ‘was brought,’ with Kristi raising nearly a million dollars more than her Democrat opponent.

Kristi raised a tremendous $2.24 Million on top of the $1 million she started this portion of the election cycle with. In the election process, Congresswoman Noem spent $2.63 Million, and is left going into the last two weeks with $556K cash on hand, which I suspect will pose little barrier to the election.

One thing that I found interesting in looking at both reports is that for all the claims of Sutton having cross-party appeal, if you look at who is supporting Sutton, versus who is supporting Kristi…. Republicans have largely stayed with the home team, and are preparing to bring home a strong win in 2 weeks.

Kristi’s donor list ranges from those who I remember as young kids attending the GOP convention with their parents (Amanda Randall, I’m talking to you – say Hi to your dad for me), to those with a family pedigrees with the GOP such as Jordan Stoick, Russ Janklow and Mark Mickelson, and many more. Even Larry Pressler and his wife donated $1500 to Kristi.

In fact, as I continue to skim the list – I don’t have to guess – I know – that the GOP is behind it’s candidate for the office for Governor. If you look at the list – the GOP isn’t just behind Kristi.

At this point, I’d say the GOP is ALL IN for Kristi Noem. 

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  1. anonymous

    Nice to see the support for Kristi… We need Marty Jackley and his strong supporters to endorse! Huge difference between the two candidates and he can not decide? Billie makes a good story on MSNBC but even his relatives are voting for Kristi!

    1. Anonymous

      Many of them are already on board. If Marty is pandering, that tells me we dodged a bullet. Always, it’s been, if you lose, you move on for the party. If he’s willing to let a D vs. an R choose TWO Supreme Court Justices which impact the future history of our state? Well, that says ALOT. Bitter? Fine. First one ever to be bitter? NO. But to pander to the left? Not conservative.

      As for his relatives voting and contributing to Kristi? I give him a bye on that one and say it’s not worth discussing. They are not him and we should just be thankful they don’t pander in their beliefs. I hear they’re fine people. Happy they stand firm in their beliefs. If they could do that, you’d certainly think Jackley could after being in the position he’s in… I say we let the relative angle rest.

    2. Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure Jackely endorsed and offered any and all support to Kristi after the Primary. Plus, I’m guessing he’s been busy with the trial that wrapped up recently.

    1. Anonymous

      Where do you see that? HIS blog, HIS opinion. Don’t see any interjection. What quotes are you referring to, I guess is the best way to understand.

    2. Pat Powers Post author

      I’m not sure how I survived for thirteen years as the top political website in the state without your advice.

  2. Troy Jones

    I agree. People support or don’t support candidates for a host of reasons (and not always what is perceived). It isn’t wise to give too much weight to another’s decision.

    After considering all the information you have measured by your personal filter, vote for who you think best as Governor.

  3. Anonymous

    Larry Pressler?!?!?! I knew after all those years in DC he had to still be a SD Republican!! I hope, anyway…

  4. anon

    If Billie wins, where do you imagine he’s going to find the 200 or so qualified liberal bureaucrats to work in the executive branch? I can assure you he’s not going to find them in SD. Vote for Billy and the state turns blue.

    1. Franklin

      Disagree. Imagine our state with a Sec of Education named Kathy Tyler. She and others like her will fill the positions with Mr. Sutton as gov.


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