Kristi for Governor Launches New Ad: “Extreme Jamie Smith: Endangering Families”

Kristi for Governor Launches New Ad: “Extreme Jamie Smith: Endangering Families”

PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA – Today, the Kristi for Governor campaign launched a multi-week, six-figure ad buy for a new ad, “Extreme Jamie Smith: Endangering Families.”

“Extreme Jamie Smith wants complete government control over your family,” the ad begins. The ad highlights Smith’s support for mask and vaccine mandates; his support for Black Lives Matter and President Biden’s open border policies, which have led to higher crime and drug trafficking; and his support for policies that infringe on the 2nd Amendment. Each of these policies endanger South Dakota families.

“Jamie Smith is too extreme for South Dakota,” said Ian Fury, Communications Director at Kristi for Governor. “He continues to lie about his position on COVID mandates and his position on the 2nd Amendment, so this ad will bring the facts to the people of South Dakota.”

To learn more about Rep. Jamie Smith’s support for President Joe Biden and radical liberal policies, visit


50 thoughts on “Kristi for Governor Launches New Ad: “Extreme Jamie Smith: Endangering Families””

  1. More lies by a floundering fish. Let’s talk about her misrepresenting herself as a nurse or all the out of state contributions she received.

    1. The “misrepresenting herself as a nurse” might be the stupidest attack on her yet.

      She used the word “nurse” colloquially to refer to her work decades ago as a home health caretaker. She’s not making a statement about her current profession or seeking employment or clients.

      Referring to oneself as a “nurse” is a problem of your trying to imply you are educated and licensed in a profession. She clearly didn’t means that and absolutely no one took it that way. Silly attacks like this just make her opponents seem small and make their other arguments less credible.

      1. I’ve never heard of anyone in my entire life describing their past work as being a “nurse” without actually being a nurse. She is purposely trying to misrepresent what she did to imply her level of knowledge regarding healthcare is much higher than it really is.

        1. One night at a long term care facility a visitor approached the desk and asked a question (which I no longer remember) and part of my answer was “we’re the nurses.”
          I was the only RN there, but I said it out of respect for the 2 nursing assistants who were there with me. As members of the nursing department staff, they were nurses. Calling them nurses is a matter of respect, but it also communicates the expectation that they will perform their duties as diligently as if they were college educated licensed professionals.

          There has always been a joke made that RN means “Real Nurse,” LPN means “Let’s play Nurse” and CNA means “Can’t Nurse Anybody.”
          This joke is not funny and needs to die. Anybody employed as a member of the nursing staff is a nurse. Every RN in a supervisory position needs to treat subordinates with the respect due them as nurses. Any questions?

          1. Yes, I have a question. If there isn’t even a CNA certification, does that still apply? If I ask a janitor cleaning the nurses station and he responds, we are the nurses, does that apply as well? If she had a cna certification, I would easily let this slide but claiming to be a nurse with absolutely no training is a no-no in my book.

          2. Yes: are there any other words you’d like us to redefine on the basis of political expediency?

          3. As an RN of 32 years, I disagree with the conclusion of everyone being a “nurse” because they are in the presence, and/or working with licensed nurses. CNA are not nurses, they are certified nurse assistants! The emphasis is assistants. They are essential to patients personal physical care, and can be viewed as the literal backbone of nursing. Home Health Aides who may practice independently, are even more valuable as the eyes and ears of the health care team.
            This governor does not rise to the same level of “caring”, by any measure. of the aforementioned professionals.

      2. Your explanation of her misrepresentation is “STUPID”! The public at large believes the word “nurse” implies a licensed professional. You don’t know what she really meant, do you?
        She is small, non-credible, disingenuous and extremist, just like you.

  2. I don’t understand her campaign playbook here? I don’t feel like this ad gives her any more votes. Maybe only pushes those on the fence away from her because of the dramatic and negative nature of the ad. Every day Noem pushes me further away.

    1. I saw a pot bellied ol’ boy at the Dignity statue this year wearing a BLM pin.

      I ushered my children away from him since I saw BLM riots destroying the country all year in 2020, including kicking in the head of a young white business owner in Dallas (among other atrocities), who later died of his injuries.

      And the violence wasn’t limited against whites.


      If you still support BLM, you are either too stupid or to violent and evil to be around my family.

      That’s one of several serious issues with the Smith campaign.

      South Dakota was watching (and listening at from October 2019 to present.

      The cover-up was not effective enough.

      Some morons are trying to take over the SD Republican Party saying that the legislature would restrain Smith Governorship. None of these “conservatives” got a Trump endorsement.

      South Dakota is TRUMP COUNTRY.

      Noem is doing a good job representing South Dakotans in a very difficult time.

      She’s set the table.

      Don’t allow Smith to eat all the spoils.

      1. Hey Juan,
        Have you heard about George Floyd? BLM was formed to informed us over that crime! Like the ones that are committed against natives in this state all the time. And you better dig a big enough hole for you your family, because you are surrounded in this state and country by DIVERSITY, of all colors and creeds.
        You are the past, and I don’t want to be around your family, you all scare me and my family!
        And this is not T**** country! This is NATIVE country, and your still an illegal alien here!

    2. They’re annoying and dramatic indeed. I voted early yesterday against all the Dems. I refuse to support the Democratic party.

  3. Guys this ad isn’t going to win any originality awards or anything. But it doesn’t need to.

    All she needs to do to win is tie Smith closely to Biden and to the Dem agenda on social issues. It’s easy to do because he’s taken all kind of votes and made lots of statements to support that agenda.

    There is some number of voters who may not love Kristi, but they’ll vote for her of they know the only alternative is a liberal Dem.

    This strategy is simple and obvious, and it’s also the best.

    1. It’s feeding the lowest educated voter exactly what they need to hear. I’m not sure that will help with the middle of the road voters who seem to have it out for Noem this year. Throw in the abortion issue and there are going to be a lot of closet voting wives supporting Smith.

  4. The production quality seems really poor for a campaign that has 10 million dollars to spend. I don’t think it lends credibility to an ad when you make your opponent appear that scruffy either. And frankly, nobody is going to believe half of those claims. They are an exaggeration and easy to refute. The ad does seem desperate and this ad will end up doing more harm than good.

      1. He “wants complete government control over your family”. It’s stupid. Not credible. And it leaves her wide open for a response on the abortion issue.

        And… the voice in the ad sounds like a has-been from Disney World.

        1. In that last election, didn’t Kristi defeat Marty Jackley by running an ad accusing him of wrongdoing in regards to a state employee?


  5. As Un-affiliated no votes for Jamie Smith or any other SDDP candidate but this ad is nuts! Vaccinations and mask wearing is dangerous? Kristi Noem Anti-vaxx, Anti-Mask, Anti-Science and Anti-Fiscal Conservative spending taxpayer money without any accountability.

  6. This ad must be targeting all the anti-vaxxers and conspiracy enthusiasts that moved to South Dakota to gain their freedumb. Thanks Kristi!

  7. “flooding streets with drugs, confiscating your guns and endangering your family”

    Laughably dumb ad. Not believable in the least. Watch how easily he responds to it.

    1. I’ve gone hunting with Jamie. He is a supporter of responsible gun ownership and has no intention to limit firearms. Just more fear mongering by the right.

      1. ~ He is a supporter of responsible gun ownership ~

        One question would be WHO gets to decide what reasonable is.

        I don’t want any Democrat deciding what reasonable is.

      2. So, you don’t think the DNC wouldn’t want a return on their investment in the off chance he won?

  8. Her ad riding the horse was a really good production. Smith’s response to it was very effective. But this ad tried to do five things… and accomplished none of them.

  9. Most centrist republicans I know are looking at her in one of two ways.

    1. She is a Hollywood plastic surgery Kardashian type who is no longer a true South Dakotan, and they’ll vote for the other person, just like they did when Trump vs. Biden was the choice. You can insult the other candidate all you want, they aren’t voting for them, more against the former.
    2. She’s good looking, so has my vote.

    This ad doesn’t really get people over to her side in my opinion. The initial ad released by her was more on target (the solo horse rider). This new wave of Jamie is Joe seems to be tailored to those that already have that notion in mind, it isn’t convincing to the middle ground voter. It is why “lets go Brandon” isn’t really offensive to most Biden voters, they don’t care about him, other than he is not Trump.

  10. I am surprised how many ads her people run on Fox News. I would think those who watch the only fair and balanced network would have their minds made up by now.
    Maybe her campaign knows something we don’t.

    1. The polls she isn’t releasing because word on the street is they don’t look favorably for her. If the polls she were doing showed her winning, they would be flaunting them.

  11. To me, this ad shows her lack of imagination, and her lack of good advisement. Smith is a Democrat so tie him to President Biden. It’s the same thing she did in her last campaign, tying Billie Sutton to Hillary and Bernie.

    That works in a state as deep red as this one. Unfortunately for her, it’s not gonna pull any new votes her way, either, as it only hits on the “negatives” of the opponent. Rather than tout her own positives and ideas, all this kind of ad does is slam the opponent, usually with the easy cheap shots.

  12. Endangering families? How about the families of the 3,017 South Dakota Covid deaths where the sitting governor did little address the pandemic. “Come to SD because we have freedom, get Covid and take it back to your families.”

  13. I’m disappointed in our Governor. I recall waiting in line with 400 other school children on the courthouse lawn to get our first Salk vaccine. Mothers and Fathers were actually weeping in thanks to think that polio might be ending. They had lived in fear their entire lives. To pander to ignorance on an issue which saves lives, especially of the elderly, for the sake of winning an election, is beneath the dignity of a South Dakota Governor.

        1. Let’s see. Believe Mayo, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, Sanford, Avera McKennan, CDC, Dept. of Health and virtually everyone in medicine… or you??

          1. Obvious answer, Anon has done a lot of Facebook meme research, go with them, those hospitals are just trying to make money. However, don’t come at me with socialism is the answer, I want to highlight the flaws of capitalism, but not treat the broken healthcare system as it is, I just want to have my cake and eat it too.

  14. Does the 60 second version of this ad say anything about him being a communist, homosexual, pedophile, serial killer, draft dodging, tax cheat, wife beater, vegan bed wetter?
    After he looses in November, I would wager 80% of his vote count can be attributed to a vote against Kristi vs. a vote for him.

  15. How many vaccines does your Department of Health require, Kristi? Complete government control, I tell ya!

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