33 Replies to “Kristi Noem Announces that she’s all in for Governor.”

    1. Anonymous

      frankly they need to all settle down…..I got it with Kristi and IM 22 and transfer of funds but I think marty should reassess …does he run for Governor now or maybe run for Congress himself…and if he comes out now it looks like he is reacting to her announcement

      1. Mike

        Just saw Marty in Rapid City today- he said he is all in for Governor- no convincing him otherwise. He has my support. I am extremely disappointed in Kristi and the Republicans I talk to feel the same.

    2. Anonymous

      Yes, the more coming is that Dusty will announce shortly he’s running for Congress. Which is a bit ironic, since he quit his job as PUC within days after being elected to become chief of staff for Daugaard. Déjà vu all over again for Kristi.

      The audacity and arrogance of these political opportunists is as astonishing as their blatant disregard of appreciation for those who elected them to specific positions and God forbid, actually expected them to honor their commitments.

      “Thanks for the job suckers now I’m going for the bigger better deal!”

      1. Anon

        Noem would have to make a decision on 2018 either way and will serve out the term she was just elected to.

        Dusty quit before being sworn in for his 2nd term. Big difference

  1. Troy Jones

    I guess I could be snarky and say Mickelson sure created a vacuum for people to jump in. Yes that is a snark less about Noem but more in frustration we just finished with an election and Congress hasn’t even started its hard work trying to roll-back the Obama years. One can only really give full attention to one thing. Once its two, being a Member of Congress is no longer getting full attention. She is a sitting Member of Congress and gains very little by announcing now. She has a job.

    I’m also frustrated as I remember Jim Abdnor announced against McGovern in January of 1980 for a race in 1980.

    I guess now we’ll have a bunch of people feel they have to announce for the open House seat and the Democrats can prepare for an open seat.

    There I’ve said it and got it off my chest. I have no preference in this race now that Mickelson decided not to run and I’m going to just sit see who all enters and make a decision after reviewing all candidates. I’m betting now we’ll see who runs.

    1. SDGOPer

      IM22 forced Noem to decide now. Recall that Kristi got into the 2010 race in February of 2010. I’m willing to bet money that she would’ve preferred to wait to make this decision.

      Also, if you watch the video, she says her campaign won’t start until next year. She just had to get it out there now. I fully expect her to be committed to getting as much done as possible with Trump in the White House now.

      1. Anonymous

        A bad move. She could have set up a campaign account and let others speculate. It would have been wiser. Daugaard, Jackley and Mickelson all have campaign accounts but haven’t or didn’t announce.

        Bad decision after a divisive presidential cycle.

        1. anon1

          And what was she supposed to do with the funds she has on hand now? If she set up a new campaign account and transferred the funds to “Kristi for Governor” wouldn’t that be an announcement.

          The people who were dumb enough to vote for IM22 made any other path impossible.

  2. Anonymous

    i understand why Noem is running now with IM 22 situation….but I agree with troy…cool it a bit…

    heck us political junkies need to catch up and spread it out people 🙂

    1. Anne Beal


      We’re busy managing the gubernatorial campaign of Henry Sass.
      He doesn’t want your votes, just your Democracy Credits.
      After the election his campaign will donate all the money to animal shelters and sanctuaries around the state, which will also serve as his campaign offices.
      Supporters will be encouraged to visit his campaign offices to volunteer and consider adopting a member of his staff.

      Preliminary polling has revealed that an awful lot of people would sooner assign their Democracy Credits to a Yellow Dog than a politician.

  3. Troy Jones

    If she is doing it because of IM22, I am sorry for my rant but I’m getting tired of a 24/7/365 Campaign season. I then wish she’d say I made this decision because of IM22 and I want to transfer my Federal money into my state account. Let’s just be straight up.

    Regarding “conspiring,” that is not true. Let’s not spread rumors. Mark made his decision independent of everyone else. Speculate on facts and not ignore them.

    1. anon1

      It was all about IM22, Troy. She had no intention of announcing this early, but SD supported the democrat measure… It forced her hand.

  4. Anonymous

    I think Noem made a big mistake announcing already. When Rounds announced he wasn’t an elected official who was just elected to do a job. She’s basically saying well I haven’t accomplished anything in six years and now that I’m about to start number 7 I want you to know that I’m bailing. I’ll still be around in DC but I’ll be mostly interested in having another job…

  5. Anonymous

    Let me get this straight — you old cranks wanted Noem to file a statement of candidacy, transfer nearly $2M out of her congressional account and into this new gubernatorial account and then…..sit back “and let others speculate?” That would be moronic. You’re playing checkers and she’s playing chess.

  6. Anonymous

    I agree, we are all tired of political campaigns at this point, but i don’t see any issue with Kristi’s announcement. IF she is taking advantage of IM22 (an out-of-state, Dem funded measure only passed because of a dishonest ad campaign), good for her. Who, in their right mind, would just leave 2 mil on the table to wait a few more months to announce?