Kristi Noem at the podium today

Rep. Kristi Noem gave the commencement speech at Western Dakota Tech’s graduation today, sending the school’s graduates off into the

5 Replies to “Kristi Noem at the podium today”

  1. Anonymous

    Did she recommend that the students could get additional credits by serving in congress?

    1. Results not hot wind

      God help us. The only thing she knows how to do is attack because she lacks the substance to accomplish anything in her current job. She didn’t care about public safety for the last 12 years but now that she wants to run for a different position, she thinks she needs to take swings at someone who has.
      I’d love to see the list of bills she AUTHORED, or even hand a hand in EDITING… instead of bills upon which she rode the accomplishments of others. Let’s look for a real leader, because we don’t find it with her.

      1. Anonymous

        …….and when did Jackley/McGuigan care about public safety when they did not fight against SB 70?

  2. Anonymous

    I like that both her and Jackley are doing this…politics aside they are leaders in our state and an inspirational.

    I just wish we could hear what they both said at their respective events.