Kristi Noem Launches First TV Ad in General Election

Noem Launches First TV Ad in General Election

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Kristi Noem launched her first television ad of the general election. The spot, which will run statewide, features some of the South Dakotans who know Noem best – each of whom highlight her values, accomplishments, and unmatched work ethic.

Joy Nelson: Kristi’s values and morals encompass what the people of South Dakota believe in.

Bryon Noem: Nobody will outwork her. She doesn’t quit until it’s done, and that’s the way she’s always been.

Gregg Sellberg: She’s an honest woman who works hard, and who I think will be a great governor for our state.

Jerry Derr: Everything she said she was going to do, she’s done.

Mike Cartney: Kristi has an extremely strong agricultural base.

Larry Rhoden: Kristi has been a rancher, a farmer…

Mike Cartney: …but she also has the small business experience. She has the CEO experience.

Larry Rhoden: Her life experiences have equipped her to be an extremely effective governor.


9 Replies to “Kristi Noem Launches First TV Ad in General Election”

  1. 34

    Great ad

    Sutton is 34 no accomplishments as a state senator…never been in charge of anything….no life experience leading anything and you want him to run the state

    the contrast is easy to make

    1. Troy Jones

      George Mickelson always said 90% of being Governor is doing the people’s business (non-partisan decisions) and 10% political (ideology affects the decision).

      The comment by 34 is by far the most persuasive argument against Sutton- there is nothing in his past to give confidence he could run a large Division or Department much less all of State Government.

    2. Fled to Red

      I believe he’s describing the duties of the governor. See where he says 90% of being Governor… and …much less all of State Government. (emphasis mine)?

      Is “our AG Candidate” now running for Governor? I’ve gotta get out more!

    3. Anonymous

      Ravnsborg is a Lt Col. in the National Guard and leads over 600 men. You don’t get in that position without being capable. Shows he has the ability to head up a big organization, to lead and direct people.

      1. Anonymous

        And yet he has never first chaired a major felony case. His experience in the Guard, while admirable, does not qualify him to be the legal counsel to all of state government. His lack of law enforcement experience is also concerning. I want to vote for a Republican for AG but he is making it quite difficult to do so.

  2. Anonymous

    What has Kristi lead? A few Congressional offices? They’ve been business leaders and rode horses…

    She’s in a struggle in South Dakota. Her negative campaign against Marty turned off a lot of moderates and likely independents –

    Billie has a real chance and is in the race for the win.


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