8 Replies to “Kristi Noem on Face the Nation this AM”

  1. Ed Randazzo

    This “interview” was not about women in politics at all.It was about trying to demean, discredit and destroy President Trump. Our next governor handled it very well, as usual.

    1. a friend of education

      Once upon a time, CBS carried the gold standard. Best broadcast news on the planet. Factual and intellectual content. Envy of the BBC. Those days are LONG gone. Now, disrespect and incivility rule. Kristi, elected by 66 percent of South Dakota voters, is our sitting congresswomen. She represents our state. She’s passed important legislation; she’s running to be our first female governor. That’s newsworthy. But CBS cannot let Kristi finish a sentence without rolling eyes, interrupting, and disputing. Dear network: you invited her to speak. Let her speak! It’s called “face the nation” not “face the inquisitor.”

      Know your role, CBS. Report the news. Ask good questions. Americans, liberal and conservative, want to hear HER answers. We listen to her positions. Then, we evaluate. We decide what to believe. We care not a whit for the views of an un-elected, unimportant journalist.

      I’m cognizant that CBS is no more guilty than are several other networks, including conservative outlets. Would that it weren’t so. Our mainstream media led a race to the bottom, eschewing courtesy, embracing ad hominem argument, destroying public discourse. Trump is the harvest they reap.

  2. enquirer

    two thoughts – 1. ed r.’s analysis is supported by the follow-up piece on the same show – a panel of five women, two of whom voted for trump and three who would point out how awful that decision was. 2. kristi coined a new word – “reviewal.”

  3. Anne Beal

    I just thought she should have responded to the question about Trump calling Omarosa a “dog” by pointing out the proper term is “bitch.”

  4. Anonymous

    I like the Alpha Romeo commercials better. Would love to have a red Giulia except for the repair bills later on.

  5. Troy Jones

    If a man had been so condescending to say Hillary, the uproar would have been deafening. A shallow liberal woman does it to a conservative and silence. You just can’t make it up.

    There are hard questions to ask and Noem has to answer them even if they are asked in a condescending way. But stupid stuff like these and then to be treated so deserved a figurative slap from Noem.


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