Kristi Noem potential primary challenger

Congresswoman Kristi Noem has another announced challenger. No, not in the general but in the primary. As reported by Ed Randazzo:

Stephanie Strong of Rapid City has revealed that she intends to challenge the first term Congresswoman who defeated Stephanie HersethSandlin in a close race in 2010.

I assume, based on where the news broke, that Strong is aligned with the Tea Party in Rapid City. I respect her right to run, but obviously she is running up a very steep hill against a popular incumbent.

More intriguing than this announcement was the comment by Representative Hubbel following the blog post on Randazzo’s column.

lora hubbel on February 2, 2012 at 4:51 am

I think every politician should be defined in a primary. I am anxious to see how Kristi looks against another Republican?.she looked great against a Democrat. We?ll see?.

I found Hubbel’s comment very interesting; why would she comment on this subject? While I was finding this challenge amusing, Hubbel was taking it seriously. (But reading between the lines of her comment, I wondered if Hubbel was talking about Deb Peters?) As conservative as I am, there is some odd stuff happening across this state in the Republican Party.

Side Note: I am convinced that I remember the name Stephanie Strong from somewhere before. I keep thinking I remember getting a letter in 2010 from her stating that she would run against Senator Thune. I’m going to search my letters from the 2010 election to see if anything comes up, but that is about all I can put my finger on at this moment. Let me know if you remember anything like that. Obviously she didn’t do much more than send out a letter if my memory is correct.

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      1. looking ahead...

        NSFW. I’m glad to see Gordon Howie isn’t a prude. Why would conservatives want to discriminate against a woman’s body? It’s what God gave her and she should flaunt it.

        We all know old men liked SHS because she was cute and that’s the same reason conservatives supported noem over Nelson or the bald headed Curd.

        Looks matter and the only way to defeat noem or SHS is to run someone hotter.

    1. Rattler

      One word “wow!”.
      You don’t see that every day on a link from the DWC…. Im Sure The more conservative readers will enjoy the link.
      But thanks I will now be unemployed for the porn link.
      Its ok it will give me a lot of free time to help get Miss Strong elected.

  1. insomniac

    I’ve heard from several people that Hubbel hasn’t been very supportive of Noem since the primary. She thinks Noem abandoned the tea party or ignores them. And in reality the tea party did drive Noem through the primary.

    If SHS was on the ballot this year a primary challenge for Noem could be costly but since Noem is running against tweedle dee and tweedle dumb I don’t suppose she will be damaged.

    on the Stephanie Strong stuff I agree that Noem would lose a beauty contest to her.

  2. Yes please...

    South Dakota elections are getting better and better!

    Are we going to keep trading up every election?

    Herseth to Noem to Strong?

  3. BF

    oooo. That google thing could get kinda dicey. I wonder if Howie, Ed, Ellis and Sibby set that up? It sure is a good way to get your candidate …umm… noticed… I guess, huh?

    1. caheidelberger

      BF, I think they are trying to outdo Noem at her own glamour game. She got lots of Google juice from hot image searches. Strong apparently has that built in already. The bad links will trigger those primal receptors, which will still be pumping endorphins when the searchers (well, at least the male ones) get to her site. Boom: there’s a five-point uptick in the polls right there. Brilliant!

  4. Anonymous

    What a spectacular place to announce a bid for Congress: on Ed’s nationally syndicated blog via Gordon’s global media outlet. lol

  5. MC Post author

    As conservative as I am, there is some odd stuff happening across this state in the Republican Party.

    On this point, I agree with you.

    1. Anonymous

      That’s a good point. Noem constantly walks around trying to sell us on “cheap food policy” “ethanol” subsidies etc.

      Most of the crops we subsidize are corn and beans and things we don’t eat.

      One big issue that troubles me about Noem is her adjusting position from direct subsidies to crop insurance subsidies. Meaning she isn’t really in favor of getting rid of subsidies but in favor of just moving money around the system in order to maintain the status quo.

      If I was running a campaign against Noem (who I campaigned for in 2010) I would run squarely against her position on crop insurance subsidies and her crony capitolism she and her husband follow by directly benefiting from the implementation of crop insurance subsidized by the feds.

      If SHS can’t lobby with her husband why should Noem’s family directly benefit from her voting record helping her husband sell crop insurance?

  6. Arrowhead

    Crop insurance is just one more safety net for rich farmers.

    Why dont’ we create a safety net for wall street and big banks? Oh wait we do! It was called TARP and to BIG to fail.

  7. Anonymous

    This Tea Party angst matters if the leave Noem. These are the people who propelled her against Nelson and Curd. She wouldn’t stand a chance against Rounds without the Tea Party she’s taken for granted.

    Thanks for raising the debt ceiling Kristi!

  8. Troy Jones

    For the record, I was generally neutral in that primary. Chris was an old Pierre friend. Blake was a new Sioux Falls friend. I had never met Kristi.

    I dont know (really dont know) who decided that primary or the impetus for Kristi winning. My suspicion is it was a “electability/matchup” against Herseth calculation.

    If anyone thought it was because she was the Tea party candidate, that isnt her fault. Her legislative record was pretty traditional. Curd was clearly the most Tea Party on economic/fiscal issues. Nelson on social issues.

    The good thing about Strong running is we will see if the T.P.’s core support in the GOP goes beyond the 13% received by Howie in the Governor Primary.

    1. Anonymous

      I’d say I agree with you accept – Strong is probably a weak candidate. If she was a good candidate (howie was also weak) she could probably grab 25%. But no money, no knowledge of campaigning and no help from the party means I doubt she even gets on the ballot.

      This is where the 9/12, John Birch, and Tea Party groups will have to flex there muscles. Good people but it’s all about the candidate. If Hubbel or Stace were challenging Noem I’d be inclined to think someone had a chance to rock Noem’s boat a little (15-20% in a primary)

    2. anon


      I can’t tell you how wrong your assesment is about Nelson being the social conservative in the race. That is one of the areas Noem capitalized. Had Nelson not gone after Roger Hunt (87 frickin times) he’d be the nominee.

      Nelson blew it trying to appeal to the pro-choicers. Noem is a career pol and Curd was the most conservative. Nelson would have been the best for SD.

  9. William

    Troy, I agree Blake Curd was certainly more the “Tea Party” candidate that Kristi was. Yes, she had “Tea Party” supporters and in the general, very active “Tea Party” support against SHS, but I don’t ever recall her explicitly describing herself as “Tea Party” in any way.

    In the general, I’m pretty sure any “Tea Party” votes would have gone to Curd, Nelson or “dead cat” against Stephanie.

    I personally like primary challenges, as I think having candidates, particularly incumbents, face the voters and debate the issues and their record is a GOOD thing. I seriously doubt if any potential challengers to Kristi will ultimately prove successful.

    1. anon

      Here’s what you guys are missing.

      Curd donated to SHS and Daschle. That soured the Tea Party on him and made it so he couldn’t get off the ground.

      Noem had the more energized support amongst those who would call themselves TPers.

      Kristi might not call herself a TPer (and she isn’t) but she actively courted their support in the primary much more than Nelson and Curd. She spoke numerous times to the groups around the state and sold herself as one of them.

      People liked Curd until he donated to Daschle then he wasn’t ever trusted.

  10. caheidelberger

    Neither Strong nor any other potential Noem primary challenger will get Tea support, at least not from the Black Hills groups. Those folks have thrown in their lot with Kristi and the Establishment. Noem fumbled, dodged, and obfuscated on all of their key issues Saturday. She even made the absurd claim that the reason she hasn’t joined the Tea Party Caucus is that they never responded to her request for a copy of their mission statement. Yet Ed Randazzo and Bob Ellis have offered nothing but praise for her appearance Saturday. Someone struck a deal, I think, and the Black Hills Tea groups are selling out. Too bad for Stephanie Strong, who will be left with no organizational support whatsoever.

    1. Bob Ellis

      “Yet Ed Randazzo and Bob Ellis have offered nothing but praise for her appearance Saturday.”

      Really? I’d like to see my “praise for her appearance Saturday.”

      Are you incapable of telling the truth, or do you simply choose to attempt deception every time you communicate? I admit that I am never certain which it is.


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