Kristi Noem profiled on ABC Family/700 Club this morning.

ABC Family ran a profile piece on Rep. Kristi Noem today as part of “The 700 Club” series by the Christian Broadcasting Network.

It’s now available on-line for your viewing. Check it out here:

It talks a lot about her faith, and it’s a nice view into a more personal side of Kristi.

12 Replies to “Kristi Noem profiled on ABC Family/700 Club this morning.”

    1. Anonymous

      Well she isn’t so it’s time for you to grow up and face reality. I know it is tough but I’m sure you can do it. Good luck!

    2. Anonymous

      I totally agree with Anon 6:08. I wish she was too. But she isn’t, so I hope we end up with 3 Reps in Washington.

  1. Anonymous

    I’d like to know more about the Ryan Murray budget deal. Does it really balance off of the backs of veterans and wounded warriors benefits like FNC has been talking about?

    Thune opposes it. Does Johnson? What does Noem think and what does Corrina Robinson think? That is something I’d like to know more about.

    Kelly Ayotte says it’s a bad deal.


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