37 thoughts on “Kristi Noem: South Dakota won’t be taking any illegal immigrants.”

  1. Are these migrant CHILDREN that she is talking about? She tells them: “Call me when you’re an American”?

    1. Here we go again….Elk and his crocodile tears. Don’t blame the governor, blame the parents of these children for sending them.

      1. I would take a child into my home before I would insult them and throw them back in the desert to die. You?

  2. So she took illegal immigrants under President Trump, but now won’t under President Biden….

    Political pandering again

  3. The border issues are very difficult. Especially when it comes to children. I certainly don’t have all of the answers. But we should never denigrate others like this.

    Pro-life people respect other human beings. Period.

    1. Actually, the border issues are not that difficult. When did the crisis re-emerge? Just as President Dementia was getting ready to take office. Under President Trump, the border had become under control. Then the new guy comes in and the problem comes up again. So if you want to solve the problem, revert to President Trump’s policies. BTW, since you are taking in a kid, how is your Spanish doing?

      1. We are talking about real children who are in the middle of nowhere crying for help. You could at least pretend to care, couldn’t you?

  4. “Call me when you’re an American” will make a great 2024 bumper sticker. Mega MAGA.

  5. A governor facing serious backlash for her recent actions finds a wedge issue that has minimal impact on South Dakota to stake a claim on. Smart, if not predictable.

  6. My friend Kevin Lynn replied to this on twit.

    His take is that it’s a trap that forces politicians to accept amnesty.

    Come back when you’re legal .. might be the wrong outcome.

    If we send our military to do damage down South (justified in my view), then we could escort these poor people back and give them control of their countries?

    This is not an easy problem to solve.

    But what’s been happening on the Southern border for the last 22+ years is not the answer.

    It is time for the nation to get more clarity about Central and South America.

    TLDR; – we’re intentionally preoccupied with the middle East as trouble amasses at our Northern and Southern borders.

  7. I think Governor Noem loves it when people rush into weak arguments on this topic.

    Cloward and Piven.


    The refugees are victims and soldiers.

    Open the borders the problem becomes worse.

    Tough love gives us the outcome we desire .. solving why they are leaving their home countries.

    It’s an argument that wins itself.

    Don’t give-up on the governor.

    Send her a note with your thoughts respectfully.

    Attach a picture of your family.

    You’ll get farther .. with the governor’s office and probably in life.

    Oh yeah .. and one more thing .. sign it with your name.

    1. Should we also include a note about the evils of 5G, or is this one issue at a time?

  8. I love this: the press wants to ignore the crisis at the border, instead they have focused on Biden’s self-sacrificial act of picking up a toy off the floor and gave us a full 24 hours of replaying video of the event while rhapsodizing about it as if he ran into a burning building to rescue a puppy. He picked up a toy. He should be canonized!

    And then along comes Noem with a comment which at best doesn’t sound very compassionate. It sounds more like something Trump would have tweeted. Should the press cover it? Will they have to point out that the administration has ideas of sending illegal immigrants to communities around the country? They just want to talk about Biden picking up a toy, and what’s going on in Minnesota, where, as the Representative from their Congressional 5th District likes to say, “somebody did something.”

    Perhaps a public invitation to move the Target Corporation HQ to South Dakota should be next, something along the lines of “when you’ve finally had enough, we’ll be ready.”
    She can follow this up with a Mothers’ Day message about picking up toys.

  9. Elk, her statement has absolutely nothing to do with the children crisis on the border. The unaccompanied children are neither illegal or immigrants by definition.

    You are intentionally (which means with deception) or unintentionally conflating two issues in an attempt to commit calumny against Governor Noem and her words on this matter.

    That said, do we hold out the welcome mat to the drug dealers, prostitutes, arsonists, rapists, and robbers from other states or countries? Of course not. So why the outrage for not putting out the welcome mat for people who break our immigration laws, often are directly or indirectly involved in drug and human trafficking, and end up living in the shadows of our nation vulnerable to exploitation of them and their children.

    Joe Biden says he cares but the policy ends up worsening the situation. Donald Trump didn’t virtue signal and had a policy that was more humane and just for both people of other countries and Americans.

  10. Well Troy, the articles I read indicated that the states were requested to take in immigrant children and Governor Noem denied the request with a snarky comment.

    I said yesterday morning:

    “Are these migrant CHILDREN that she is talking about? She tells them: “Call me when you’re an American”?”

    I feel that is no way to talk to anyone much less immigrant children who are the focus of the issue. How does that make me a liar again?

    1. Those children need to be returned to their families. And, if their family has no legal right to be here, the family should be together where they can be legally. If there parent is here legally, they aren’t illegal immigrants and their parents and children are welcome here. It is not that hard.

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