KSFY Argus Debate – Loetscher yes on mandates for private sector

Wow! Check this out:

2 Replies to “KSFY Argus Debate – Loetscher yes on mandates for private sector”

  1. KM

    So, she supports big government. I thought Liberals were against the govt imposing on our lives. Forcing businesses to allow men into women’s bathrooms is going to get a lot of push back and that will be shown to be true on May 1st. If she’s in favor of this type of mandate she must be in favor of lawsuits. Throughout the debate she didn’t seem to know much about what the mayor’s actual job is. Did you catch her statement about live-streaming city council meetings?

    1. Lincoln County Delegate

      She was caught pretty off guard by Paul saying it would be illegal to Facebook live stream the Council Meetings. So much so that she didn’t even say “Facebook Live” in her rebuttal. That is the first time I have seen her at a loss for words.


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