KSOO cutting staff?

Hearing rumors this afternoon that Chad McKenzie and Dan Peters were let go by KSOO/Townsquare Media today as a result of cutbacks.

Word is this comes amidst cuts at other Townsquare Media stations.

A glance at McKenzie’sFacebook page notes his ‘retirement’ from KSOO, which appears to lend credence to the rumors..

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  1. enquirer

    perhaps three people can do the work of six, when you appropriate the prep time needed to do one job well and slap an extra downsized job onto it. been there.

  2. Michael L. Wyland

    This is a continuation of a decades-long trend toward mechanization, computerization, and larger combines replacing local media. Why? The economics have changed dramatically as consumers’ viewing and listening habits have changed.

    From Chad McKenzie (Chad Hohwieler)’s Facebook feed: “Hi, Chad Hohwieler here. Wow! I can now use my real last name (despite the fact it was the worst kept secret in town). From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the kind words, messages, and phone calls over the past few days. People have been asking what’s next. I honestly don’t know. I’m open to career ideas and anxious to see what lies ahead. As they say, when God closes a door he opens another. Thanks again for caring. Take care my friends. Love to all.”


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