Kudos for the Minnehaha county Highway department

We tend to focus on the negative.  We spend a lot of time tearing down politicians, bureaucrats, and government agencies,  We forget them when they do the right thing.

I have to travel several miles of county roads.  While the county roads were not completely high and dry, I was pleasantly surprised at how well Minnehaha county has gotten the roads plowed and sanded after the recent blizzard.  It  is obvious they worked through the night to make the roads safer for those going to church Sunday morning.   It was also obvious, the plows worked hard to keep the roads passable during the storm.

This doesn’t mean they are off the hook for not taking care of the township bridges.  What they did do, was done well.  They should know their work hasn’t gone unnoticed

5 Replies to “Kudos for the Minnehaha county Highway department”

  1. Duh

    Keeping me out of the ditch, yes. Making every decision for me and bonding my entire life to what the morons in D.C. decide what is in my best interest while simultaneously bending me over to extract more cash out of my wallet in the process, NO.

  2. Lloyd

    County highways are the one section of government that is adequately funded, thanks to the wheel tax. It's too bad more of our tax burdens can't be targeted into more specifically identifiable purposes. It feels like the general tax dollars I pay to all levels of gov't drops into a black hole.

  3. MC Post author

    Funding is only part of it, Another part is they have people who care about the roads, and are willing to work to make them better.

    I will get in to the bridges, which the county is supposed to be take care of, later.


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