LaFleur blaming Secretary of State Krebs for his failure to be nominated. Again.

Under the Facebook post where Terry LaFleur had harsh things to say about Lora Hubble for denying him the Constitution Party gubernatorial nomination yesterday, I am reading that it wasn’t just Lora’s fault that Terry didn’t win, according to Terry.

It appears to have been a plot.

According to LaFleur, he has “proof the Shantel Krebs conspired with Hubbel, Matt Johnson, and Gordon Howie..” and “Shantel was in bed with them even if inadvertently.”

LaFleur blamed Krebs (among others) when he didn’t have sufficient signatures and failed to make the GOP ballot in the primary. And now when he was making another attempt… he was denied his bid for world domination once again by the Secretary of State.

Is this the part where LaFleur dons a purple cape and declares “Curses! Foiled again!”

Stay tuned for Constitution Party convention part 2.

Same bat time. Same bat channel.

16 thoughts on “LaFleur blaming Secretary of State Krebs for his failure to be nominated. Again.”

    1. I know Lora has her flaws, but everything Terry LaFleur says and does is so perfectly destructive that it seems supernatural.

      Shantel Krebs and the state employees in her office have been about as helpful to alternative parties this year as they could legally be.

  1. So is Lora registered as a Republican, or not? Did she really say she was still registered as a Republican at the Constitution Party convention? If the answer is yes, she had no business even being there.
    I don’t blame Terry for being angry about it.

    1. Lora isn’t registered as a Republican, Anne, and she obviously didn’t say she was still a Republican at the convention. Terry LaFleur is a pathological liar.

      1. Terry and Lora simply deserve each other. They are a real team. God help South Dakota. Such confusion. People are laughing out loud everywhere in this state. Come on. Let’s get real. Sheesh!

  2. So glad both still believe in personal responsibility and could sit down when everyone was gathered and work it out…said no one ever with these 2

  3. I never thought I’d live to see the day that Hubbel sold out and became the establishment.

  4. Does anyone remember that time Terry broke down while giving a speech at the Lincoln County Lincoln Day Dinner last year? He couldn’t get through his speech so Matt Michels had to comfort him to help him gather himself so he could finish speaking. Lora Hubbel spoke at the same dinner and rambled on about nonsense for 10 minutes.

    I’m sorry but Lora and Terry are both mentally ill. They need to see therapists for whatever their issues are. I know it’s cruel to talk publicly about their mental health but seriously, they both need help.

    1. I think you are mentally ill not stating your name…….This is what happens when a smart intimidating candidate like Lora Hubbel runs for Governor.

      1. My name is Anonymous. My friends call me Anonymous. Tara please call me Anonymous.

      2. Wrong twice in one sentence? How brilliant. “Smart”, wrong; “intimidating” , wrong and downright hilarious!

  5. What a wuss. Got to hide behind a fake name……Pat why don’t you require names. What a joke.

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