Lance Russell for Attorney General Pre-Primary Report – $10K raised, $16K spent, $8k Cash on Hand

The Lance Russell for Attorney General campaign has filed a pre-primary campaign finance report:

Russell for Attorney General Pre-Primary Report by Pat Powers on Scribd

After starting with $13.6K in the bank, they supplemented it with an additional $10.5K, spent $16k, and are sitting on another $8.1K going into the month before the GOP State Convention.

As before, the Gun Owners group is all-in for the Russell campaign with an additional $3,000 from the National Gun Owners group, and a $200 donation from Dudley Brown, who is president of the affiliated group, National Association for Gun Rights. Russell also received donations from former Senator Betty Olson & Senator Brock Greenfield, as well as an in-kind donation from Senator Stace Nelson.

13 Replies to “Lance Russell for Attorney General Pre-Primary Report – $10K raised, $16K spent, $8k Cash on Hand”

    1. Anonymous

      There are 300-500 people at a convention. T Denny Sanford could run for Secretary of State and spend $500k and lose to a workhorse candidate who raises $10k and builds relationships.

      I think they are pretty good numbers. And more than enough to win a nomination.

      The costs are completely different than a primary. Conventions are less about money and more about earning delegate grassroots support.

      We also have serious primary races going on right now.

      1. Anonymous

        T Denny could spend $20 million and lose to someone with $10k. Completely different animal than a primary which requires TV and mail.

        1. Anonymous

          yeah but with no money for the general election…it makes a tough sell at convention…especially with all his baggage

      2. Anonymous

        Imagine if we had a work horse for a candidate who has been building relationships…and he could raise money……

        OH WAIT…we do Ravnsborg! (don’t let me down man, hope you raised some this time!)

        Where does Lance think money will come for the general if he can’t raise any now …..

  1. Anonymous

    I read into these numbers that Russell has very little support statewide with no one wanting to back a losing horse as they say.

      1. Anonymous

        Hard to pump up numbers when running for 2 races at once and you have to split the fundraising up….

  2. Anonymous

    Can you pay senate dues with funds you raised for Attorney General?

    What dues does the senate have anyway?

    1. William Beal

      Interesting, since the form states the SoS office simply files the reports but is not responsible for their accuracy, then who decides whether expenses claimed are valid?

      I’m pretty confident that the other AG candidates won’t be listing “Senate Caucus Dues” on their reports.