Larry Rhoden Speech at Red State

Larry Rhoden’s speech from the Red State Gathering was recently posted on line. And here it is:

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  1. Walter

    Rounds will not be in DC trying to make Obamacare work, that’s a flat out lie. He specifically says he is against on his Facebook page and in public discussions. John Thune has been supporting Mike Rounds, John Thune wouldn’t support someone who want to fund Obamacare as his partner in the Senate. Mike Rounds has a good point, votes against Obamacare are good and symbolic, but don’t we need to have some different idea to counter Obamacare? Part of the solution is actually offering a solution.

    1. Harv

      I agree, but you missed a big one- Rounds sued the federal government to stop Obamacare when he was governor. He has a proven record of fighting it.

      1. Walter

        I’m old, I forgot what I had for lunch today……I tend to forget things as I type! So much for my credibility 🙂

            1. ANON

              I hope Stace tries to push this lie. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say about Rounds

                1. sputnik

                  lie my foot !!! Rounds is on the national task force for health care implementation, appointed by Obama (which he accepted), and headed by Tom Daschle

                  1. Twenty Seven Hundred thousand trillion million billion people supporting Stace Nelson to Infinity (or everyone in the world supporting the only real conservative in the universe)

                    I’m concerned that Rounds is also involved in some sort of massive UFO cover up. I don’t think we can trust anyone.

                    In fact I’m concerned Stace Nelson might have been brainwashed as a manchurian candidate when he was in the marines. There are a lot of conspiracies out there that are scary to think about.

                  2. Anon

                    Rounds is in the insurance business. It’s not like he’s doing pay day lending and selling used cars that are overpriced with high interest financing to people who can not afford it in the name of god.

                    1. Anonymous

                      Yeah, he’s a real public servant sacrificing so much while making $$ Millions off of people.

                    2. Straight Cash Homey

                      Rounds is the real deal. I’m glad he has chosen to serve the people of SD again. We need him. If he wasn’t running Stephanie Herseth or Brendan Johnson would be. No way the Dems don’t run Brendan or Stephanie against Larry or Stace.

  2. Felix

    The solution to Obamacare is to really quite simple. First, elect Republicans to the Senate. But the whackadoos who want to run out McConnell and other R’s will ensure we don’t do that. See Akin, Todd. As for Larry Rhoden, the man from Union Center will not ever be in the Senate. It just won’t happen. And shouldn’t.

    Second, we need to elect a Republican President. Frankly, I don’t disagree that McCain and Romney were not the best candidates. Old, stiff, rich white guys don’t sell in Presidential elections very well. See: McCain, Romney, Gore, Kerry. Now on the other hand I don’t subsribe to the theory that we need Rand Paul either. We do need an articulate candidate who is still connected with real people and the real world.

    So want to defeat Obamacare? — stop telling lies about Republicans who won’t drink the same kool-aid you drink — take over the Senate — and then aim for 2016 with a decent Presidential candidate.

  3. Go Stace Go

    Red State made a fool of themselves promoting Larry before looking at his record of supporting nearly every tax and fee bill passed during his time as a legislator. Erik Erickson lost a lot of credibility. I wonder who conned him in to thinking Rhoden is a conservative.

        1. Anonymous

          That’s for sure. I hear he’s not well liked in Pierre and doesn’t know how to behave. He may look good on paper but that’s about it.

    1. Anonymous

      You need to look more closely at that. Ask him why he voted the way he did. He’s the most conservative candidate of them all.

  4. Walter

    Chris Christie would be a great Presidential candidate. He seems to have common sense and understand we don’t live in a one party nation and that all sides must be involved in solving our problems. We need people like Reagan who can unite and get people believing in America again. I don’t see a Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Hilliary Clinton or anyone along those lines who understand that. People don’t trust Government anymore it will take a special person to re-earn that trust.

    1. MacGregor

      Chris Christie – are you kidding? No wonder you can’t see anything wrong with Rounds. The only difference between those two RINOs is a couple hundred pounds.

      1. sputnik

        Right, Christie is a disgrace to the GOP, recently promoting gay marriage, and gun control laws, to name just 2 major disappointments

        1. Twenty Seven Hundred thousand trillion million billion people supporting Stace Nelson to Infinity (or everyone in the world supporting the only real conservative in the universe)

          I agree with you. Stace Nelson is the only real conservative IN THE WORLD.

    1. Twenty Seven Hundred thousand trillion million billion people supporting Stace Nelson to Infinity (or everyone in the world supporting the only real conservative in the universe)

      You can’t polish a turd. (didn’t you listen to his speech?)

  5. grudznick

    Mr. Rhoden is a very impressive speaker. I liked how the introducer gentleman noted that Larry isn’t part of the establishment.

    1. MacGregor

      I agree grudz. Rhoden did a good job and would make a much better senator than the former governor.

      1. Anonymous

        Agreed also! Very impressive speaker and more importantly, a very impressive person with conviction and high morals!

      2. Anonymous

        Rhoden did a great job and is the most conservative of them all. He’s a good Christian man with convictions that will not be tampered with. He is of good moral character and we need him so much in D.C. He will stand firm on his beliefs and defend the constitution to the end. It’s in his blood.

    2. Anonymous

      Since when did the Majority Leader that carried Rounds deficit spending budget bills NOT become part of the establishment?

      1. Mark N.

        Rounds signed no deficit spending bills and Rhoden carried none. Why? Because the state constitution prohibits incurring debt. Any assertions that Rounds or Rhoden voted for or signed anything but balanced budgets are untrue.

        1. A lot of people supporting Mark Venner

          We have it really good in SD. I haven’t figured out why Stace and Rhoden are so angry.

          Venner is so much better! The guy realizes we live in the greatest country in the world. Nelson and Rhoden act as if we are in a concentration camp in 1943.

          Wake up people and realize all of the good things you have.

          1. Anonymous

            Mark Venner is a nice guy, but he got spanked by Tim Rounds and Mary Duvall in the most conservative voting district in the state. A vote for Venner is a vote FOR Mike Rounds.

            1. Exodus

              A vote for Stace Nelson is a vote thrown away. The guy can’t get 10% of the vote in a primary. Venner is equally as credible as Stace.

              1. Anonymous

                Venner got beat by Tim Rounds and Mary Duvall, in the most conservative district in SD. He also told conservative activists, after Nelson extended the same to him, that he would NOT enter the race if Nelson declared.

                No national groups will back a candidate who can’t even win in his own district.

          2. Anonymous

            Rhoden DOES know we have it good in SD. Why wouldn’t he think that as, especially as a state legislator? That doesn’t even make sense. He’s referring to the state of our COUNTRY, not our state. If they did things in Washington like they do in SD, we’d have a balanced budget, great schools, and be maintaining our freedoms. Larry is partially responsible for that from his years of service. We need him to got to Washington to show them how its done!

  6. grudznick

    “Land of the Free” indeed.

    The turd joke gets better everytime, and the joke about steers…Mr. Rhoden had the crowd eating out of his hand.

  7. The Truth

    Erick Erickson should do a little less commentating and a little more understanding before he blindly endorses candidates.

    I hope every legislator in SD and politico who knows the real Larry watches this video. Joke.

    1. it's time

      95% of legislators think Stace is bipolar. He is not credible. Rhoden is at least respected by his colleagues and peers.

      1. Anonymous

        Proven by all of the appointments and leadership positions held by votes from fellow legislators.

        1. Anonymous

          Yep, hell of an endorsement! Rounds/Rhoden claim they will fight the political machines in DC, while they were the political machines here in SD?

          Tax, spend, create more government.. Not what we need in DC.

          1. Conservatives for Venner

            Stace is just angry. He votes no. He doesn’t offer anything intelligent on the floor or in committees. He’s in a big peeing match with most other legislators. “I’m six foot seven and 350 pounds. I’m a former marine. I’m the most conservative. I’m a citizen legislator who doesn’t sell out my principles…”

            I’m not impressed by Stace and his blowhard style.

            Venner would be a great humble alternative to Stace Nelson.

          2. Anonymous

            Tax, spend, and more government? You haven’t been paying attention. Where do you get that? Rhoden is for fewer taxes, less spending, and smaller government. Get informed.

            1. Anonymous

              Talk is cheap! Now his record of taxing and spending? Now that isn’t!

              Get informed yourself! Rounds released a report card that showed they both got 99% in passing and sponsoring dozens of tax increases together!

    2. Anonymous

      This ain’t their first rodeo. I’m certain Erickson does his research. Just because things are spewed on this blog doesn’t make them true!

        1. grudznick

          What is this scribd and why is their scorecard any better than the one that shows Mr. Nelson voted against funding for vets and employees who take care for vets? Why does not this scribd scorecard count those votes?

          Even an old man like I can answer that one for you. This scribd scorecard is Mr. Nelson’s self prescribed report card. The real report card will come again from the voters. Get ready, scribd.

          1. Can't polish this turd

            Grud- that link is all of the tax and fee increases passed while Rhoden was a legislator and how he voted. It is cut and pasted from the lrc website… It is fact- not a made up score card

            1. Anonymous

              The problem with it is that it doesn’t tell the tale behind each one. In fact, there are VERY few that even refer to ‘tax’ and of the ones that do, they are visitor (not SD resident) related or gaming…

    3. Anonymous

      I know Larry very well and he is a good Christian man who will stand up for what’s right. Ask your own legislators from your districts what they think of Stace Nelson. Find out for yourself.

      1. frank

        Then ask them who voted to raise taxes, fees, spent $50 Million surplus, and added $97 Million in new spending. Nelson spoke against the Democrats & “Republicans” who pushed it (Rhoden!). Just what we need is another politcican in DC that gets along with everybody in tax and spending!

        1. Anon

          Are you talking about the big 3 cent per acre fee increase on fertilizer to fight some of the effects coming down from the EPA? After the 10% cuts across the board when they needed to cut spending, now replacing some of those cuts; is this the $97 million you’re talking about? By increased spending, do you mean reinstating some of the cuts that were made to state employees, k-12 funding, board of regents and those who took the painful cuts the year before? Is this what you consider additional spending? Your spinning of the facts is making me dizzy.

  8. Anonymous

    Fantastic job he did!!! He is conservative. Tired of hearing the same old line on here ‘he voted for every tax’. Out of the 21 noted, only five had the word tax in them and they were all visitor related or gaming related. I don’t mind those taxes for income to our state!! Smart taxes!! And any other social issue, he is definitely VERY conservative.

      1. MacGregor

        You’re kidding, right? Maybe you can explain why flaming liberal Cory Heidelberger loves Stace so much if Stace is a true conservative? That puzzles me……….

        1. grudznick

          Same reason I’m a big fan of Mr. Weiland. I’d rather see him in there than Ms. Herseth or some beastly juggernaut like Jim Bradford who would bring real experience. Mr. H. is a huge fan of Mr. Nelson because…well, you figure it out.

            1. Anon

              Bradford is a juggernaut. Who else has won races for the same seat as an r and a d? The only man I ever saw blow Bradford out on the floor was Jim Hunstead with his 3 legged stool explanation of our tax system. Genius. Like watching Michelangelo paint the ceiling.

            2. grudznick

              Mr. Venner is a nice gentleman and conservative too. But Mr. Rhoden is more effective as a leader. I do not mean to knock on Mr. Venner who was a good conservative follower but didn’t he get 3rd in his own home town primary for a house seat? Mr. Venner shat in his own nest and needs to be throwing all his followers behind Larry at this point.

              Rhide Rhoden!

          1. grudznick

            Mr. Hundstad before he retired was THE main (D) that would have ruled their shrinking roost. But he retired. With Hundstad out of the picture that leaves the door open as a slam dunk for the best (R). And that, I for one say, is Mr. (R)hoden.

            1. Anon

              Which begs the question why the d’s don’t bring Hunstead back. He frankly would beat Stace in a state wide race.

    1. SDJammer

      There is an old saying that has been proven correct many times over and that saying is: “If you want less of something, tax it more”. Therefore if your goal is to reduce tourism in the state and cut the number of tourists, you have the right plan.

      As for user fees, they are often “stealth” taxes. It is so easy for politicians to call something it is not to make it acceptable. I think anybody that blindly supports user fees is either very misguided or just plain naĂŻve.

      1. Anonymous

        I don’t see anything ‘blindly’ here. When is the last time you decided your vacation by googling the taxes of the state you were thinking of visiting????

        1. SDJammer

          It is embarrassing when the Europeans are smarter than Americans when it comes to tax issues. Even they have learned that it is not smart to “kill the goose that laid the golden egg” by over taxing the tourists.

          It is not just one single individual using Google that you have to worry about. Word of mouth can be a strong influencer as well as trade magazines. And the devastating part is that once an area gets known as a place that chooses to “hose the tourists” rather than address their funding/tax issues themselves, it is difficult to shake that reputation.

          And when you blindly dismiss 16 bills out of 21 simply because they didn’t have the word TAX in them, well that is blindly to most people. However, it is not surprising that a person exhibiting that behavior might not have the vision to “see” it themselves.

          And one final comment, I said if you want LESS tourists, not NO tourists. You will not eliminate tourism but if you were to reduce it my 5 – 10%, I suggest you ask all the people that work in the tourism industry how well your idea worked.

          1. Anonymous

            Taxation without representation, seems our SD legislature learned that trick from Old King George of England..

  9. grudznick

    I hope my young friend Mrs. Bree isn’t popping a goosket with all this Larry Love going on.

  10. Lyndon LaDouche

    At least Larry hasn’t adopted the latest cause of a former democrat, homophobic, antisemitic, racist, convicted felon. But hey, who would do that?

    1. Anon

      When was Larry ever a good speech maker? Seen him sense he’s been in pierre and I’ve never seen it.


    Doesn’t Rhoden have some friends who can help him get more likes?

    Rounds: 4,952
    Nelson: 1,016
    Rhoden: 217
    Bosworth: ?

    I hope these guys start pushing for more likes.

    1. Anonymous

      He hasn’t been pushing it like anyone else. My guess is he isn’t too concerned about FB at this point.

  12. Anonymous

    Larry’s speech was ok. He has some good lines but I wouldn’t recommend him being a Stace Nelson. He should play the decent person in this race. Be the referee who challenges Stace’s outlandish statements.

    Rhoden doesn’t play the tough guy as well as Stace but he could play the more electable candidate pretty well.

    Right now I don’t see either being competitive with Rounds. Rhoden will get second.

  13. Conservatives for Venner

    I’m tired of these angry conservative candidates like Nelson and Rhoden. There is a big opportunity for a positive conservative voice like Mark Venner in this race.

  14. Anonymous

    Rounds better start spending his $millions. The only candidate surging with grass roots support, is Nelson. There is 0 campaign material on the streets for anyone but Nelson. Voters love him, what he has to say, and his campaign logo. At the end of the day? That is what is going to win the race, not all the staffer generated talk on here.

    1. Anonymous

      The only reason Nelson has campaign material out is because he’s spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave in the Philippines.

      He’s blowing his cash on trinkets, while Rounds is staffing offices and raising hundreds of thousands a month.

      Guess which one will be going on TV, and which one will be going home?

      1. Anonymous

        Better check his facebook. Those “trinkets” (bumper stickers, t-shirts, campaign buttons, car door signs, etc., etc.) on actual supporters builds further grass roots support, which wins elections.

        1. Anonymous

          Wasn’t that a picture from Stace’s rally showing Kloucek picking up Stace trinkets? I’m sure he’s a huge Stace supporter.

          The Stace coalition: Larouche Democrats and Ron Paul supporters.

    2. Juan Pablo

      Most of Stace Nelson’s support is on this blog and a few Facebook & Twitter followers. He’s not a household name like he thinks he is. He’s got people working for him that don’t have the respect of their communities, watch and see who works for him at the state fair….

    3. Walter

      This blog won’t dictate the election although I love the War College. Here’s the reality most voters won’t get behind anyone other than Rounds because he is still loved for winning his first Governor’s election and he is an all around positive guy. Issues are important to those involved, the general public still largely votes based on perception. Call me an idiot all you want that’s the reality. Rounds wins because he is still perceived as that kind-hearted well spoken guy who doesn’t go negative to win.

      1. PP at the SDWC Post author

        Ahem… I’d agree it won’t, but you probably need to clarify “this blog’s commenters won’t dictate the election…”

        1. Anonymous

          Perception is everything and that’s why the other candidates will expose Rounds’ real record. The perception will abruptly change.

          1. Juan Pablo

            The other candidates won’t have the funds or manpower to expose anything the public doesn’t already know. They will bring up the deficit, we have to balance the budget every year. They will bring up this perception that Rounds raised taxes (through fees), fees must be raised at times, Even Grover says so. They will bring up that Rounds used the plane to travel the state watching his son play basketball ( how is someone not always on duty when Governor or President?) this is a right most people will agree should be afforded to our leaders. They will say Rounds is in favor of Obamacare because he serves on a bipartisan board, however he sued the government over Obamacare and has always stated he opposes it and that people should come up with an idea, not just an opposition vote (he also agrees with the option to Delay or Defund it). They will call him a RHINO, outside of Bosworth (as she has no record), Rhoden has been in Rounds corner 99 percent of the time and what major legislation has Stace Nelson passed? The perception of Mike Rounds will not change much between now and the primary election day.

    4. Anonymous

      Doesn’t he have a lawsuit against him for illegal robocalls being traced to his phone? Not good for him when that comes out!

        1. Anonymous

          A lawsuit brought by Rounds lackies Lederman and Arends, that they withdrew twice now to file new grasping at straws claims? Argus talked about both the criminal and civil, pointed out both were politically motivated. Denny learn that trick when they were Chicago lawyers together?

  15. Anonymous

    If referring to Obamacare as a turd is the worst thing he does, I’d say that’s pretty good!! That was hilarious and so true. Obamacare must be defunded. I pray that whoever is elected makes that a priority as it’s just sucking from within and will leave terrible financial consequences that we likely won’t recover from.

    1. Exodus

      How does talking about turds and Nelson blowing up the GOP play in the general? Not to well I would guess.

      Do Brendan or Stephanie get in this race if Nelson or Rhoden start to get traction?

  16. TG

    Actually, that was a very good speech and I don’t think anyone can argue, he’s the easiest of them all to look at!!! Well, except Dr. Bosworth depending on your gender preference! We’d definitely have the best looking representation in DC, that’s for sure!

  17. Anonymous

    Seems all the fretting on here gives the Argus Leader’s talk show commentary credit, the race is between Rounds and Nelson. Rhoden’s record sinks him, and Bosworth’s communist “beacon” will ensure no conservative national groups will ever back her.

    1. Exodus

      Rhoden’s record doesn’t sink him. Stace has probably blown through a small fortune in the first week on banners, buttons, t-shirts, stickers and literature. Not to mention paying someone to design his material.

      His burn rate is high.

      Rhoden and Rounds are using their brains right now and it will pay off in the long haul. Money matters in politics.

      1. Anonymous

        I have to admit, Nelson’s logo is the best by far, and his graphics on Facebook, twitter, and website look like a million bucks. Getting all those bumper stickers out, and car door signs, will spur more and more support as well as name recognition and buzz.

        1. Exodus

          If you think most of those bumper stickers will make it on to a car you are delusional. Logos and bumper stickers will not win a campaign.

      2. Exodus

        Most of us can figure out how to raise $20,000-$50,000 but where does the money come from after our closest friends donate? It will get really hard for Stace to get money if he is going around bashing everyone like he did in the legislature.

        Honestly the Democrats should hold a fundraiser for him and raise about $100,000 for him. It would be the best money they ever raised this cycle.

        1. Anonymous

          Love the claims! Legislature is recorded every day. Provide links to support your claims or emails. If you can’t beat someone with their records? Come up with lies to smear them, and we thought Obama was bad.

  18. Anonymous

    Inspiring volunteers and getting them committed with the campaign? Committed volunteers sell a candidate better than any paid staff. Nelson has dozens of requests for car door signs from people across the state on facebook and he has had good public responses for volunteers to work events. Rhoden & Bosworth have 0 campaign material because they are spending big bucks for someone to tell them to raise money and get campaign material out (that they cannot afford to purchase).

    1. 1776

      Nelson is in serious trouble. His supporters are the people who have been turning off Republican’s across the state.

      His candidacy will go nowhere.

      1. TM

        This obviously doesn’t bode well for him… “A Fulton Republican first elected in 2010, Nelson has clashed with Republican Party leadership over his years in the Legislature, including being kicked out of the House Republican caucus in 2012.” I just assumed he had more experience than that and well, the last part is pretty self-explanatory…

    1. 1776

      Facts and laws don’t mean anything to Stace Nelson. He just says what he wants and hopes people believe it.

        1. Anonymous

          They can’t go after his actual conservative record SDJammer, so they act like the liberals they really are..

      1. Anonymous

        PLEASE! Ask him about it where he has a big crowd! I would love to see him tell people about the slimy politicians that tried to cut SDNG education benefits while they were in combat!

        Obama uses IRS to target political opponents, Fellow Chicago lawyer Daugaard uses Rounds appointee AG Jackley.