12 thoughts on “Latest from Sanford Health on COVID cases. Everyone on ventilators unvaccinated.”

  1. Our family buried one on Saturday and I was just informed today that my uncle passed overnight. Not even deaths in our family can persuade the anti-vaxxer family members who refuse to get vaccinated. I expect 2 or 3 more republican deaths in our family.

  2. Just let them go, but not to the hospital. 2% of the anti vaxxers would die and increase th National IQ a full point.

  3. It’s really a shame that the vaccine has become a political issue.
    In Norway, where nearly 80% of the population has now received at least one shot, they have downgraded the threat to no worse than influenza. (As if influenza doesn’t kill thousands every year.)
    We could be there too if people weren’t being so resistant to getting vaccinated.
    The Vatican is now requiring all staff to be vaccinated, blowing holes in the religious objections to the vaccines from people who think they contain cells from aborted infants.
    Misinformation about the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines is still being circulated on social media, from people with no comprehension of how many boosters are required to achieve immunity to other viruses.
    The only silver lining to the “vaccine hesitancy” is that it might stall the march toward Idiocracy.


    1. Brawndo! It’s got what plant’s crave!

      The rally cry of the dying: “Do your own research!”

      I can’t help but laugh at the ones clamoring for others to decide for themselves while they barely got through high school.

  4. Last week, the commentary was the numbers are creeping up. Why not a similar comment this week when they are creeping down?

    One of the reasons so many people don’t believe what is said anymore is the “experts” and their apologists always grasped onto every little statistic they use to advance their agenda and then would dismiss the statistic when it didn’t advance their agenda.

    The reality this is a virus which is especially serious to the those over 60 years old or have certain comorbidities when combined with Covid. Also, the reality is the vaccines have significantly reduced the virility of those who develop Covid and transmissibility of the virus beyond any measurable risks. And finally, while there is a statistical benefit of younger healthy adults to get vaccinated, the vaccine doesn’t have the incremental impact (especially on virility) it has on those 60+ years old or the vulnerable.

    However, the “experts” only want to emphasize one truth (the vaccine significantly reduces the virility and transmissibility well beyond the risks of the vaccine itself) and hide/minimize the other two truths above.

    Why is that? Or does it matter why? Knowing the why or not doesn’t change the reality: The “experts” don’t trust us with the full truth or they are trying to manipulate us to do something we wouldn’t do if we had the full truth. Thus, it is rationale to take NOTHING they say at face value because you never know if what they are saying is the truth, a half truth, or an outright lie.

    This said, I have taken the vaccine and am comfortable with my decision based on my own personal age, health profile, and personal priorities and values overlaid by personal research. And, I want it known, not once was I influenced by the experts. In fact, I took the vaccine despite the experts.

  5. Interestingly, Youtube will no longer allow the posting of any videos that goes against the notion that the vaccine is effective. It is now openly a propaganda arm. Here is an interesting chart comparing Israel with 80% vaccinated with India who has about 15% vaccinated. I have not been able to verify it, but I have not been able to refute it either. https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/vaccine-comedy-break/
    BTW, the video is pretty humorous if you need a serious break

    1. the trouble with videos which go against the “notion” that the vaccine is effective is that they are demonstrably false. The vaccine works, as seen in the statistics about hospitalizations, intubations, and death.

      1. It works as a pre infection therapeutic, lessening symptoms for this who get infected.

        It does not work to prevent transmission, and it does not confer immunity.

        Thus the idea that the unvaxxed are responsible for the continuation of the pandemic is completely wrong.

        1. the unvaccinated are the ones filling up the hospitals and morgues.

          Since being vaccinated does not necessarily prevent infection or transmission, the unvaccinated cannot depend on herd immunity to protect them, which is all the more reason to be vaccinated.

          1. If you’re in a high risk category (age or obesity) then yes, get the vaccine. Otherwise it’s better to get infected and develop natural immunity
            (the only type of immunity that’s available). Either way, the unvaxxed are not the reason the virus persists, as you suggested elsewhere.

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