Laugh Lines from comedian Matt Varilek.

“Tap Tap….” Is this thing on?

Had a reader just point out a couple of laughable lines from Democratic Congressional Candidate Matt Varilek’s just released paper on Medicare. Without further ado….

“Medicare already operates at a relatively high level of administrative efficiency.”


“Taxpayers lose billions of dollars each year due to waste, fraud and abuse in the health care system”

So, it’s efficient because…. it only loses billions for taxpayers?

Those must be Government efficiency standards.

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    1. Anonymous

      For sure YOU were joking, right? Because your comment was very laughable. If one listens to the news, including KELO and KSFY, they would know that Kristi is always appearing before groups open to the public and taking questions. In the last 2 weeks alone she has been in Mitchell, Molbridge, Canton, Sioux Falls, Aberdeen and I believe at an Ag Day in Baltic where it was reported over 1200 people were in the crowd to listen and ask questions.

  1. MJL

    “Medicare already operates at a relatively high level of administrative efficiency. But we can do much better, especially when it comes to the way medical providers get paid. One way to improve health and reduce costs is by rewarding the provision of quality care, coordination of care, and positive health outcomes ? rather than paying providers based on the quantity of tests or procedures they perform. So-called ?bundled payment? systems, ?accountable care organizations,? and other such reforms have the potential to further improve the efficiency of Medicare, and even influence practices in the rest of the health care marketplace, ensuring we get more bang for our health care buck.

    Providers in South Dakota are well-positioned to benefit from reforms that reward results, as they already provide some the highest quality of care in the nation at the lowest cost to the Medicare program. In fact, providers in our region have much to show the rest of the country when it comes to implementing payment innovations and other reforms that encourage high-quality and efficient care, improve program integrity, and extend the solvency of the program.”

    Here is the full context of the “comedy” lines. Would you post a link from Kristi Noem’s position on medicare reform that is not just a rubber stamp of the Ryan plan.

  2. MJL

    “Taxpayers lose billions of dollars each year due to waste, fraud and abuse in the health care system ? this cannot be tolerated. Any plan to preserve and strengthen Medicare must include continued efforts to improve the way federal dollars are spent by rooting out misuse of the program.

    The Affordable Care Act made important investments in reducing payment error rates, preventing fraud and abuse, targeting high-risk services and supplies, and fraudulent billing. I support these efforts and am committed to further investments in preventing Medicare waste, fraud and abuse. The federal government should not allow someone convicted of health care fraud to be an approved Medicare provider, nor pay someone for services they didn?t actually provide.”

    Sorry I forgot the other section that was quoted more than 2/3 down the press release. PP I hope you are not saying that it is okay for government to support questionable payments and fraud. How much overhead occurs with private insurance companies?

    1. Job Creator

      Nick, more and more I am beginning to believe that so many of the people putting out the conservative points really don’t want context. Because with full context and full disclosure they lose many of the arguments – at least when people who are willing and able to reason are involved.

        1. Job Creator

          ymous, you just made my point, though I am absolutely certain you don’t understand how. So please let me explain it to you. You will probably understand the words, but it may be the concept that you have difficulty following.

          Nick Nemec was talking about how so many of the conservative blatherers are taking a four word statement and trying to apply some sort of contextual relevance to a greater concept when there is none there – well, at least for those who have the ability (and willingness) to think critically and objectively process information.

          How did you prove my point? You completely missed the “thought line” of the thread and just spewed out some bumper sticker blather that you heard on FOX or read on Dakota Voice.

          ZERO context to the statement. And that’s why it’s impossible for you to win an argument. You can’t stick to the category because when you do, you lose every time. Why? Because either your position is wrong or you simply don’t possess the abilities to argue it.

          1. ymous

            Does critically and objectively process information include the ref to disagreement as “blatherers”. Words have meaning or are we suppose to believe that you choose your words at random. The left has been trying to explain the Obama statement away for 2 weeks now but everyone including you knew what he meant. It just doesnt follow your voting patern. Parcing words has been the left’s tactics since Clinton wanted a definition of is. I actually like Clinton and didnt like what the far right did to him. He and the house and senate at the time were great for business. Unlike the community organizer we now have in office. I come from a democrat family but have my feet firmly planted in being conservative with my money and only wish government could do the same.

            1. Job Creator

              You contradict yourself, even ymous. This is a copy and paste from a post you made below this:

              “To me, someones words are for the individual to decide.”

              Jeez, you can’t even agree with yourself!

    1. Job Creator

      ymous, it must really make you squirm inside that some successful people can’t fit inside the definition of success that FOX told you to use.

      Of course, people from all across the thought spectrum can be wildly successful. No doubt it really challenges your faulty belief system to hear that.

      1. ymous

        Some is maybe correct but not most. Most independent thinkers as well as business people align with conservative thought. Liberal thought just doesnt run with economics or independent thought as it is more of a faith based belief that all would be succesful if only —–(insert excuse here).

        As for your FOX bashing, please refute as opposed to generalizations. I’ve noticed the progressive/liberal/democrat wing has a general attack that if you disagree, you must watch FOX news and also be a racist. You cant site specifics or figure out the difference between editorials and news. Most of my reading comes from Real Clear Politics and Politico. My daily reading also has the Wall Street Journal as well. Anthing else like my shoe size you would like to know or the jobs I’ve actually created?

          1. Ymous

            That was my point, you don’t care because other peoples point don’t serve your opine. If it did, you would be rallying to my points. Nice try on the employee side. I will compare businesses any day wee man. Lol

  3. Anonymous

    “The practice of quoting out of context, sometimes referred to as “contextomy” or “quote mining”, is a logical fallacy and a type of false attribution in which a passage is removed from its surrounding matter in such a way as to distort its intended meaning.
    Arguments based on this fallacy typically take two forms. As a straw man argument, which is frequently found in politics, it involves quoting an opponent out of context in order to misrepresent their position (typically to make it seem more simplistic or extreme) in order to make it easier to refute. As an appeal to authority, it involves quoting an authority on the subject out of context, in order to misrepresent that authority as supporting some position.” (
    Taking things out of context happens constantly on DWC. It appears the GOP can’t handle the truth.

    1. ymous

      oKKK- We know you can read and look the meaning of words up. Your now on to the third grade. Can you directly, with as few words possible explain what was taken out of context? Just curious as the same was said of Obamas exact quote on businessmen. Or when Daschle said “I’m a DC resident”. To me, someones words are for the individual to decide. When you add Obamas sarcasm regarding work ethic and intelligence, it makes what he said far worse. He has no clue about business.

      1. Anonymous

        I added my comment to mainly back up those made by MJL, who did an excellent job of pointing out how PP went to great lengths to misrepresent Varilek’s position on Medicare by removing his statements from the surrounding matter to purposely distort its meaning.

        Just trying to help. And you must realize that what I posted only serves to weaken the arguments made by PP and yourself. Why else would simple statements of fact make you so upset?

        1. Ymous

          Who’s upset? My ref is more to Obama and how mad the left gets when you use your own words. The right does it as well but were use to it.

  4. MJL

    Ymous: Here are your words used like many from Fox and the right tend to do: (Remember: “My ref is more to Obama and how mad the left gets when you use your own words.”)
    “Most independent thinkers as well as business people align with Liberal thought . Conservative thought just doesnt run with economics or independent thought as it is more of a faith based belief. I?m a DC resident. The right has no clue about business.”
    It is nice that you can come clean Ymous.

  5. Ymous

    You didn’t even quote me correctly. Where did I copy something from FOX? If your going to accuse me of plagerizing please make ref to whom and where? I don’t get my info from FOX. It’s a great talking point but as I ref above its Real Clear Politics, Politico and Wall Street Journal. You deflect from what I said of Obama and don’t even try to refute the facts but only steer the debate away from this failed president and his economy. He’s bad for business and employment. Is that you Jersted?