Lawsuit filed by Attorney Joel Arends against Chad Haber, Annette Bosworth, and Rose Bosworth for defamation, tortious interference, etcetera..

How is your week going? Because by the sounds of it, it’s going better than the Bosworth family’s is, as three of them had a lawsuit filed against them by Annette’s former attorney Joel Arends, whom she rolled under the bus in an attempt to shift blame from herself when it all hit the fan as she was arrested for falsely attesting that she circulated and witnessed the signatures being placed on certain petitions.

It has been quite some time in coming, but not entirely unexpected, after Bosworth’s campaign of blame.

Arends v Bosworth, Bosworth and Haber

If you read the lawsuit, filed in Lincoln County: “This action is brought by Plaintiffs to recover for defamation, false light, defamation by implication, tortious interference with business relationships, civil conspiracy, and other tortious conduct committed by Defendants.”

And the lawsuit accuses the defendants of “….knowingly and intentionally engaged in a multi-year, sophisticated, and coordinated disinformation campaign against Plaintiffs by publishing numerous false and disparaging statements regarding Plaintiffs on radio, television, and the Internet, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.”

And, it also says that they “also recruited various legal agents to publish comments on website “comment” sections and Face book postings.”

Continuing… “Upon information and belief, Defendants used Defendant Annette Bosworth’s United States Senate campaign assets and resources to fund their disinformation campaign against Plaintiffs.”

And it continues on with the details for thirty pages of alleged misconduct. And as detailed in the document, Arends does not put a specific dollar amount on his claims, but does ask for:

Plaintiffs respectfully request a judgment against Defendants as follows:

(a) Actual and consequential damages;
(b) Punitive (exemplary) damages;
(c) Joint and several liability;
(d) Reasonable and necessary attorney’s fees;
(e) Costs of the lawsuit;
(f) Prejudgment and post-judgment interest at the statutory rate;
(g) Injunctive relief prohibiting the distribution of false and
misleading information by Defendants regarding Plaintiffs; and
(h) Such other and further relief as the Court deems reasonable
and appropriate.

So, take a look. Take a read of the detailed document, and let us know what you think.

27 thoughts on “Lawsuit filed by Attorney Joel Arends against Chad Haber, Annette Bosworth, and Rose Bosworth for defamation, tortious interference, etcetera..”

  1. so is annette still using arends as her attorney for other matters? that just seemed like a bizarre legal/campaign whatever relationship in the past. maybe arends will be able to get some of those church of annette elderly out of state facebook follower donation income stream.

    watch the bosworth/haber groupies bring now 10th or I lost count circus performance to town.

    1. Good for Joel Arends. The smears they spread were obviously untrue or they would have been proven out in the criminal trial but instead even Annette’s own defense witness (her own employee) said that Joel Arends gave the correct advice. Joel Arends shouldn’t have to live with the damage of their paid smear campaign.

    1. Ravnsborg brought Stranahan here to attack Mike Rounds. Then he stayed silent while Stranahan attacked and smeared Marty Jackley. That is why I can’t support Ravnsborg for AG. He’d bring in Stranahan’s and Bosworth’s to the AG’s office.

  2. I never liked that Mr. Arends fellow much, he made some bad choices. Young Ms. Bos has paid her dues and now I’m on her side. I hope they get a good lawyer to smite this Arends in the maw with his laws.

    Mr. PP, the adblock really makes your blog so slow it’s terrible to read. It’s the adblock. But it’s so horrible slow that probably is driving a big dip in readership.

  3. This is a frivolous lawsuit at best, at worst it is a shakedown for unpaid legal fees, and that is a no no in the cannons.

  4. Joel played with fire and got burned. On a small scale the same happened to me with these Boz-Haber grifters, except I was trying to stop their run away train from running off with more good peoples money. Joel and Patrick both were clearing the track and greasing all the wheels right up to election night.

      1. Naturally, somehow Hickey is a victim..

        instead of the tool who filed a frivolous lawsuit that he had no intention or ability to complete.

        I suppose he is a victim of his own foolishness and egoism to believe that creeps like Heildelberger have honest motives.

          1. btw! What is former Libertarian for a day and candidate for SD Attorney General Chad Haber’s status regarding his own trial?

    1. Didn’t he lose to Betty Otten in the Lincoln County GOP race a few years ago?

      Is he a Ravnsborg guy?

        1. only in Stace Nelson’s conspiracies… he said everyone was a plant Rhoden, Bosworth, Ravnsborg and apparently continues to smear them.

  5. Google the lawyer Arends got for his case…in the thick of the Platte matter, been convicted in another representation…how do these guys find each other?

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