Lawsuit getting in the middle of GOP Campaign for Governor

The lawsuit between State Representative Dan Kaiser’s wife and the State has found it’s way into the middle of the campaign for Governor with 2 weeks to go until election day, as both campaigns are throwing jabs at each other in relation to it, according to the Argus Leader:

Attorney General Marty Jackley on Wednesday accused his Republican rival for governor and lawyers representing a former Division of Criminal Investigation agent of conspiring to undermine his campaign by ginning up a fake controversy.

But the former agent at the center of the drama, Laura Zylstra Kaiser, countered that Jackley created the controversy by trying to silence her until after next month’s primary election between Jackley and Rep. Kristi Noem.


Justin Brasell, Noem’s campaign manager, said the campaign had interviewed Kaiser and was aware of the issues surrounding her employment with DCI and her subsequent lawsuit. But he said the campaign had no involvement in the negotiations between Kaiser’s lawyers and the state.

Read the entire story here.

Do all these primaries have to get contentious in the run up to the end?

13 days left!

27 Replies to “Lawsuit getting in the middle of GOP Campaign for Governor”

  1. Anonymous

    Why is Noem’s campaign “interviewing” a party in an ongoing legal proceeding?

    1. Anonymous

      Ellis has been in the tank for Noem for years.

      Ellis should have concluded his story by investigating to find out if Kaiser or Jackley were telling the truth.

  2. Troy Jones

    Hey, we got a Governor candidate boldly promising not to have any more citizen input policy meetings at the cost of $2,000 per meeting. And the other wanting to boldly lead us forward without changing what we have. The controversy is just too much to handle.

    1. Anonymous

      Nowm’s waiting until she’s sworn in to start boldly enacting whatever policies her DC handlers tell her to focus on.

    2. grudznick

      We don’t need any more busybody lunch meetings where everybody gets free finger sandwiches and sits around doing nothing. I say, hold the legislatures toes to the fire and make them follow the laws and have their meetings be public and make the decisions we elected them to make. Stop appointing worthless committees and task forces.

      vote NO on any new task force or people who want more government bloating and gloating.

  3. Anonymous

    How does Jackley defend a sexual harassment claim that was ignored resulting in a $1.5 million settlement in a department over which he has responsibility? It won’t happen again? I am sorry? Or, it’s my opponents fault?

  4. anon

    With $1.5 million waiting to be deposited into Dannyboy’s bank account, why does he even need a job? I’ll never see that kinda money in my life. Rich dude wants be sheriff because, uh, why?

    1. grudznick

      Some fellows like to be sheriff because it’s a power trip. Happened in Fall River county once. It could happen in the county of Brown, too.

    2. Red

      Laura worked as a furniture saleswoman after leaving the DCI. She was hired by a man she had arrested. The family lost a lot of money when she took a pay cut. She should have been awarded more money.

      1. grudznick

        Has she been a good furniture saleswoman, or could she have worked harder and earned even more than she did as a cop?

  5. "Very Stable Genius"

    Can’t Jackley just clear the air on this controversy by releasing a press release will he claims there was no success hack?….. It worked for Paul….

  6. Anon

    Two things bother me here. First, $1.5 M paid out of taxpayer money because Jackley and his office messed up. And he can’t claim he had no knowledge of the issue because he was involved directly.

    Second, who’s idea was it to seek a non-disparagement clause? That’s not very open or transparent.

  7. Anon

    Unless you are a big name with big money, or there’s a reason that benefits him, Jackley doesn’t give you the time of day. More issues like this will likely come out. What kind of deal was made with Bosworth’s husband to keep quiet during this campaign? Wondering how many deals have been made with MJ for people to stay hushed before the primary. But if there’s a vendetta he has against someone, he’s MORE than willing to take the time. MJ stated at the RC LDD how cool it would be to see his name on a sign that says “Home of SD Governor, MJ”. Really?
    The more I get to know Kristi Noem the more I like her, trust her, and realize just how much she can and WANTS to do for our STATE….openly & transparently. Trey Gowdy, the chair of the Ways & Means Committee, or Pres. Trump will tell you that.

    1. Anonymous

      I get the feeling you’re not the average guy. Your critiques of Marty are accurate, but your assessment of Noem seems rather pie-in-the-sky. How do you stand to benefit from Kristi’s election?

    2. Anonymous

      Do you really think that there was a deal to shut up Bosworth?

      His entire platform was simply don’t vote for the guy that is prosecuting my wife for a felony.

  8. Anon

    This is bad. You can criticize Noem for going negative, but that’s nothing compared to what the Democrats will do with it. It won’t help that a federal grand jury has been convened for Harvey Weinstein’s case and sexual harassment is going to be the Blue Plate Special served up all around the country. It’s going to be a long summer.

  9. Jack Stone

    Jackley is as corrupt and as dishonest as they come. And there are a littany of examples displaying his awful judgement throughout his career. Noem is flawed for sure. But electing Marty Jackley as Governor would be an outright disaster for South Dakota. And those examples I mentioned will be coming out now I predict

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Please… Marty is not corrupt, and Kristi is not flawed, evil, etcetera. They’re both good candidates and both decent people.

      Can’t we base a campaign discussion on actual things instead of trolling?

  10. Anonymous

    Base a campaign on actual things instead of trolling? Maybe you should follow your own advice powers!!! Maybe you shouldn’t past half-truths and lies either.