Legislative chamber mixer now canceled due to initiated measure 22.

Sioux Falls legislators are telling me that this event has been canceled, as well as being given verbal notice that the annual legislative breakfast is also…. toast.

All due to a poorly written, measure from out of state written by Massachusetts residents.

Fixing this mess is probably going to take up the first week of the session.

8 thoughts on “Legislative chamber mixer now canceled due to initiated measure 22.”

      1. Yes, because they did not do their homework and went with misleading soundbites which did not tell them the whole truth versus doing their research

  1. Pat – Yes, we cancelled the mixer this coming Monday. We have not cancelled our pre-session legislative breakfast at this point. Just a clarification for now.

  2. Recommendation: Just change your events to a pay event. What’s wrong with a legislator paying for their own drinks, hor ‘d oeuvers, and breakfast?

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