Legislative Primary Watch – Update!

Based on the changes in what’s going on, we’ve lost some, we’ve gained some, but there are still a number of primaries. And with the petitions still coming in via registered mail, there’s still more to go. But, as of this writing, here’s what we know!

District 3 GOP House
Kaiser, Dan (R)
Todd Kolden (R)
Drew Dennert (R)

District 9 GOP Senate
Deb Peters (R)
Lora Hubbel (R)

District 9 GOP House
Mike Clark (R)
Wayne Steinhauer (R)
Karon Gubbrud(R)

Dist 11 GOP House
Chris Karr (R)
Willadsen, Mark (R)
David Landry (R)

District 14 GOP House
Holmes, Thomas (R)
Zikmund, Larry (R)
David Zimbeck (R)

District 15 Democrat Senate
Reynold Nesiba (D)
Patrick Kirschenmann (D)

District 16 GOP House
Anderson, David (R)
Shorma, William (R)
Kevin Jensen (R)

District 18 Dem House
Chris Svarstad (D)
David Allen Jr. (D)
Peter Rossiter (D)

District 19 GOP Senate
Caleb Finck (R)
Stace Nelson (R)

District 19 GOP House
Peterson, Kent (R)
Schoenfish, Kyle (R)
ReGina L. Osborn (R)

District 23 GOP House
Charlie Hoffman (R)
John Lake (R)
Dick Werner (R)
Spencer Gosch (R)

District 25 GOP House
Hunt, Roger (R)
Courtney Ecklund (R)
Tom Pischke (R)

District 25 Dem House
Ryan Paul Tellberg (D)
Dan Ahlers (D)
David Haagenson (D)

District 28 GOP Senate
Ryan Maher (R)
Steven Ritch (R)

District 28B GOP House
Sam Marty (R)
Karen Wagner (R)

District 30 GOP Senate
Lance Russell (R)
Bruce Rampelberg (R)

District 30 GOP House
Richard Mounce (R)
Marilyn Oakes (R)
Travis Lasseter (R)
Tim Goodwin (R)
Julie Frye-Mueller (R)

District 32 GOP Senate
Alan Solano (R)
Rick Kreibel (R)

District 32 GOP House
Kristin Conzet (R)
Sean McPherson (R)
Craig Ericks (R)

District 33 GOP Senate
Phil Jensen (R)
Jacqueline Sly (R)

District 33 GOP House
Scott Craig (R)
David Johnson (R)
Taffy Howard (R)
Stephen Eckrich (R)
Mike Buckingham (R)

District 34 GOP Senate
Partridge, Jeffrey (R)
Janette McIntyre (R)

District 35 GOP Senate
Terri Haverly (R)
Tina Mulally (R)

As of tonight, that’s 8 GOP Senate Primaries, 12 GOP House Primaries, 1 Dem Senate, and 2 Dem House.

Are there any I missed, or are mistaken on?  That’s what the comment section is for. Otherwise, watch for updates!

21 Replies to “Legislative Primary Watch – Update!”

    1. Anonymous

      Karen Wagner is married to Jim Doolittle and she has always been a Democrat. She must have registered Republican to have a chance to win in a very Republican district.

    2. Anonymous

      I feel good about fink putting Nelson in his place. If fink doesn’t then senator greenfield will for conservatives.

  1. Pat Powers Post author

    Yep – they’re still coming fast & furious. I’ll update again in a bit.

  2. Anonymous

    Are they updating still tonight, Pat? How many days can we expect to see more results trickle in through the mail?

    1. duggersd

      Could you possibly include what towns/counties these districts represent? I am familiar with ones around where I live, but only the real politicos can tell you where each district is from.

  3. Anonymous

    Why was Shantell in Sioux Falls making media appearances today if they needed all hands on deck for petitions? I guess I don’t understand.

  4. Observer

    It is really good to see all those West River primaries. I used to think the Pennington Co. GOP was a gatekeeper on this process but maybe I was wrong about that.

    1. An actual conservative

      A lot of these damn tax and spend RINOs are getting primaries! Too bad everyone of them wasn’t facing one!

      The Democrsts have a great campaign platform to run from, all the corruption? All the taxing and spending?

      1. Pat Powers Post author

        Kurt, it’s kind of disingenuous for you to throw around the RINO term, since you’re a libertarian.

  5. Anonymous

    Senator Greenfield is not facing a primary like Nelson because he’s actually respected for his stalwart conservatism unlike Nelson.

    1. Anonymous

      I have lost all respect for Greenfield. At a time when conservatives should be working together, he is posting juvenile comments like the above? Mr Powers, is there any truth to the rumors that Greenfield discussed with Caleb Finck primarying Stace Nelson?