Let's vote to keep our legislature sane

WOW! There are too many kooks running for the legislature.

In the District 6 Senate race, tea party-endorsed candidate Ernie Otten is challenging state Rep. Gene Abdallah. Otten has blanketed the district with mailers accusing Abdallah of voting ?to force Obamacare? on the state and favoring higher taxes and restrictions on gun ownership.

In one mailer, Otten said Abdallah received an ?F? rating from the South Dakota Gun Owners.

Abdallah is furious with the mailers because he received an A-plus rating from the National Rifle Association. Abdallah has feuded for years with the South Dakota Gun Owners, whom he called ?thugs.?

?They have campaigned against me ever since I?ve been in the Legislature, and I suspect they will continue to,? he said. ?My opponent has chosen to align himself with this organization that I think is a scam. I have the endorsement of the NRA, the most recognizable gun organization in the world.?

A message with Rapid City-based South Dakota Gun Owners was not returned.

Must have been too busy to return the call… Even the quiet Brian Liss has become involved in compiling legislative records. But Senator Gene Abdallah delivered one of my all-time favorite quotes in response.

The race also has featured state Rep. Brian Liss, who is leaving the Legislature at year?s end after one term. Liss, a Republican, compiled the voting records of legislative members. To control for sicknesses or other reasons for missing votes, Liss analyzed only days in which a lawmaker made a vote and then missed others.

His analysis showed that Abdallah missed 36 percent of the floor votes, a number that Otten has cited in a flier. Sometimes, Liss said, absences are legitimate.

?Other times, they?re just off smoking cigarettes or doing something at the Capitol but not their job,? he said.

Abdallah dismissed Liss as a ?totally ineffective? lawmaker who could have been absent for 100 percent of the votes and not been missed.

?If I missed any votes, they were votes that were insignificant, in my opinion, such as the state flag, the state dessert, the state song, or whatever,? Abdallah said.

Otten did not respond to phone messages.

I am starting to see a disturbing pattern here from Otten and the Tea Party crowd when it comes to returning phone calls based on the allegations they are making. The Tea Party might be good nationally but in South Dakota our Tea seems to have gone bad somewhere along the way.

And while there continue to be real issues we need to focus on in South Dakota, Rep. Lora Hubbel continues to make insane allegations about “Daugaardcare.”

?I started seeing South Dakota going down the wrong path,? she said. ?When I got in, I tried to root it out. I found that they didn?t want to hear what I had to say about the corruption I found, and they certainly didn?t want to root it out because it would have cost them money.?

She calls the state?s current health care system ?totalitarian? and said the federal Affordable Care Act, or ?Obamacare,? essentially is the same as what South Dakota has implemented ? which Hubbel called ?Daugaardcare.?

I have always held the belief that the Governor should try to get along with these “Tea Partiers” but I’m not sure what brand of tea they are anymore. I don’t even know what planet half of them are living on when it comes to the issues they are worked up about. They are more than a little delusional these days.

And the more I think about the endorsements from Governor Daugaard, the more I agree with him for getting out and taking a stand. We should be advocates for the kind of policy we want to enact. There isn’t anything wrong with Daugaard coming out and actively supporting individuals who will support his positions. It seems too many of the people in the Gordon Howie crowd feel they can throw stones at the Governor, but he’s not allowed to fight back. (what kind of liberals are they?)

Someone commented on here “either Governor Daugaard runs the party or Gordon Howie does.” That is true. I, like 88% of primary voters, don’t want Gordon Howie running the party or the state.

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  1. caheidelberger

    I agree: the wingnut GOP primary challengers make me fear for the sanity of our Legislature. However, in his haste to flack for the GOP Establishment, “Bill Clay” forgot to note that Rep. Abdallah either misspoke when he said he didn’t miss any significant votes or he thinks that HB 1234 was insignificant. Which is it, “Bill Clay”?

    1. John Carter

      Cory is correct in what he is saying about Daugaard being a party official.

      And unlike some of the other folks in this comment section, he’s actually taken the time to read the GOP by-laws where that fact is mentioned.

      As Cory has pointed both here and in his blog, the governor is a actually a de-facto member of the state GOP central committee.

      As such, he should be subject to the same rules of neutrality during the primaries as the county party chairpersons and current members of the state central committee.

        1. $100 check for Begalka

          That is stupid. He’s an elected official if he wants to endorse then let him.

          Daugaard isn’t beholden to the party. Tim Rave is. If Rave were to come out and support Rausch I’d be pissed off at him but Daugaard can do whatever he damn well please even if I dislike his endorsement.

          1. Anonymous

            I like both Rausch and Begalka. It’s a shame when they have to run against each other.

            I suspect Rounds v Noem won’t be any different for most of us in choosing sides.

            1. Anonymous

              I’ve heard Rave has already taken sides in that primary. He’s all over Noem running in ’14.

    1. Job Creator

      Yeah, CAH. Quit commenting on the political process. It’s none of your business! haha

    2. caheidelberger


      (a) the default assumption is that the winners of those GOP races have a better chance of becoming my public servants than the Dems I’m voting for,

      (b) in some districts, there are no Dems running (see my coverage of District 31 GOP primaries), and

      (c) “Bill Clay”‘s coverage is so bad, I’ve got to fill the gap and give you something intelligent to read. You’re welcome.

  2. Silent M

    Hubbel apparently announced that the First Lady’s infant mortality initiative, which encourages parents to have newborn babies sleep on their backs, is a government conspiracy to change baby’s brain chemistry in a way that makes them more compliant to authority.

    That was at the Hubbel/Steele press conference this morning.

    1. Troy Jones Post author

      Please tell me this is not true. My oldest daughter is a pediatric occupational therapist (a conservative) and she is a big advocate of “Back to Sleep” which since being announced and encouraged is believed to be the single most signficant reason SIDS deaths have dropped by half the last 18 years.

      Other reasons believed to be important:

      Breastfeeding, Prenatal care, vaccinations.

      P.S. these programs were first advocated by pediatricians and only recently become a public awareness initiative of the federal government.

      1. Anonymous

        100% True – attended the “press conference” this morning. It was one among several absolutely ridiculous statements made by Rep. Hubbel. “Back to Sleep” creates followers because it reduces blood flow to the front of brain – the independent thinking and creative thinking portion of the brain. She prefaced the comment with, “I am a biologist and a nurse.”

        1. John Carter

          That’s right Deb Peters, you were certainly there.

          By the way, I hope you’re putting that $10,000 from the pro-gay/lesbian Warner PAC and the $1,500 from “Equality South Dakota” to good use.

          1. Job Creator

            Deb could probably donate that money to another candidate who’s running against a sane candidate. Hubbel is doing more to defeat herself than any amount of PAC money could. haha

            1. John Carter

              Hey, if you think that a state-run version of Obama-care or Romney-care in South Dakota is somehow actually “sane”, then more power to you, I guess.

              I don’t always agree with the words that Rep. Hubbel uses in her articles or press conferences, but at least she’s trying to alert the people of South Dakota that their governor is going to great lengths to ensure that we end up with a bureaucratically-controlled system of socialized medicine in this state.

              So if you want to play “smear the messenger” like many left-leaning Alinsky worshippers love to do, then you better step up your game.

              Nowhere has anyone in this comment section bothered to dispute the fact that this state is on the fast-track to socialized medicine ? I don’t think so.

              Could that be because the folks over at healthcare.gov seem to think S.D. is one of the leaders in implementing PPACA at the state level ?


              As I’ve stated before:

              The truth about what is going on in our state IS out there if you care to look for it.

              But sadly, you probably won’t find it on this website unless you happen to check the comments section.

              1. Job Creator

                I can feel your socialized medicine pain there John. However, I was not talking about the insanity or sanity of the new medical plan.

                I was talking about Hubbel’s insane comments and enjoying your attempt to divert attention from them by chastising Deb Peters for receiving money from two evil, liberal PACs.

                Wouldn’t you agree that Hubbel charging that educational information – that pediatricians have been giving for decades now as a technique to avoid SIDS death – is a government conspiracy to control children’s minds is insane? Or would you agree with her?


                1. John Carter

                  Back sleeping may very well lead to a lower rate of SIDS, but the larger point that Rep. Hubbel was making is that babies who sleep on their back are also actually also MORE LIKELY to aspirate if they happen to vomit or spit up when they are lying on their back.

                  So essentially some of the lives that are “saved” from SIDS by allowing them to sleep on their back may in fact be lost to aspiration of their own vomit.

                  But of course, the previous commenter conveniently failed to mention that point–which in fact, was actually one of the most important parts of Rep. Hubbel’s remarks on the topic.

                  1. Job Creator

                    So are you agreeing with Hubbel’s comments or not? Should we assume that you think the back sleep idea is a government conspiracy to make babies followers/

        2. ymous

          Not as many as by Deb Peters. Just register as a democrat and move on. Your conservative rating and lack of support for co-parenting laws is beyond any republican as you continue to support the democrat party over your chosen one. Please just join the democrat party.

      2. Anonymous

        Troy Jones if i were you I would probably shut my mouth after that last article you wrote. You know the one when you showed how much you hate veterans!

        1. Job Creator

          Please send me to that article. I have always known Troy as a huge supporter of veterans. Can you give me that link?

          1. Ron Paul

            This would be the one http://dakotawarcollege.com/archives/25391 Troy says “National Guard College Tuition Service Incentive (A good Republican for a strong National Guard could legitimately believe spending the money elsewhere for the Guard)” that “incentive” is part of their pay and benefits. Other companies like Wells Fargo, Capital One, Citi Bank etc. offer these same benefits to attract high quality employees and help them develop into better employees. I’ve noticed more and more the GOP takes veterans for granted and assumes they will vote for them and then uses and abuses them. As a veteran I’m tired of these lies and people like Troy say one thing then stab them in the back. Troy can go to hell

            1. Bob Ellis

              I agree that many people are taking our veterans for granted. And while I also agree that the college tuition program for the Guard is a justifiable expenditure, I don’t think that Troy’s belief or suspicion that the money might be better spent in another way equates to “hating veterans.”

              Liberals who want to gut our active defense, or who want to leave wounded veterans hanging, have my complete contempt, and I would agree that they have disdain for veterans, if not hate for them. But I have to cut Troy some slack for this one. Contrary to what liberals say about me, I DO think there are legitimate areas of disagreement in some parts of public policy–but right and wrong, and areas of God-given liberties, aren’t among them.

              1. Job Creator

                Bob, how do you feel about conservatives who screw over veterans? The same as you do about the evil liberals?

                1. Bob Ellis

                  I’m not aware of any conservatives who are screwing over veterans. By definition, conservatives usually value military service and national defense, while liberals usually hold disdain for both. Do you have any examples of conservatives who are or have screwed over veterans?

                  1. Job Creator

                    Let’s see who you can define out of being a conservative.
                    Do you consider Ronald Reagan a conservative?
                    Do you consider Bush I a conservative?
                    Do you consider Eisenhower a conservative?
                    I doubt any of these people would make your “grade,” since you have defined almost everyone out of your perfect idea if what a conservative isl.

                    1. Bob Ellis

                      I guess I’ll just have to keep waiting for that list of conservatives who are screwing over veterans. As usual, it’s a complete waste of time to try to have a rational, factual conversation with a liberal, regardless of whether they have a “D” after their name or an “R” after their name. Facts are always irrelevant; all that matters is hiding your liberalism from the public because you know they’ll repudiate it. Enjoy your ignorance; meanwhile, conservatives will be working to defeat you and return sanity to our land.

                    2. Job Creator

                      Bob, I am waiting to see who you define as a conservative. I was on your fantasy blog the other day and discovered through your “definitions” that you conveniently define terms in a way that fit your agenda. Look, when you make your own definitions for well-defined terms you have zero credibility with everyone but the dogmatic idiots who follow you. Give me ONE example of a recent president who was a conservative under your pure definition.

            2. grudznick

              So you hate young Mr. Jones because he’s not liberally on board with handing you, personally, moola, not because he’s “anti-republican” in his stance, position, word and deed. Because he’s not sure that handing you moola instead of doing something else with it might be in the better interest of the National Guard, like raising your wages or getting you some sort of cultish union representation.

              What would Ron Paul say to a money grubber?

              1. Ron Paul

                Well, you are a fool it’s not grabbing money its in their contract. Also how about you go get shot for $25K a year

                1. grudznick

                  I’m very sorry to hear that you got shot, and I thank you for your service. I, for one, think you deserve your $25K.

                  I’m just saying that your seething hatred of young Mr. Jones is not based on his un-Republicanism.

                  Thank you again for your service.

  3. Job Creator

    BILL CLAY, I find it incredibly amusing that you would be so troubled by the South Dakota TEA partiers, but then say the national version might be good. For crying out loud, it’s the same type of person at the national level as it is at the state level! I’ll continue to celebrate their right to be involved because they are citizens. Even though most of the time they have me shaking my head in disbelief.

    1. 73*

      The national level of Tea Party folk isn’t at all like Gordon Howthoughtfull on the issues than the other crazies who have power.ie, Stace Nelson (well ok maybe Stace), Lora Hubbel and their ilk.

      Nelson, Liss, Begalka, Russell, are substantially more normal that Howie or Hubbel. They talk about issues that make sense. Nelson might have thin skin but he’s more thoughtful than the other crazies who have taken power.

      1. Job Creator

        You are right 73*, not all the national TEA Party folk are lunatics, but you don’t have to look very far to find one in any state. I think we’re looking at a phenomenon that had to happen. The current system is so broken and so corrupt with corporate money that there was bound to be a backlash. So the environment was ripe for this movement.

        Nelson is a great example of this and I agree with your assessment. Some people were put on earth to comfort the afflicted. Stace was put on earth to afflict the comforted.

  4. Anonymous

    you people just make me laugh, your the reason Obama is going to get 4 more years.What a bunch of wackos.

    1. John Carter

      Heck, it doesn’t matter if Obama gets 4 more years or not.

      Daugaard and his minion Matt Michels have seen to it that we’ll have a South Dakota version of “Romney-care” even if the Supreme Court declares Obama-care unconstitutional.

      If the phrase “Health-care Tyranny for all !” isn’t Prince Dennis’s re-election slogan in 2014, it certainly ought to be.

  5. Brian Liss

    You can find my work on my Facebook page (Brian Liss) under the date of March 11. It’s possible that a very close look at the House Journal would reveal one or more errors. However, to date nobody has pointed out any.

    I feel that the wording used publicly to refer to my work is imprecise. “…Abdallah missed 36 percent of the floor votes,” is something I never said. Neither did I say, “…36% of the time.”

    What I do say publicly is that Rep. Abdallah missed more than 3 dozen votes on the House floor under circumstances I consider suspicious. Look at the House Journal yourself. The evidence is overwhelming that he has one of the worst legislative records regarding getting excused from votes.

    As for Abdallah’s comments about me today in the newspaper, all I say is that Rep. Abdallah is bellowing like a stuck RINO.

    Rep. Brian Liss

      1. Anonymous

        Liss is the man but he and his cohorts were running around supporting stephanie strong last year.

        You can’t tell me she is qualified for Congress. At least Noem can speak or twist her votes into sounding like reasonable reasons for selling out conservatives.

        Stephanie Strong doesn’t have a clue.

  6. Hordon Gowie

    It appears to me that Lora Hubbell was dropped on her head as an infant and that caused a loss of blood flow to any working part of her brain.

    As for Mr. Liss, perhaps he should go back to the libertarian party and try a run for Lt. Gov again. What year was that — was that against Janklow? Was he a rino too?

  7. Stace Nelson

    I was keeping a running count in Judiciary early in session before legislator bills started to hit committee. Abdallah was walking out with out being excused and missing 28+% of all the bills that were coming up during committee.

    Only thing that could make that disgraceful conduct better? If the voters make him miss 100% next year.

    Anyone wonder now why Rep. Abdallah voted against my bill to put cummalative voting records online? Curious how was he & Gosch’s votes to kill Don Kopp’s Constitutional Carry HB 1015 defending gun rights????

    Rep. Liss, stand by to get flamed by the pragmatic sane crowd for daring to voice opposition to the party machine. Its not about Republican principles, Brian, it is about who they know..

    Than you for your service Rep. Liss, I will be one of the many South Dakotans that will miss your principled courage in the legislature.

  8. Troy Jones Post author

    Listen, you little sniveling coward. I don’t hate veterans, you have absolutely no evidence to say it.

    What you say is a lie and I expect Stace and Bob to publicly acknowledge is a lie and chastise you for it.

    1. Stace Nelson

      I have not witnessed such things by Mr Jones. I have taken his discourse with me as his flight or fight responses to what he perceived as attacks on establishment he has aligned himself with and NOT because of my past service.

      Not sure why it is my job to defend someone who has taken numerous opportunities to be as offensive as possible, to include making weird comments about my junk; however, was easy enough to cover the little guy with the olive branch in hand.

        1. John Carter

          Ron Paul IS a veteran, you ignoramus. He’s the only person with military service left in the race.

          Oh, and while you’re at it, please provide some credible proof that he ‘hates Jews’ as you claim.

          What’s that ? You don’t have any ?

          That’s what I thought. Go crawl back under your rock, moron.

    2. mhs

      Rep Liss, I’ll say this slowly you can understand. Hating the Yankees is not the same thing as hating veterans. It’s different. Really. Not the same. No. OK?

    3. Ron Paul

      Why do you think it’s ok then to take away tuition reimbursement that is considered to be part of their pay and benefits? Heaven sake they actually be paid for putting their lives on the line while you sit at home watching TV. For far to long the GOP have made BS promises to the active duty military and veterans then gone and screwed them over. Sending the troops to fight in unconstitutional wars and not providing them with the correct equipment for the job until thousands have died. Henry Kissinger said, “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy” this has been the same thought process of the Neocons in the GOP for years now. Troys comments follow this same thought process and shows his cowardliness and lack of integrity.

  9. Oldguy

    I registered as a independent last year because I have gotten so sick of people like Bob and Cory who believe if you don’t agree with them you are …………… It’s never why do you feel like that or what would you think of this. I wish Democrats would be more like Bill and explain why they feel like whatever point they are making and Republicans be more like Tory for the same reason. I believe people like Bill and Tory could get something done for the good of all where neither would get everything they wanted but would still get something done. Can you imagine Bob and Cory trying to work something out now that’s what a matter with DC. Fact is there is nothing wrong with the 2 party system it the people that makes it bad plus how dumb is it that South Dakota for the most part is a one party state.

    1. caheidelberger

      Oldguy, if you don’t agree with me, I believe you are probably (though not for sure) mistaken. There’s no other word you can put in that blank. And to equate my responses to policy opposition to Bob’s (Ellis, right?) condemnations of disgareers to hell is, to understate it, inaccurate. Elect me. Elect yourself. Put us on a committee, and let’s see how well we can practically legislate. I think you’d be surprised at the results.

    2. Bob Ellis

      I virtually always explain why I see things the way I do. You just don’t like the answers because they aren’t touchy-feely enough and don’t leave enough wiggle-room to call evil “good.”

  10. Anon

    Do you have delusions of grandeur? Bouts of paranoia? Fits of lunacy? Then do we have a candidate for you! Lora!

    1. John Carter

      Thank you Mr. anonymous disciple of Alinsky.

      Please feel free to comment again when you have something that involves facts and evidence and rational discourse as opposed to childish ad-hominem personal attacks.

      1. Job Creator

        John, I wonder if Alinsky had you or Mr. Ellis in mind when he said this:

        “One of the most important things in life is what Judge Learned Hand described as ‘that ever-gnawing inner doubt as to whether you’re right.’ If you don’t have that, if you think you’ve got an inside track to absolute truth, you become doctrinaire, humorless and intellectually constipated.”

        1. John Carter

          Why not just quote Judge Learned Hand instead of bringing Alinsky into your comment ?

          And besides that, I wasn’t even talking to you Job Creator. Do you poke your nose into affairs that don’t concern you in real life ? You must be quite a joy to have as a next-door neighbor….assuming anyone cares to live within 5 miles of you.

          Let the anonymous posters of the world defend themselves, they don’t need or deserve your “help”.

          1. Job Creator

            Why not quote Judge Hand? Because you are pulling out Alinsky like he was the devil and because it was him who said you are intellectually constipated.

            John Carter, if you post in a public forum such as this your comments are public. I understand that my comments make you uncomfortable and I don’t care if they make you uncomfortable.

            I am not trying to help you. Only talking to you in here to amuse myself, much like a child with a magnifying glass amuses himself by “warming” ants in the summertime.

  11. Troy Jones Post author

    Ron Paul,

    I actually support the incentive. I believe it appropriate and effective. My point is that a person could oppose it for reasons that are legitimate (ala they think it better for the money to be used to increase pay or other benefits).

    Rash judgment is a grave matter as it denies another’s inherent dignity as a person.

    1. Stace Nelson

      Ahhhhhhh! We are talking about 2011’s SB 188! Let’s not hide it in the weeds ladies, let’s get her out on the coffee table and look at the lovely piece of legislation! Let’s not dress it up and throw perfume on that sow’s ear!


      This bill was brought by the governor’s office and tried to whack a benefit that some of Guardsman probably re-enlisted for. The governor & most of the legislature tried to screw our Guardsman over even as they were deployed in harms way!

      You know you are a scumbag politician when you can stab em in the back when no one is looking and then wax appreciative when they come back from deployment or on Memorial Day to get votes.

      Who were those ineffective legislators that helped kill that bill 3 times?

      Rep. Brian Liss was one of them I remember leading the charge..

      1. anon

        Like many bills…Stace, the other wingnuts, and the democrats voting no…everyone else voted yes.

        Just haven’t figured out how that makes him “more republican”???

        1. Anonymous

          that’s because you didn’t read the SDGOP platform before or after you changed partys from being a lifelong democrat to stealing an (R) so you could get elected. SD Republicans support our troops. which loser politician were you on the bill?

    2. Ron Paul

      I guarantee they would take away the college money and give them a $0.05 pay raise and pocket the rest of the money and screw the military over and then try and take credit for a pay raise. But their raise was actually a pay decrease and the Democrat Gov. oh sorry Republican Gov. gets to line his lackeys pockets with the blood money of the veterans they screwed over. You and your buddies are showing your trues colors. If the they really cared about the Guard why would they even consider this in the first place?

  12. Anonymous

    Good post.

    What a laughable sideshow this has become. The wackies are becoming wackier, getting the press and the democrats to mock the entire GOP and mistake it for some kind of movement. The sooner this gets squashed the better.

  13. mhs

    Anon, I tend to agree it’s laughable. I laughed pretty hard four years ago while the wingnuts chased Huckabee, Paul, and every other looney potential candidate thinking them better conservatives than Barry Goldwater’s annoited successor, John McCain. Whether he was better or not didn’t matter, we always come together after the convention and work like heck to beat the Dems.

    Then, these legions of “loyal conservatives” stayed home in the general. They didn’t work, didn’t write checks and generally sniped at Bush, McCain, the Easter Bunny and every other “impure Republican” they could think of.

    And we got Barry.

    I’m not laughing anymore.

    1. anon

      That’s a perfect outline of just how stupid these people are.

      They are the best thing the democrats have ever imagined.

      1. Anonymous

        the new age problem is that the dems figured out that if they can’t beat us (Real Republicans that is) then they just join us and take over our party from the inside. That is how we got lifelong democrats like rausch, lust, kirkby, rhoden, cutler, etc

  14. Anonymous

    I agree mhs. The ‘legions’ continue to balk at Romney & may plan to protest by staying home to prove some twisted point. They may as well check Barry’s box. Same difference even if misunderstood by the residents of loyal conservativeville.

    Like I said, the dems & press love this debacle.

    1. disgusted

      The left really loves this infighting in the GOP. I have no idea what the gov was thinking when he endorsed 5 libs over their conservative opponets, but I wish he’d have kept his mouth shut.

      1. anon

        He endorsed five good people who can actually get things done in Pierre. It amazes me that the voters refuse to see that wingnuts like Stace have absolutely no influence or power in Pierre… It’s like having an empty seat representing your district.

        1. rino hunter

          Yahoo! This big rino is on a goring spree! (BANG! BANG!).

          if the big goof is so ineffective, why you hiding in the shadows?

          if he gets re-elected after they redistricted him and tried to ruin him with all the crazy lies they released to the press, you rinos will have some serious egg on your faces!

          1. Anon

            If he goes back, it will be just like before, a lot of noise and no results. Why would his district keep sending him back? Other than about five other wingnuts, he’s got no support from anyone. You can’t pass bills with six votes. Not too hard to figure out.

            1. anon, and anon, and anon...

              and yet the big goof was more successful in his first term than lee schoenbeck was, AND all of district 21’s current legislators AND district 19’s current legislators COMBINED!

              again, if he is so ineffective, why hide and tremble in the shadows as you type trash?

              looking at the house roster, lot of rinos gone next year. going to be hard for the rinos to handle the big goof. quick claim he threatened to kill moser again! 😀

      2. John Carter

        I agree. Since the governor is actually a member of the state GOP central committee (it’s in the GOP bylaws), he had NO business trying to “pick winners and losers” in the primaries.

        Prince Denny of Pierre stirred up this hornet’s nest, and now he’ll have to deal with the backlash.

  15. Les

    It is guaranteed, all the sniping from inside our party won’t bring us together. There is an obvious individual who could broker our party unity, and he fell off the cliff trying to discipline our voters with his primary endorsements. It don’t work that way Gub or you as well Bill Clay.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree with the post. I just don’t like endorsing challengers over incuments if the incumbent isn’t a nut.

    2. anon

      in this case the incumbant was a nut.

      Howie has these people acting just like puppets…His only goal in this thing is to make a buck… I see he’s using Manny Steele as his new tool in SF now.

      1. rino hunter

        this one has a huge horn! (BANG!)

        you know you are a loser rino when you have to go after Manny, like kicking a puppy. Keep your ID hidden, Kitty would beotch slap you for that one.

  16. mhs

    I admire Gov D for making open public endorsements. In many, many administrations over the years, the governor would make his displeasure with legislators known by screwing that legislator’s district royally, then quietly making sure locals officials knew it was because of the legislator they’d elected. Pretty much guaranteed a primary challenge next time around.

    The Governor took the high road here, get over it.

  17. Winston

    Maybe Frank Farrar should hold a press conference to defend Governor Daugaard’s moderate Republican positions and endorsements.

  18. Ivan

    It was not the high road, it was petty. He should have stayed above it. Inner squabbling will always happen. When you inject yourself into it you tend to be brought down to that level. He has invited himself a primary opponent in 2014.

    1. Anonymous

      The Tea Party needs to learn Daugaard and the GOP establishment do not fear a primary challenge. They know they will always win that fight.

      They would fear a run as an Independent where someone could debate and steel votes from the incumbant in a general election.

      Think if Marking trashed Noem instead of SHS last time or Howie turned on Daugaard instead of the Dem.

      1. Anonymous

        If we want to make a difference we have to be willing to take votes away from the R’s and maybe lost a seat or two. And then come back with true conservative candidates.

  19. Arrowhead

    Dusty Johnson will never again get my vote. Tony Venhuizen and Dusty Johnson are the ones to blame for this.

    1. Arrowhead

      Daugaard shouldn’t be endorsing in these primaries. But now that he is he shouldn’t be endorsing challengers to incumants.

      If they are advisors they are morons.

  20. 73*

    If I was the Tea Party I’d go after Daugaard for cronyism with Tony right now. and Dusty for leaving his PUC seat.

    Neither of them are qualified for the jobs they have especially Daugaard’s 28 year old son in law who’s never done a thing in his life accept eat with a silver spoon. (since cozying up to the GOV’s daughter anyway)

    1. anon

      the tea party doesn’t have enough horsepower to “go after” anyone… A lot of noise doesn’t equal a lot of power.

      1. rino hunter

        you know you’re a rino when you mock those who belive we are “Taxed Enough Already” Party members as these people believe in the SDGOP Platform that says the same thing!

  21. Anonymous

    Daugaard shouldn’t be endorsing because when Rausch loses Begalka will look very strong. Daugaard will look stupid.

    When Peters wins she will have been expected to win and nothing will happen accept that an upset Hubbel will come looking for revenge some way some how.

  22. 73*

    Does anyone else realize Ron Paul hates Jewish people? He is also the worst candidate for veterans.

    1. Anonymous

      You realize coward he is the only veteran in the race and the military supports him by far the most. He gets more money from the military then all GOP canitdates and Obama combined. Also learn history please because you sound like an ass. Isreals Prime Minister came and spoke 6 months ago on the floor of congress and said the US needs to get the hell out of their business. Ron Paul seems to be the only one that understand that and respects their national soverity. So bigot know the facts stop telling the Jewish people what to do and realize the military hates the rest of these clowns and loves Ron Paul.

  23. [Insert Name Here]

    Wow! This post could have been written by me – word for word! Well said, Mr. Clay. Gordon Howie and his crew are representative of everything wrong in South Dakota politics. They are conspiracy theorists who engage in nothing but reactionary politics. We are talking about a man who had the unparalleled audacity to stand up and say, “I truly believe I have been sent BY GOD to be the next Governor of South Dakota.” How DARE you, sir! The very Founding Fathers that you claim to venerate came to this land to get away from those who claimed some Divine Right to rule others. Yet this same level of hubris runs through the entire Tea Party movement with each member believing himself to have an individual divine calling to overthrow some imagined Darkness.

    Governor Daugaard has never received any genuine support from the Tea Party – why should he show support for any of them? Get the crazy out of South Dakota politics.

    1. Anonymous

      Gov. Dic* head is a Democract fools it has nothing to do with Howie or Tea Party people. He is playing all of you for fools and succeeding. He is pushing Obama Care and cut away at gun rights and you fools can’t see it. So take your heads out of your asses and look around he if Fing you in the ass.

      1. Anonymous

        If Daugaard is a Democrat then we should elect him as President because he would fix this financial mess our country is in.

        I’m a Republican who has never voted for a Dem. Daugaard is a good man.

          1. Les

            Now I lay me down to sleep…..night Papa~~~night Les boy….night mama. Gee it feels good to be in the comfort of all this love!!

            1. toad

              A self drowning? What is that all about?

              I’m glad to know that you are rational and not some psycho who has to have his/her way all the time.

    2. John Carter

      This just shows you are ignorant of the facts. MANY people I know who support the Tea Party principles also volunteered for Daugaard’s campaign.

      If suspect that if they had known how he would end up stabbing them in the back by bringing in Obama-care through the back door, I suspect they would have been far less inclined to work on behalf of his campaign.

      1. Anon

        The wingnuts like to make Obamacare their big issue… If the Supreme Court says we gotta do it, we have to. If they say we don’t have to, we won’t. The Governor and legislature haven’t got a damn thing to say about it, but the TP needs to use scare tactics and lies cause they don’t have anything real to campaign on.

    1. And so the fable grows... Tonis Venhuizen and Dustin "Dusty" Johnson

      There once was a boy who was quite aloof. So aloof that you might say he was a wee bit goofy. When he walked he held his nose towards the sky and peared through his rather akward spectacles.

      He would someday write a bio such as this: “Tony and his wife Sara, an electrical engineer, live in Pierre. He enjoys studying US History, in particular the American Presidency, and is a self-described Winston Churchill enthusiast. His hobbies include reading, watching The West Wing and James Bond films, and following the Green Bay Packers and Nebraska Cornhuskers. He also relishes in trying to purchase things without his wife noticing.”

      Well as long as it’s only the wife and not the father-in-law Tonis… You know how things are with the state credit cards.

      Along the way another young man crossed his path. This one not nearly as young as he looked – for this one was all of 34 but with the face of a 22 year old. Rangy, wirey, high strung and strung out.

      For him, the 2010 cycle was like an alcoholics detour into cocaine and heroin. And everytime another rising star emerged he felt the endorphins flood his veins, Jackley, Noem. Each injection more unbarable than the next. Michels, Barnett, Gant. He felt the rooms closing in as he drew weak in the knees. This man’s (boy’s, manboy’s) name was Dustin “Dusty” Johnson.

      Dusty as he is commonly refered to was down and out. Dejected you might say. Relegated to the forgotten ranks of has beens on the B team. But what was most troubling was that to most of us he was still a star in the party. Sure he wasn’t KRISTI or MARTY but he was still dusty. His name might not warrant all caps anymore but he was nothing to scoff at.

      However, it was too late for him. The lights had started to dim on his “marquee”. The plague of self doubt had set in and like a cancer consumed his every thought. To you and I he was a star but to himself he had become the invisible man. He was unseen and unheard. He could walk the streets amongst the commoners and no one noticed other than the random star struck TAR and that was not good enough anymore. An enthusiastic TAR was the equivalent of a Tylenol when Dusty urned for something bigger like a vicodin (it would require a big deal to soothe this pain). Many tried to soothe Dusty. Reminding him of how it is better to be considered a “has been” than a “never was”. Of course this did not sit well with him because as he told himself “this hasbeen isn’t done.” – You’d be surprised of the thoughts that go through the mind of a tortured soul.

      A bond and a courtship began maybe even a fellowship. Perhaps it would be going to far to refer to their lives as a friendship because this was built more or less out of necessity.

      You see Dusty is more than sly (and when I refer to him as sly I mean only in the most positive of uses – like the cunning fox in the hen house). He’s been through many political battles, often coming out on top and through nothing more than bad breaks and ill timed political climate shifts, the future heir to South Dakota politics has faded like a balloon floating into the sky (only dusty’s baloon was not going skyward – the helium gas was seeping).

      Tonis was fortunate to marry into a family of fortune in South Dakota politics and with his marriage he was entrusted with great power and influence. He was to lead the campaign for Dennis Daugaard’s election – an election that even a chimpanzee could win and an ape could not lose.

      Once victory was sealed a rustling began behind the scenes. Tonis wanted to be Chief of Staff to his father in law. And after all why shouldn’t he be? He was handed the reigns of the campaign without any experience in politics. And even more so he was the son-in-law of the Governor. What more qualifications could be needed? This was a moment of importance and a title deserved – if not by birth right than by right of marriage! Of course this move for power was rejected by the chairman of the committee and Tonis was made to be a “senior advisor”/communications director. Who could fill this type of Chief of Staff role? Who is it that would be ok with only holding a Chief of Staff in name only title?

      If you guessed the PUC candidate who wanted a change of scenery you would be correct.

      With Dusty opperating as Chief of Staff he would have access to legislators, fundraising, Tonis’ ear and of course feel refreshed after a day of telling legislators how to do their jobs. As far as these two were concerned they didn’t care how legislators did their job so much as how they voted. They were after YES men or maybe better yet “company men”.

      You see if there is one thing Tonis and Dusty have in common it’s that they are too smart for their own good and both enjoying rapid rises to the ellusive aura of self-importance. Much smarter than those ignorant legislators who come to work part time every 9 months.

      To many of us Tonis and Dusty wield more power than they should. Tonis is the man who looks after Daugaard and Dusty is the man who looks after Tonis.

      Those who come off as opposed to their wishes will be punished. They will regret their opposition.

      To Tonis politics is power and he holds a great deal. To Dusty politics is ambition and he has ample ammounts. Absolute power can be corrupting and between the two of them they feel compelled to rid the world of those they see as foes. today the out spoken tea partier, tomorrow the political rival.

      And if you’ve ever crossed paths with Dusty on a rampage you know the rivals are often not even sure why they are considered rivals.

      I’ve heard it suggested that Tonis is the true Chief of Staff but as the years have gone on I would say you who believe that are naive and underestimate the power of Dusty’s persuasiveness. Dusty has Tonis’ ear and what Dusty whispers into that ear stays between them. But you can bet that it is meant to grow Dusty’s clout as he prepairs for a congressional run the moment the unsuspecting Noem drops her guard to eye a senate run.

      What more should we suspect from Tonis and Dusty as they attempt to rule the political world the way they see fit? What foe is next on their radar? Or should I say who? I should certainly hope it is not you?

      Unfortunately for them the strength of their power is weakening by the day. Foolish endorsements, bad avice and an inability to recognize the overreach of the all corrupting source of power. The tighter they cling to power and control the more ellusive it will become. I can see it slipping away as we speak.

      And fortunately for the rest of us there will be a day when they come down from their castle and need the assistance of the masses. We as the masses will have the good fortune of what to decide to do when that time comes.


  24. KATZY

    Daugaard’s son-in-law isn’t the only person in Pierre appointed to head agencies etc who has no experience or qualifications for the position. In many offices the underlings actually do the work while their undeserving and unqualified bosses get the big bucks and acclaim for a job well done. Why isn’t something done about this? It seems most times it’s who you know that gets you a job and not what you know. Sad commentary but true.

    1. Anonymous

      Most likely true that most people in Pierre are not qualified.

      Glodt should be CoS and Dusty should be kissing his feet.

      1. Anonymous

        What the heck does Dusty know? Smart guy who craves the power. Glodt is a real public servant. No glory but all the work!