Libertarian Candidate for Gov. calling his party goof-up a “clerical error.” But what about the Declaration of Candidacy he made?

Libertarian Candidate for Governor Carl W. Abernathey Jr. might have blocked me on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean it’s slowed us down as we monitor his candidacy’s slow implosion.

After we pointed out how he’s never changed his party from Republican, along with his subsequent tantrum and Facebook blocking, he’s taking to Facebook to try to explain and to apologize to South Dakota Libertarians how it’s all actually just a big ‘clerical error’:

I’m not sure what Republican US Senator Rand Paul has to do with a candidate for Governor who doesn’t know what their own party is.  But since Carl directed me in his prior Facebook rant to check out his page for Governor, I did. And look what I found:

While the courts were quibbling over the process to run for Governor under a third party banner, On January 3rd, Carl swore out a signed and witnessed oath that he was “registered to vote as a member of the Libertarian party.” Except.. he wasn’t.   And at least until tomorrow, admittedly still isn’t.

Probably a good thing for Carl that the courts found in favor of letting 3rd parties nominate constitutional candidates at convention. Because any signatures collected on these petition forms would probably be up for challenging since the statement up at the top appears to have some issues.

Again, details that one should check before running for Governor.

9 thoughts on “Libertarian Candidate for Gov. calling his party goof-up a “clerical error.” But what about the Declaration of Candidacy he made?”

  1. He blocked me a long time ago for merely commenting that if his child was kidnapped he could go get her or him and it’s perfectly legal. Seems it’s his definition of kidnap and not what most think kidnap is though. He’s also not a true libertarian. He’s a pick and choose what affects him kind.

    1. This may not apply to Carl’s specific situation, but if a native parent takes their child to the reservation, the non-native parent could not “go get her or him and it’s perfectly legal.”. Tribal police, state police and lawyers would become involved with a “kidnapping”, and reservations are sovereign nations… so good luck with that.

  2. Is this fellow in legal trouble for having a lying form notarized? My good friend Bob can probably fix this when he runs the convention by just making sure this fellow gets every one of the nominating votes. If they do it at breakfast, there is 1 guy who usually doesn’t attend and I bet Mr. Abernathy can get all 11 of the remaining delegate votes with Bob’s help.

  3. Libertarians aren’t they for personal responsibility—apparently not this one.

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