Libertarian Candidate for Governor Steve Novotny says he knows “common Indian” well, women lie to get protection orders, and worse.

In an effort to research Steve Novotny, the candidate from Winner running for the highest state elected office in South Dakota, while I had earlier written about his history of protection orders against stalking, I come to find that a simple review of his personal facebook page provides a more frightening picture of the man who wants to be the Libertarian’s candidate for Governor.

Apparently I only scratched the surface when I posted a couple of things from him warning about blacks and indigenous people stealing white farmer’s land. Because it gets worse.   But don’t take it from me, take it from Steve Novotny, since they’re his words.

In relation to the prior legal issues Novotny found himself facing, he had previously offered that many women lie to obtain protection orders:

And that he seems to consume a lot of Facebook rants to spew them back, unintelligently…

In case you were looking for various slurs like “gooks,” “moooslims” etc.

I’m sure at least one of the things he’s talking about here will earn him a visit from the Secret Service, but Novotny is definitely not a fan of president Obama or his daughter:

Novotny is apparently not a fan of immigrants…

..but he does have some kind words for Vladmir Putin..

And the comment I grabbed is probably one that’s going to raise the most questions of a man running to be Governor of South Dakota:

Novotny says “I know the common Indian well, and this is the rule of life with these worthless bastards not the exception..”   Wow. Not often I’m speechless, but wow.

I would add that I left many of the things I clipped out, because the post was getting a little long.

I think it’s safe to say that between the protection orders issued against him, and what a person finds form a cursory review of his personal facebook page, Libertarians should be horrified that a candidate like Steve Novotny wants to take the stage to ask the people gathered at the convention for their vote.

Maybe the guy who wants to burn the flag and says the constitution doesn’t exist isn’t looking quite so bad anymore.

The Libertarian convention is on Saturday.

12 Replies to “Libertarian Candidate for Governor Steve Novotny says he knows “common Indian” well, women lie to get protection orders, and worse.”

  1. Anonymous

    I am a man of my word…I thought it couldn’t get any worse than Lora Hubbel, Annette Bosworth…but I am here to say I WAS WRONG! 🙂

    This guy is nuts

  2. Anonymous

    Wow! The Libertarian and Constitutional Party always seem to be in competition as to who can be the craziest and appeal to that voter base besides Libertarians having one of their main priorities being legalizing all drugs. I’d have to say Libertarians are winning in the most crazy category so far in this election cycle.

  3. Steve Hickey


    Is this the same Novotny family that is behind the atheist billboards all over Sioux Falls?

    What an ignorant jerk. If I was his employer and saw this he’d be fired immediately.

  4. Anonymous

    Comrade Novotnov can also repeat every word he puts on Facebook in Russian, if he chooses. It’s written down in the script he receives from Moscow, frequently. His sources ( The Angry Patriot – Conservative News Today and BizPacReview) are all proven Russian hacking sites. It’s a tell when he praises his boss … Putin. Don’t think Bannon’s Communist propaganda doesn’t reach our state because it’s everywhere.

  5. steve novotny

    Thanks for the airtime powers, the good old Republican hit man, doing the mudslinging for those who provide the information but have not the moxie to deliver it themselves. How much did you make off taxpayers running your campaign business out of the SOS office? As hard as you boys are hitting tells me somebody is really nervous. I’ve got plenty of things to put out about team Jackley members that make the crap they are spewing about me look a whiter shade of pale in comparison. Thanks again boys for getting my name out there..

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Aside from the fact that you’re making a couple of false statements, I have to thank you. You have provided me a wealth of material to blog on showing your unfitness for office.

      Steve Novotny shows his unfitness for office again!

      Seriously, “doing the mudslinging for those who provide the information?” You’ve provided the statements all by your lonesome. You made them. You should take the credit.

      Or the blame.

      Once of those.

  6. steve novotny

    So, I’ve reposted things on facebook who hasn’t. The state still hasn’t released the audio on the DeSanto’s matter which took place on Gov’t time in the capital.
    You haven’t answered my request on how much you have personally donated to vets churches or cancer patients. wonder why? You haven’t posted my page where I opened an account with thousand dollars, for an old classmate of mine, in her name and urged others to match it or contribute to help defray costs for her breast removed for cancer. Troll all you wish powers but I’m betting there are more people upset with the Two Party state corruption than you think. and ask my old bubby Mike Assman why he switched from Backing Gordon Howie for Governor to Jackley

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      You’ve “reposted things?” How about you’ve made statements that show your unfitness for office, such as this one:

      I’m sure you do hate “the old protection order bullshit.” As well as reading your own words. (From June 9, 2016)

  7. Troy Jones

    Not sure exactly how to describe this guy’s outlook but Libertarian it aint.

    Libertarians at their core are about individual rights and individual accountability. Libertarians don’t blame one for the sins of others no matter if they look the same, their gender, believe the same, where they come from, etc. These screeds against entire groups, races, and creeds is as far from libertarianism as you can get.


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