Libertarian Candidate for SD Governor says “it is an extreme risk to hire a woman” and “women are to blame for that.”

Libertarian Candidate for Governor CJ Abernathey is doing his best to show South Dakota what the Libertarian Party stands for. And apparently it must stand for telling women to get back in the kitchen because men should not be forced to hire them:

But it gets better. He’s not saying women aren’t good workers….

(He actually edited that?) Abernathey states “I’m just saying that it’s an extreme risk for an owner to hire a woman working around men in today’s society, and I think that women are to blame for that.”

….because women force the men to act inappropriately? Darn it. We knew it was all their fault!

Dang! Libertarian candidate CJ Abernathey must represent the enlightened wing of the Libertarian party.

Keeping women in line like they were in the 50’s. The 1850’s, that is.

13 Replies to “Libertarian Candidate for SD Governor says “it is an extreme risk to hire a woman” and “women are to blame for that.””

    1. Anon

      While I believe his comments were taken out of context (Note: he did not say, “don’t hire women”), unnamed sources say the Libertarian Party is not a supporter of said candidate.

  1. Anon

    Unfortunately it’s true. If a woman is going to file sexual harassment complaints if a man looks at her shoes, she’s too much trouble to have around.

  2. Anonymous

    This is kind of sketchy, he doesn’t say WHY it’s risky. Maybe anon 2:00 is on to something. You have to be so careful what you do and say or some woman’s libber is going to sue you.

  3. Anonymous

    CJ Abernathy, Crazy Larry, Chad Haber, Pornahan and other nuts are perfect examples of the Libertarian Party. Always out to lunch. Always weird fringe.

    1. Gideon Oakes

      Powerful words from someone who won’t even sign their name to their post… Anyway, every party has candidates who say things worthy of facepalms. It’s certainly not unique to us.

  4. Jon

    This guy must’ve went to the Lora Hubble School of Campaigning. There are maybe a few good ideas rattling around in his head, but they’re buried in the lunacy of the rest of his thoughts.

  5. Anonymous

    As a South Dakota Libertarian I’m pretty embarrassed by our Libertarian politicians. Stick to what you (should) know: Marijuana legalization, ending the drug war, upholding free trade, eliminating taxing and spendingx upholding the constitution, ushering in a new wave of individual liberty, but for God sake stay away from your ‘woke’ ideas and don’t convince yourself that it’s simply everyone else who’s ignorant to your supposed non-mainstream “facts”.

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