Libertarian candidate Novotny has multiple protection orders filed against him in his past.

Apparently Libertarian candidate for Governor Steve Novotny, who refers to himself as ‘air wolf,’ doesn’t like it when people write about him.

Unfortunately, I suspect we’re going to make him mad again.  Because a review of the UJS records associated with his name reveal a troubling trend with several protection orders being taken out against Novotny for stalking:

Temporary Orders of Protection against Novotny protecting against stalking were issued against Novotny in 2004, 2006, and 2015, with the latest order issued by Judge Mark Barnett. An order which expired on 4/23/2015, less than three years ago.

But while that order expired, it was taken up by a higher authority.

This latest protection order against Novotny for Stalking went so far as to involve the United States Attorney’s Office, as noted by Dakota Free Press when Cory Heidelberger pointed out when he wrote about Novotny’s announcement:

Novotny also earned one brief mention in former U.S. Attorney Randy Seiler’s 2015 annual report for the District of South Dakota under “Program Litigation”:

Becky Zirpel vs. Steve Novotny (FSA intervening on behalf of Farm Service Agency)

The USAO assisted with a protection order sought by FSA employee Zirpel against Steve Novotny. It was resolved by a permanent injunction which enjoined and restrained Novotny from coming upon the premises of the FSA property in Winner and Burke, South Dakota [Randolph J. Seiler, U.S. Attorney, District of South Dakota, Annual Report 2015, p. 55].

Read that here.

So while the 2015 protection order issued by Judge Barnett was resolved quickly, it was replaced with a Federal order restraining Novotny from the premises of the Farm Service Agency properties in Winner and Burke.  Seriously, how bad does it have to get to involve the United States Attorney’s office to divert time from prosecuting drug dealers and killers to tell some moron to quit harassing people?

As offensive as he can be at times, a review of UJS records reveals no criminal offenses or protection orders against his opponent for the Libertarian nomination for Governor, Carl Abernathey Jr.

Which coming into this weekend’s Libertarian Party Convention, this leaves party delegates with choosing the lesser of two evils.  Do they choose Abernathey who has railed on about women in the workplace, and plans on burning flags in the parking lot of DCI? Or do they pick the candidate with a history of protection orders, and tries to raise alarm over land being taken from farmers and given to minorities?

I don’t know that there has ever been a statewide candidate for Governor with one, much less three protection orders taken out against them for stalking.  This doesn’t leave Libertarians any attractive option for Governor.

Unless somehow this weekend a new candidate emerges, and they could come up with door number three.

Update: Steve Novotny is apparently responding via facebook and trying to get people forget about the bad things he’s done, such as causing people and the government to take out protection orders against him, by pointing out things he’s done that aren’t bad.

After some long wrenching meditation I have decided to lift the veil of secrecy. Many people have viciously attacked me in the last twelve hrs. Attempting discredit of my name. With those thoughts fresh at mind, I’ve have decided to open up about numerous things of well intent I have done in this town and other ares of the state. The statue pictured is one I anonymously paid for in donation to local church in winner. I am also paying off the altar in same church. When all tolled and done I ‘ll have invested over 23k for enjoyment of others in their place of worship. Reason I’ve done it. Simply as it was right thing to do. Reason I’m opening up now, show the world small glimpse of my true character.

He now feels the need to claim credit for anonymous acts? I’m sure it does show a small glimpse of his character. I’m sure it does.

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  1. Anonymous

    Why can’t we just have a decent normal Libertarian candidate? There’s so many smart Libertarians but we only see the ‘woke’ wackos and stalkers. Seems any Libertarian with common sense would just register Republican.

  2. SD Conservative

    The same humour can be placed on any republican candidate who doesn’t want to cut government and taxes. I don’t know which is worse to be honest. As far as I know no libertarian candidate has wanted to raise taxes or make government bigger so what exactly is the problem. That is my criteria on voting. I don’t really care about anything except things cost me money directly out of my pocket. Not saying I will vote for libertarian candidates but I will vote for less taxes and less government no matter the party.

  3. steve novotny

    Chad Humbugger Mudville slinger extreme, I wish to thank you and your liberal rag once more for getting my name in Public. Do you really think If I cared about past history I would have run? I’m not mad about anything as you attempt to imply. I know the tactics of people such as yourself. You have never really done anything for anyone, such a sad little man, with a sad little plan. I am proud of the things I’ve done for people and they are most grateful. How much have you donated to anyone down on their luck? I entered this race because of Govt. corruption and their trying run every little aspect of our lives. I’ve read some of your stories on EB5. If you knew what you were talking about. you would know about the contracts with State of South Dakota and Barnett, Siegel & Shutz You would know Jeff Sveen’s involvement with Joop Bollen and his under the table lending operation, shielded from state banking laws by state officials, and Board of regents. You have been very critical of Jackley in your blog blubber. Yet you criticise me for it, no hipocrisy on your part hey. The bottom line running for any office is tough for anyone, made that way by hypocrites such as yourself. Because you lack the intestinal fortitude to run yourself you must belittle others who do. sad sad little man. Bottom line is I’m fed up, as most people are with Govt. idiocy. I’m in this to get Govt. out of our pockets and everyday lives. That is what most people want at the end of the day. And thanks again, you are getting my name out and people talking about me. and your smear tactics are beginning to backfire. People that know me and the truth are speaking up. Most people judge not a person by some liberal blog incoherent blubber. I’ll speak to the party members at the convention and exchange ideas. If I win fine, if not fine also. but unlike you, I will have tried to make things better.

    1. Anon

      You do know this is Pat Powers’ blog,, correct? The “Mudville Slinger Extreme” can be found on a different website. Although that is a fairly catchy name.

      1. Pat Powers Post author

        Shhh…. it’s like he’s the Randy Quaid of SD politics. I’m waiting for him to start talking about the Illuminati.

  4. Anonymous

    I Anonymous move that we make an emergency suspension of the rules for the SD Libertarian Party state convention and nominate Grudznick as our candidate for Governor. May we have a second?

  5. Anonymous

    So be it! Grudznick being a well known practical fiscal conservative believing in minimal government involvement in the everyday lives of South Dakotans will be the 2018 Libertarian Party of South Dakota candidate for Governor. Any others claiming to be a candidate and nominee for Governor of the LP of SD will be treated as imposters.

    1. grudznick

      grudznick accepts your collective nod to be the Libertarian candidate for Governor. I will rule benevolently, and with no governmental interference into your personal, family, and business, as long as you do not harm others and don’t bother me with your problems.

      Mr. PP has apparently already banned me from blogging here, since I’m going to be a Libertarian (like Mr. CJ, I am still registered as a Republican), and he banned my previous comments.

        1. grudznick

          My good friends Bob and Lar are going to be the two-headed beast that runs the campaign. You should expect a campaign that is both more entertaining and probably more profane than even Mr. CJ’s campaign would have been.

          1. KM

            I bet your campaign will be most successful with people of faith. You do promote the persecution of Christians, you know those people who follow the spaghetti headed spirit in the sky?

      1. Ike

        As a leftist/marxist/America-hating idiot, I heartily endorse and will vote for grudznick. Although, considering my current peckish state, I may also endorse a thick medium-rare steak and a box of Cheez-Its.

  6. Anonymous

    Was he drunk when he posted this? It’s barely coherent! If the Libertarian Party wants to be taken seriously they need to get a better candidate than this yahoo. He almost (almost) makes Heidelburger look logical.

  7. steve novotny

    Ah, Porky powers. I enjoy your mindless dribble, your little band of trolls ain’t bad either. where would the world be if not for guys like you to stir the outhouse? In the end, however, you all end up getting a little on you. I must again thank you and your little army of misfits who have nothing better to do. You keep people talking and curious. this benefits me greatly. Fact is none of you have the grit to run for office. Most voters are smart enough to realize court matters have two sides to a story. your bias only prints one. and thirty-year-old shit really Porky. And yes I am very proud of things I’ve done for others and will make it public at my choosing. What have you and any of your little troll minions done for others? how much have you donated to helping people? Come on Porky put the numbers in print on your little-warped college site. don’t have any huh? You guys claim conservatism yet ramble like Liberals. I’ll go to the convention and answer the people’s questions truthfully, then they can decide who wins. Again thank you Porky and company for the free press, saves me a lot of money from buying ads. The fact I’ve weathered 61years on the SD plains speaks for itself. 29 years of flying choppers in the most dangerous conditions no slouch either. Your attacks verify somebody in your repulsive camp is nervous as hell. . Veritas odit moras AirWolf

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Steve, good to see you’ve moved the eyeholes on your pointy white hat to see the screen, and realize what website you’re on. That only took what? 5 hours?

      Thirty years ago? Try three.

    2. Anonymous

      Mr. Novotny (Air Woof) Please direct any future concerns, ideas and your support to the new official 2018 Libertarian Party of South Dakota nominee for Governor Grudznick

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