Libertarian candidate tries to dish it out, but apparently a bit of a snowflake. Blocked again.

Apparently, I upset the Libertarian candidate for Governor. Or at least, the person who is eventually going to register as a Libertarian in the middle of his campaign for Governor.

So, I had my post on Friday, where I noted that CJ Abernathey, A.K.A. Carl Jr., a Libertarian Candidate for Governor actually was not a Libertarian, but was currently a registered Republican according to the Secretary of State:

Predictably, Carl Abernathey Jr. didn’t take it well:

Since in my article, I didn’t call him anything, but just pointed out the current legal status of his voter registration as not being Libertarian, and since he tagged me personally in his post, I thought I’d ask him where he was coming from on his whole angry attack the messenger post thing:

And Carl Jr. quickly responded:

In response to my question over his attack, I got more attack. And according to Carl Jr, in addition to his name-calling he claims what I did was exactly what he was hoping for.  And that it would help in his race for Governor if he was “actually clerically registered” & “bureaucratically sound.”

Oookay… Not sure how that helps.  But after Carl Jr. tagged me personally, seeking my input…

…his social media got much less social. Considering I was not looking to be drug into the conversation in the first place, and that I didn’t ask to follow his personal page, as he was working through his rant Carl Jr. might have realized that he was fighting a losing battle against himself.. and blocked me.

Kind of snowflakey for a candidate.  If that’s how he reacts to questions, I think he’s going to find it’s a long, long road to the Governor’s seat.

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  1. He might as well said. Dude my campaign platform is for legalizing a plant. I just didn’t get around to registering as a Libertarian yet. Get off my case! What are you my mom?

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