Libertarian state party convention scheduled for today. God announces “Oh, Hell no.”

Press Release

God sends plague of ice as gentle reminder for Libertarians to be good to their fellow man as they consider nominations for Governor at State Convention

Acknowledging the Libertarian State Party convention is today in Sioux Falls and that party members will be selecting their candidate for Governor between CJ Abernathey and Steve Novotny, God, through his spokesperson Mother Nature, has announced “Oh, Hell no” and sent a record ice/snow storm as a gentle hint to be good to one another, and to consider someone other than those two idiots.

The plague of frogs will begin if attendees do not heed the warning of the Lord.

Seriously though, the Libertarian State Convention is scheduled for today, and apparently it is going to go on as scheduled. According to the group’s Facebook page it was looking like a skinny crowd to begin with..:

…with about 16 people indicating they are interested in being stranded with the Libertarians at the Sioux Falls Clubhouse and Suites. With this weekend’s storms, it’s likely to cut numbers significantly.

While CJ Abernathey has taken a break from making misogynistic statements in the past week, mainly shifting to talking about Admiralty law nuttery…

..the candidate with a record of protection orders against him for stalking, as well as a history of bigoted and offensive statements, Steve Novotny, is apparently making a point to officially announce that various bloggers and commenters have officially gotten into his head, and his program tonight is going to be based on attacking the people talking about his prior statements.

Since Novotny looks forward to answering any and all questions Libertarians may wish to ask of him, might I suggest asking him to define a term he was using in an October 2017 facebook post:

Honest to god, I have to admit that’s a slur I hadn’t heard before. But the bigger question is why anyone would want to consider someone for public office who tosses out such bigotry as this, and seemingly calling Native Americans “worthless bastards.”

Good luck tonight…

7 Replies to “Libertarian state party convention scheduled for today. God announces “Oh, Hell no.””

  1. Anonymous

    Why are Republican representatives Pischke and Latteral going to this event? are they trying to pull a Dennert?

  2. Anonymous

    Looks like CJ Abernathy has won the nomination for Governor. Flag burning event coming up in Pierre, addressing Chemtrails and endless rambling about Admiralty law.


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