Libertarians crowing after convention. Now, if they only had candidates…

From Facebook:

Libertarian candidate for governor CJ Abernathy is crowing this evening about being nominated to his position.

Unfortunately, I think he might’ve missed an important item.

There are no other candidates for any state offices except him. 1 federal office candidate. 1 gubernatorial candidate… and that’s it.

Last Gubernatorial election cycle, Libertarians had more state candidates than the South Dakota Democrat party did. Now, in 2018, they can barely muster up one. Never mind they forgot to nominate a Lt. Gov to serve as his running mate.

Not sure what more to say. It makes a pretty strong statement just by itself.

12 Replies to “Libertarians crowing after convention. Now, if they only had candidates…”

  1. Anonymous

    read the first sentence of his announcement again….

    He is the first Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate to secure a Ballot spot this November for the Libertarian Party….

    Will there be a second or other Libertarian Gubernatorial candidates to secure a spot for the libertarian party????? poorly worded

    1. Anonymous

      There will presumably be Libertarian candidates for governor securing ballot spots for November in other states. He probably means he’s the first in the nation. I agree it’s poorly worded.

    1. Anonymous

      Tara will your campaign for Mayor of Mitchell have a shared campaign event with CJ with mutual endorsements and a flag burning to kick it off? The press would love it! Lora could be there too.

      1. Tara Volesky

        I don’t care to drive out to Pierre and burn a flag, but thanks for the question. CJ can do what he wants. I feel bad that he has not been able to see his daughter.

  2. Anonymous

    Will CJ Abernathy, Gideon and the rest of the Libertarian Party of SD be pushing and working for Levi Breyfogle’s crazy Constitutional Amendement which can be used to legalize buy, manufacture and sell pipe bombs, crack, prostitution and whatever else that is now illegal?

  3. Troy Jones

    There was the day when the Libertarians were a Party of intellectuals promoting ideas to be considered by the broader public. I remember one Libertarian saying it was an effort of infecting the thoughts and priorities of the major parties to gain influence greater than raw numbers or actual votes.

    These Libertarians are too angry, too intellectually vapid, to have a positive influence. They are setting back the libertarian cause a generation, which saddens me as I consider myself libertarian inclined on most issues.

  4. Tara Volesky

    Why do you have to agree with the whole Libertarian platform? Example, many pro-life Democrats just as there are many pro-choice Republicans.

    1. Anonymous

      Ask Stace Nelson….the platform is sacred if you do not adhere to it 100% then you are not a TRUE REPUBLICAN…so Libertarians by that standard should own the whole thing

  5. Tara Volesky

    Let people think for themselves. They can adhere to their own beliefs as long as they are truthful to the voters. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen much.

  6. Anonymous

    Why is Shad having a meltdown about Trump losing reelection in 2020 on Facebook? Is he a libertarian?

    1. Troy Jones

      If the nut job “unfreedom” Caucus had given Trump his partial repeal of Obamacare, the House and Senate would be planning on building on their majorities and Trump would be invincible.

      Instead sweating retaining majority, Trump on the ropes, and having Obamacare fully the law of the land makes sense to “real conservative Republicans.”