Libertarians reconvening in June to nominate more candidates, including Legislative candidates

I had a reader ask me about rumors they were hearing about the status of CJ Abernathey, the Libertarian candidate for Governor, and in reviewing the Secretary of State’s web site, the rumors on Abernathey’s status are just idle silliness, because Abernathey is their guy:

But, there’s still this issue of the “TBD” for the Libertarian ticket’s Lt. Governor choice.   I was chatting with one of the Libertarian candidates and asked them about it, and was informed that they’re getting together again:

“I guess I’d call it a reconvention rather than a second one. The blizzard kinda wreaked havoc on things during the first portion, and left some unfinished business.”

Yeah… Unfinished business as in forgetting a Lt. Governor might be a big deal.   So, the Libertarian “re-convention” is taking place in June, where they’re going to finish out their ticket with the nomination of a Lt. Governor. But there’s also a twist.

As I queried the Secretary of State’s Elections Office..

“It’s my understanding that the Libertarian Party is going to be reconvening their convention in June to nominate a Lt. Governor Candidate. Will they be able to nominate additional legislative candidates at that time – to supplement those they’ve already nominated – at that time as well?”

The answer? Yes.

According to Kea Warne with the Secretary of State’s office “they will be able to nominate additional candidates to supplement the ones they nominated earlier this month.”

This could mean a number of scenarios in addition to picking up candidates who are now interested who weren’t before. Including one where candidates who lose legislative primaries under one party’s banner could switch, and run under the Libertarian banner.

Stay tuned, as this story isn’t finished. It’s just beginning.

14 Replies to “Libertarians reconvening in June to nominate more candidates, including Legislative candidates”

    1. Gideon Oakes

      More like, “Aww dude! We had about 60 people signed up, and when they closed the interstate that number dropped to, like, only the Sioux Falls delegates and the two gubernatorial candidates.”

      We discussed postponing, but there were several of us who wanted to get on with our official campaigns. So, I think this is a good compromise.

      1. Good Luck

        The TBD in the Governor & Lt. Governor cannot be worse than who you guys chose for your governor candidate. I understand the position of Libertarians for the most part, but putting this “gold fringe on the flag means maritime law” nut job on the ballot does not do your party any favors. Now, I understand your other choice was someone with a stalking protection order in their past, but…

        CJ’s whole deal with “unconstitutional courts of equity” is also right up there with the rest of his sovereign citizen leanings. The only people that routinely have to tell everyone else that they are the only ones who “really understand” everything are ALWAYS the only people who don’t understand anything. So, good luck!

      2. Anonymous

        Is Chad Haber coming back to be CJ’s LT? How about Steve Novotny? LT? Gaddy is out of state so doubt he could nor that Lunatic Larry.

        1. Anonymous

          The other parties may have multiple days but not multiple conventions….I think a case could be made they had their convention and they blew it….

    1. Gideon Oakes

      Why wouldn’t it be? State law says candidates must be nominated at convention. It doesn’t specify that said convention has to be a one-day event. The GOP Convention (and I presume the Dem’s… never been to one) is stretched out over several days. They adjourn each afternoon/evening, and reconvene the next day.

      1. Anonymous

        Constitutional nominations are made at Convention. Legislative candidates need to turn in petitions by the end of March.

    1. Anon

      A quick trip to the Sec of State’s site confirms Mr. Root is a legislative candidate. His ability to draw Republican voters will depend on his degree of kookiness. Currently there are 18 registered Libertarians in his District. Good luck Mr. Root!

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