Light blogging yesterday, as I spent most of the day adding to the family…

ruby1I spent most of yesterday on something I’ve been working on for the better part of a month – adding a new member to the Powers family.

No, my wife is not expecting. I’ve been after another dog for the past month or so.  Our Corgi does better socially with a friend, and for our daughter on the Autism spectrum, I wanted the friendliest dog possible.

Having had one a long time ago, I knew that a Golden Retriever would fill the bill. When you get it in your mind that you’d like a Golden Retriever or a Golden retriever/yellow lab mix, you can find them out there on the Internet fairly easily. Sort of.

My attempt had me looking at what South Dakota breeders had, and unfortunately, I kept striking out ruby2in either the reasonable price range, or I’d missed their recent litters.  I did find one breeder who had pups in the $17,000 price range, but I took a pass on those.

I did finally luck out on facebook, via the friend of a classmate, and I managed to get the second pick of the females of the litter at a price far cheaper than I’d been able to find even on the pups I’d missed.

So, instead of blogging yesterday, I spent the entire day driving over from Brookings to Pierre with three of my children, who insisted on coming with my for bragging rights, and “exclusive puppy time,” as we added “Ruby” to the family.

9 Replies to “Light blogging yesterday, as I spent most of the day adding to the family…”

      1. Anonymous

        I love Reubens! Reuban is a great name and miss the old Lincoln Del Reubans in St. Louis Park. They were the best! 🙂

  1. Anne Beal

    Unbelievable. Twenty years ago we acquired a stray golden lab with puppies on board and practically had to beg people to take them off our hands.
    I can’t believe people actually pay for them

  2. Springer

    We only bought one dog many years ago from the pound. Otherwise they have just shown up or moved to our place from the neighbors. We had a stray yellow lab show up after hunting season about 20 years ago; couldn’t find an owner so we had I’m sure a registered hunting dog for years. Then about three years ago a German shorthair pointer showed up starving, stayed of course after we fed him, we chipped but that led to a dead end, so we have another excellent hunting dog. I can’t believe that people actually just dump them or don’t follow up to find them if lost.


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