Lighter posting for a bit. Make sure you get out and vote.

My apologies in advance, as I may be a little light on the posting you’d expect the weekend before such an important election.

As we’re coming to the end of an election cycle, my father is coming to the end of his life’s journey.  Instead of opining on the direction of the state, I’m in the position of winding down his personal affairs, opening my home to family members coming to say their goodbyes, and standing vigil for his inevitable passing.

I have a lot I’d like to get to on SDWC before the election, as well as a lot I’d like to chronicle privately about my dad’s life. But unfortunately, time is nearly up on both.

I’ll get to as much in state politics as I can in the coming days. But if I only get to communicate one thing – it’s that you need to get out and vote.

15 Replies to “Lighter posting for a bit. Make sure you get out and vote.”

  1. Anonymous

    Even this left wing loonie liberal can agree with every word in this post. May peace be with you and your family during this incredibly difficult time.

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear about the difficult time Pat- thoughts and prayers to your family as you all move through this time.

    Focus on the important things and the election will take care of itself- the memories will last the rest of your time as well.

    Family is the cornerstone of our lives-

  3. Rep Mark Willadsen

    This is my first election without my Dad. It’s comforting to know that he is still coaching me, but not here to do it.
    Godspeed Pat & family.


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