Lighter posting for the holiday. There be whales on the horizon!

As we ease towards the long weekend, just a note that there will be light posting, as after skipping going somewhere for my 50th Birthday last October, as well as for my 25th Anniversary right before the election in November, I’m taking a long overdue weekend with my wife.

We’re slipping away to a city my wife enjoys, San Diego. And I’m also excited because we’re going to do a whale/dolphin watching cruise around the harbor. And we’re going during the height of the season.

Way back when I originally entered college (as a bio major), I was doing so for the purpose of going into marine biology, until I found my calling in political science the following year.

I’m still fascinated by the oceans that cover our planet, so this harkens back to those days of wonder, and represents one of those things you don’t typically get to do in South Dakota. I’ll see what I can get for pictures, and share when I have a chance to upload.

I’ve got another trip scheduled for April, which will be more of a working trip in Washington DC where my intent is to try to meet up with our elected officials. But for this weekend, it’s going to be rest, relaxation, and whales on the horizon!