Lincoln Co. State's Attorney has stolen Bosworth documents matter under review.

If you recall the matter that has been reported on by the SDWC in the past month or so, I caught a hot tip on the case where Madville Times Blogger Cory Heidelberger posted some documents on-line that were allegedly stolen from a locked desk at the Bosworth office.  Dr. Annette Bosworth, as you likely know, is a candidate for the US Senate.

The word I got is that this has not gone away, and that the Lincoln County State’s Attorney has the matter under review for potential criminal violations.

Stay tuned for more on this.


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  1. caheidelberger

    Not even a sideshow to a sideshow. Pat has had the real story, a non-profit office being used to run a political campaign, staring him in the face for almost two months. I’ve reported it and documented it as thoroughly as possible. Pat has ignored that real story about a violation of law and public trust. Instead, he participates in the smokescreen that campaign is trying to raise to cover its inevitable failure.

    So let’s ask the most important question again: what are political documents doing in a non-profit office?

    1. Anonymous

      You’re trying to say administrative law is more important than criminal theft statutes? Who has the blinders on?

      If someone stole a car, and gave it to you, would you try to argue with the police that the more important issue was that it had expired tags? Because that’s what you’re trying to do here.

      Someone took someone else’s property, and gave it to you, and you’re trying to absolve your conduct by raising a distraction.

      1. Bree S.

        Right. Like the media is responsible for how sources obtain documents. Oh wait, Holder already set that precedent.

  2. Troy Jones Post author

    Cory, three comments:

    1) I’m sure you are missing the irony since a President was forced to resign for a break-in.

    2) In America, the fact this information was discovered by a criminal act, if there is a violation of election or non-profit law, it can’t be used as evidence.

    3) You are probably exempt from any consequences but most news media standards are not to report if the source comes from the committing of a crime.

  3. MC Post author

    Let us let the professionals do their job without any political overtones. Before we start pointing at anyone, let get ALL the facts.

    1. Ymous

      This is way more interesting though. Did Cory ask how the documents were acquired?

      PP, what is your policy on something like this?

      1. MC Post author

        NCIS: South Dakota? CSI: Madison, SD ? Did anyone find any finger prints, hair samples or some strange DNA in a strange place? Before we haul Cory off to the stocks, let’s make sure he is guilty of something.

        I can’t speak for Pat, however, I ask questions and try to confirm anything before I posting. I much rather be right, then be first.

        1. Kal Lis

          I don’t think we can have an NCIS South Dakota now that Stace Nelson is running for Senate. He’s probably the most experienced investigator. Maybe we can get that computer from Person of Interest to name the culprit(s)

          Other than that quibble, both of MC’s reminder to wait for facts makes perfect sense.

  4. Troy Jones Post author


    I accuse you of nothing. Sorry for the inference.

    My point is the information may have been gained illegally. And, information disseminated in the media is treated differently than goods and services.

    Probably still confusing. I intend no inference you did anything wrong. Sorry.

  5. Anon

    I suspect what was taken was photographs. If so, the question is when we’re they taken, and by whom? Could be when notebook out of drawer? Might not be able to determine that. Might rise to level of some form of civil breach of duty by photog, however for Cory to be convicted of rec of stolen property, have to show he “knew” the “stolen” nature of the property. Probably unlikely. Add into mix potential credibility issues and what appears to be some co-mingling of organizations within the same office and this thing stalls out pretty quickly. State should tell them it is a largely a civil matter, if anything, and not waste time and resources on this.

  6. Dave B

    OK folks, here’s the absolute provable truth about what went on. I have stayed out of this, but honestly, if Chad Bosworth (I will not use his other last name in deference to his wonderful family) did file anything with any law enforcement authorities about that older post in the Madville Times, he is guilty of filing a false police report. What was posted was never in a “locked desk” as Chad Bosworth did not, at that time, have any desk or office. He performed all of his machinations from an “unlocked” room (actually, there was a push-button combination lock on the door, but it had been taped open with athletic tape since last November, as no one there knew the combination). Chad Boswoth did all of his work on a boardroom table that had no drawers. The post in question was from a FREE task management website that supposedly was for clinic and Preventive Health Strategies (non-profit) employees, but if people can hack the DOD, then I am guessing a FREE website is easy pickings. This was not free software on company computers, it was all posted on the Internet. Or it could have been printed off and sent to Madville Time by any number of employees or others. As far as I know, Preventive Health Strategies (non-profit) now only has one employee, if that, as all the others have quit, possibly for the same ethical concerns I had when I quit on July 9. Prior to that time I downloaded everything that the non-profit and clinic employees were being instructed to do in support of a political campaign posted on that FREE website that, by IRS code, the non-profit employees should never have had access to in the first place, but not only did we, we were encouraged to use it. I have not shared these files with anyone, but should I be asked by any law enforcement personnel (not bloggers), I’d be happy to. By the way, when Chad Bosworth (a.k.a. “anonymous”) comes back to try and discredit this and me, there is nothing written here that there aren’t at least half a dozen witnesses to, so hopefully, this story is at an end, and we can go back to real politics.

  7. Q

    So….I’ve stayed tuned. Seems like jack squat has happened. Or are your friends in high places saying something else PP?


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