26 Replies to “List of Governors refusing Syrian refugees up to 27”

  1. JohnDoe

    Daugaard is either a coward or a fool. Either way, South Dakotans deserve better. Thank God the man is term limited.

    1. enquirer

      thanks for the most idiotically bombastic, unfounded and insulting comment of the day. you’re gifted.

      1. Heisenberg

        You could have callouses on your fingers and wear out the keys typing that statement over and over in this intellectual hog wallow.

    1. Anonymous

      Well, citizens do have more rights than refugees & terrorists, so the comparison is just plain goofy.

      And we have Jaa Dee, who is refuges from the truth.

      1. Heisenberg

        JaaDee sends so many to school here daily who so desperately need it. Of the entire body of “truth” that exists in here, JaaDee is responsible for more of it than the next twenty “Anonymous” or even the pundits who have a handle or use their real name. Possibly combined.

        Go watch some more FOX news. Clearly it has served your intellect so well.

  2. Anonymous

    Daugaard appears to be leaning in support of his fellow Chicago lawyer executive in chief (Obama) position on this?

  3. The Guy from Guernsey

    RE: Daugaard. A Constitutional conservative could issue a statement and, of course, in so doing, make reference to the framework of the constitution, the federal republic of the states and something about the relationship of each state to the federal government. Pretty solid position, regardless that many might disagree.

    Meanwhile, a mushy moderate, absent the moorings of this framework and foundation (and with the counsel of a ‘still wet behind his political ears’ CoS*) twists and spins in the wind, offering a weak position.

    * probably also a DIRC, or the even more insidious DICC.

    1. JohnDoe

      The fact that he may lack the authority to stop the resettlement does not preclude his speaking out against the settlement. I can only conclude he either supports the resettlement (in which case he is a fool) or that he remains silent because he doesn’t want to take a stance on a contentious and fluid situation (in which case he is a coward).

      1. springer

        I called his office today and urged him to take a stance against accepting the refugees, and I asked if they were getting a lot of calls about this, and the answer was a definite yes. So I hope he does the right thing.

  4. Anonymous

    Even if the US could properly screen these refugees, it would remain immoral to bring any of them to the US.

    The money spend on resettling one Syrian refugee in the US could be better spent supporting 12 refugees in the mid-east region.

  5. Patti Martinson

    I guess none of you are Christians? Welcoming the stranger and all that. Jesus, Mary and Joseph were refugees themselves.

    Xenophobia at it’s finest!

    1. Anonymous

      Jesus, Mary and Joseph were refugees themselves.

      No they weren’t. They had a home.

      They were made to travel BY a dictator (sound familiar?) in order to register for a census! After they completed their bureaucratic duty, they returned HOME.

      God, what nonsense!

      1. Bill Fleming

        They fled their homeland into Egypt because their king was killing all the firstborn babies. Real bible scholar we got here. Go back to sleep, PC.

    2. Anonymous

      I guess none of you are Christians?

      If Patti were a real Christian, she would support efforts to house, feed, and protect these refugees IN PLACE.

      The UNCHRISTIAN thing would be to IMMORALLY select 1 refugee to come to the US at the expense of 12 who could be supported in place at the same cost.

    3. Anonymous

      Luke 2: 1-5: The trip to Bethlehem was for a census. Once done, and Jesus born, they returned to their home and to the temple.

      They were not refugees. They were not homeless.

      Xenophobic? No, biblically ignorant!

  6. Charlie Hoffman

    Patti putting Islamic suicide bombers families in the same realm as Jesus’s humble Jewish family is nothing but sacrilegious. Give me one Jewish or Christian family name who pushed their religion forward by way of Suicide Bomb Belts?

  7. Bobbi D

    We need to close all of our borders NOW. ISIS is plainly saying that the US in next and how can we help anyone when we continue to allow attacks here? You can’t vet mideastern people because there are no records to use in investigations. We’ve already been attacked numerous times. It has to stop.