Notes from today's Legislative Lunch

UPDATED:  During the last couple of weeks, the SD Tea Party group in Sioux Falls has asked me to be the moderator for their lunches with Legislators.  Audience members are encouraged to ask questions and the panel of legislators answer.  This was the third panel for which I served as moderator and I’ll admit I got a little cocky and thought I could live blog at the same time…..I was way wrong.  What I was trying to do was type a quick summary of the questions and answers.  Maybe some time I’ll try it again when I’m not trying to do something else at the same time.

Anyway — I’m going to boil down the remarks, hit the highlights and  give a recap of the event —

The legislators on the panel were Manny Steele, Lora Hubbel, Steve Hickey, Brian Liss and Hal Wick.

Health care, illegal immigration and sharia law and the failure of these bills to get out of committee is the first question from the audience.  Manny Steele said he was frustrated that the bills didn’t get further as he was a sponsor on all three issues.  He suggested that “the powers that be didn’t feel it was time” for these measures.  He did try a legislative procedure called a “smoke out” — which allows bills that didn’t pass out of committee to still be considered by the full legislative body.  But his efforts to smoke out the bill failed.

Hal Wick said he felt that it was too early for the healthcare nullification measure and that the court case should be allowed to proceed before taking legislative action.

The second question concerned the bill on co-parenting.  All of the legislators said they supported the effort to establish an “equal” footing in court on custody matters.

The next question asked the legislators what their priorities were for the legislative session and what would they tell their constituents about what they accomplished.  The most concise answer came from Brian Liss.  His answer — To protect your liberty.  This was received with applause.  Hal Wick told the audience he felt his main priority during his service in the legislature was to keep taxes low and fair.  This session Wick said his other priority was to see that the budget would get balanced without using trust funds or the device of a structural deficit. Again this was well received.  Manny Steele said he felt it was important to have a passion for what you believe in and for him particularly the issue of states’ rights and the 10th amendment were his passion — this received applause as well.

Health care came up again in the form of the question — what happens if the court challenge fails.  Hal Wick said — “If we lose in court, then we nullify.”

HB 1217, a pro-life measure that would require a doctor to have had a consultation with the patient before an abortion procedure is scheduled by the doctor….it would also implement a 72 hour waiting period after the first consultation before an abortion could be performed.  The five legislators all said they support this measure.  Steve Hickey noted that the U.S. House defunded planned parenthood — raucous applause followed.

Also — taxes, taxes, taxes were also on the mind of the audience today.  Increased taxes, excise taxes and property tax assessments were also on the minds of the audience.  Hal Wick and Brian Liss took the lead on most of those questions because of their experience.  The answers boiled down to having to continually examine tax policies and trying to ensure they accomplish raising revenue but keeping taxes as fair and as low as possible.

Okay — that’s what I have in my notes.  KCPO taped the legislative panel and will be broadcasting the panel discussion on Sunday.  Check your local cable channel line up to catch the show.

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  1. ymous

    The Co-Parenting laws in this state are needed. HB 1255 is basically a bill that when both parents walk into court there both at the 50/50 physical custody mark. Gender blind is the intent and treating both parents equally. If all things are equally the judge then has the ability to award joint physical. It gives the judge more flexibility to do whats in the childrens best interest. After all, its about the kids and getting equally time with both parents. Please call your legislators to support the pro-children bill.

  2. grudznick

    What are “both jobs”? I’m surprise that so quickly after Mr. PP never was able to bring blogging into the professional world we now have bloggers getting paid to cover events. I think this is good, do not get me wrong. I am just surprised. I still think that when everybody has a blog that is what will kill blogging. That is why I do not have my own blog.

  3. 73*

    Is this a gathering of the 5 most extreme legislators in SD?

    I don’t understand the Sharia Law thing in SD? Last I looked this isn’t a problem in SD.

    I like all of these legislators but I find their bills and their priorities for 2010 kind of odd.

    1. Tax payer on a budget

      We have issues with Sharia law already in SD and we have issues with our SFPD treating the muslim population with kid gloves so as not to cause any hard feeling. They don’t have enough parking for the mosque but were granted a waver, they had too many people in the building–with the police watching–no citations, they had more people at their death to Israel Rally than their permit allowed for–no citations. They write contracts in the mosque that encourage domestic violence. They bring those contracts into our courts and want them upheld over American laws–and it is happening all over the USA.—Help-Stop-Spread-of-Shariah-Law—Contact-the-State-Affairs-Comittee.html?soid=1102135369042&aid=lW2xMTuImDs
      This is a link to the Death to Israel Rally, it shows the newsletter encouraging spousal abuse and has links to court cases where Sharia law was submitted in American courts.

      1. Independent

        Looks like a group of people holding a peaceful demonstration. They have a right to do so. As for the “Sharia law” fears, it’s not a defense that can be used in an American court room. We don’t have laws aimed at silencing Reverend Fred Phelps and his band of Christian extremists, and we don’t need them for Muslims. If they beat a woman they’ll be prosecuted under our domestic violence laws like anyone else.

    1. Kristi Golden

      Thanks for the reminder. I was trying something new and it clearly didn’t work…..I found out live blogging isn’t as easy as it would seem….especially when trying to be the moderator of the discussion as well.

  4. Tom Paris

    From the Rapid City Journal:

    “A secretive religious group linked to national cases of polygamy and the marriage of underage girls may be expanding to the Edgemont area, and there may be little Fall River County officials can do. The property in question was part of the estate of Buddy Heck and was left to Doris Seabeck and to Carolyn Fines. Seabeck is Heck’s sister and is the personal representative of his estate. Seabeck signed the purchase agreement, which is being contested by Fines in the courts. The commissioners said that as Carolyn Fines is state’s attorney Lance Russell’s mother, there may be some conflict of interest on the county’s part.”

    Marty Jackley is complicit.

    1. A Red Stater

      That is the MOST faulty logic I have ever seen… you didn’t even cite the article, which puts your post in serious question. Why don’t you lay off the tin foil hats for a while… otherwise you might be seeing some black helicopters checking you out soon… if they aren’t already.

    2. Hack

      Message That article from the Journal was two years ago or more. Yackley wasn’t in office and what does a land purchase have to do with any of this BS

  5. Independent

    Our Legislature is being over-whelmed with sel-serving buffoons trying to justify their existence with goofy porposed laws and bills. With the budget situation, school funding shortages and the economy, is this all they can find to do? This and looking for ways to prevent elective abortions without blatantly outlawing them? These guys are over-emotional bags of hot air.

    1. Dave R

      Most of the legislative process this year has involved the budget and this has crowded out a great deal of other legislation that we would have seen in a “normal” year.

  6. Name

    It would be a good idea for legislators to bring some of these issues to the publics attention if it is a problem in SF. I think most people don’t think it is a problem so I think they should educate.

    Like for starters get John Thune or Kristi Noem to speak on it.

  7. Bruce Whalen

    In our own shared history the Sundance and Lakota Language was banned. Funny thing is that fluent Lakota speakers that also Sundance fought in wars for the U.S. side because the U.S. Constitution is worth fighting for. What isn’t worth fighing for is when a government bans the Sundance and speaking Lakota Language.

    Several years ago after a political party passed a resolution to make the English Language the official language I addressed that party by opening my speech speaking in Lakota. We all had an uncomfortable laugh afterwards. My copy of the U.S. Constitution was in my front pocket. I think we all held a fleeting moment.

    1. Name

      What ever happened to you Bruce? I remember being a supporter of yours during your run for Congress and then it seemed you just fell off the map.

      Would like to see you run for office again. Too bad Rounds and Thune didn’t do anything to help you with your race.

      1. Name

        I thought it was a possibility you would run for a constitutional office.

        I also figured Joel Dykstra would run for SOS but I guess he ended up supporting Deadrick (poor choice) Dykstra would have been a better candidate for SOS than Tom D. but I would have stuck with Gant.

        1. Name

          My motto was anyone but Teresa Bray since she never blinked. I’d have much rather seen Deadrick get behind Dykstra than Dykstra behind Deadrick.


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