Live Chat with Ben Nesselhuf @ RCJ

The RCJ is hosting a live chat with SD Dem Chairman and Exec Director Ben Nesselhuf @ 10:00 a.m. CT Monday morning.  This follows a series of articles ran in the paper yesterday about the future of the Dems in SD.

Since it’s a school snow day for my kids — I’ll be home and am looking forward to hearing what Ben has to say about the Democrats options and plan for resurgence.

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  1. 73*

    Ben thinks he is going to challenge Kristi Noem in 2 years. Ben you don’t have a shot. SHS and Brendan Johnson do.
    If a candidate of Nesselhuf’s quality runs against Noem in 2 years it will give her an overwhelming victory and she will then have the support of a large majority of South Dakotans.

  2. Superman

    Nesselhuf can’t wait to run for something. I guess we will see if he can build up the county party organizations across SD. I have a hard time believing he can’t.

    I don’t think he would be a good choice to run against KN. He needs to build himself up. He is the perfect party guy though.

  3. Anonymous

    As great as Bob Gray and Lucas Lentsch were they didn’t really do much with the county parties. I know that they are both quality people but the wave this cycle covered up a lot of the lack of communication.

    Nesselhuf on the other hand if he can organize “active” particapants across SD and find the right candidate (SHS or Johnson) he could really revive the SDDP. It all depends on the candidate and the mood of the country.

    There were things Max Wetz did that were good when he was ED of the GOP but it didn’t matter because he had poor candidates and people were down on the GOP. (Max also did a lot of things that were bad) Lucas and Gray did a lot of good things but the wave covered up the learning curves. Just like Noem couldn’t have won without the wave. It’s about timing. I’m sure there were a lot of flaws in Noem’s campaign but in the end nothing mattered as long as she was against Obama and the Dems.

    Nesselhuf will soon learn it has as much to do with timing as it does with his ability.

    1. anon

      BJ should have sat on his money rather than spending it on a race he couldn’t win. Gant was strong. BJ is not. Actually I don’t think there was a GOP candidate BJ could have defeated this year. They were all strong.

  4. Anonymous

    Nesselhuf was smart in heading up the Dems, ’cause he will be the go-to guy when the media needs an obligatory comment. Or even when they don’t. Name recognition is what it’s all about.

      1. J Rae

        Dork? Seriously, is this like a junior high facebook page? I mean, fer sure dude, like a total spaz…ya know. Like, civilized talk is soooo lame…ya know?

  5. grudznick

    Message Double GAH! This is more horrible than any other iterations of unreadability here. No sense reading the posts to the right as they’re all black on black or some shade of something like black. ARG. I give up. Change is bad enough, but change that makes it so old people like me can’t read at all is just mean.

    1. TC at AC

      Bear with us, this is nothing permanent… we’re just experiencing a slowdown on the website and it should be back to normal shortly

  6. Terry David

    Here is something he should talk about.

    Representative Kristi Noem Votes To Hide Government Health Care For Self, Pledges to Repeal for Everyone Else

    Americans have a right to know whether Representative Kristi Noem is taking government-funded health care while she continues to pledge to repeal the benefits of health insurance reform for hardworking middle class families. In one of Noem?s first votes in Congress, Noem opposed requiring Members of Congress to come clean about whether they will take government health care in the next 15 days. After campaigning against government run health care, several House Republicans affiliated with the Tea Party have announced they will not accept government health care as a Member of Congress.

    ?In one of the first votes, Representative Kristi Noem hypocritically chose to hide from her constituents the government funded health care that Members of Congress receive, even though Noem campaigned against government-funded health care and has pledged to repeal it,? said Jesse Ferguson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. ?Some Members have honored their pledge by refusing their congressional health care benefits, but Representative Kristi Noem?s vote makes clear that she will be the worst kind of hypocrite ? one who looks out for themselves instead of their constituents.?


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